How to take a beautiful picture: the best ideas
How to take a beautiful picture: the best ideas

Ideas on how to take beautiful pictures are interesting for absolutely everyone. It's not just girls who want to look good in pictures, especially those shared on social media, but men do too. There is a widespread opinion among professional photographers that there are no non-photogenic people in the world. You just need to set the light correctly, find a suitable angle, think over the background and, of course, prepare the person himself for shooting.

How to prepare?

In how to take a beautiful picture, some preparatory moments are important, without which neither a studio shoot nor a selfie with a phone in a fitting room in a store will work.

An example of an unsuccessful selfie result

What to look out for:

  • clothes;
  • makeup and the face itself;
  • hairstyle;
  • body;
  • poses.

Each of these points is important for the final result in the picture. Without attention to them, only random photos are successfully obtained, when the model does not know that she is being filmed.


A person who is purposefully going to be photographed needs to be dressed in something. Oron the contrary, undress. In how beautiful to take a picture, clothes play no less a role than facial expressions. It is things that half create the notorious photogenicity or its absence. The best option is to wear plain clothes that contrast with the general background of the picture. By choosing things in soft light colors for shooting on a white background, the effect of tenderness, youth, defenselessness and fragility is achieved. By choosing saturated dark colors for a photo against a black background, you can get the opposite effect - strength, "vamp", brutality, a demonstration of power and a tough character.

For erotic shots, do not completely undress or stay in your underwear. A rare person can boast of an impeccable beautiful body, of course, if he does not take care of himself purposefully. A win-win option for a girl is an oversized men's shirt, and for a man, an unbuttoned shirt, jeans on the hips or a bath towel. Underwear in photosets often looks vulgar or looks like advertising. It distracts from the model and destroys the image. This is important to take into account not only when taking a photo shoot, but also when shooting yourself with an amateur phone.

Face and makeup

It's not for nothing that make-up artists work with models all over the world before any shooting. Makeup for a photo shoot is fundamentally different from everyday. In the question of how beautiful to take a picture, correction of facial contours is important. That is, highlighting some areas with light and darkening others.

The camera loves bright makeup

Makeup is applied after contouring. It can be anything, but must be combined with the general style.shooting and fit models. Makeup for photography has one rule - there is never too much makeup. This is true, the camera “loves” rich, bright, contrasting types of makeup. However, a reasonable approach is also necessary: ​​you should not paint your eyelids with pink or light green shadows if you are not planning a themed photoset for the carnival.


Paradoxical as it may seem, but in how beautiful to take a picture, the hairstyle plays a secondary role. The main thing is that it is combined with the general image of the model, there are no other requirements for hair. Of course, if you need to hide any defects, for example, deep forehead wrinkles or a large birthmark, then you need to choose a specific hairstyle, in other cases it is not important.


When going to be photographed, you need to carefully examine yourself. Attention should be paid to such areas of the body:

  • hands (hands, palms, nails, fingers);
  • elbows;
  • caviar;
  • knees;
  • forearms;
  • neckline;
  • neck.

In principle, everything that gets into the frame deserves attention. Of course, pink female forearms covered with dark hairs can be processed in Photoshop and other programs. There you can also tighten the sagging male neck. However, it is much easier to eliminate these shortcomings or mask them.


There are certain classic poses for photos, both full-length and portrait. Some of them are shown in the photo in the article as an example.

Lots of nice poses

As forportraits, then the “poses” of the face are extremely important not only for selfies, but also for full-length photosets. Not every photographer will tell the model that the expression of her / his face is unsuccessful. Therefore, you need to study yourself in front of the mirror and remember the most winning expressions and angles.

Best and easiest photoshoot ideas

If there is a person nearby with a camera, the sun is shining outside, and the eyes are glowing from the inside, then it's time to take beautiful pictures.

Summer and autumn shots in the sun are always natural and beautiful:

  • with balls - you need a lot of them, different ones;
  • among leaves or coniferous branches - the model on such frames looks out from behind them;
  • with flowers - you can ask for a bouquet for a photo, and not buy it specially;
  • on the steps;
  • because of the columns;
  • by the water;
  • behind the river tram, against the background of the sky and seagulls chasing the ship;
  • under the bridge, in the gap between two canvases;
  • on a motorcycle;
  • on the hood or roof of a car;
  • on the grass;
  • among burdocks or dandelions;
  • on the line of sand by the river, from the back;
  • on dark "fresh" asph alt;
  • in a store or market, amid an abundance of fruit;
  • on rooftops;
  • among the pigeons - these birds are found in almost all squares;
  • in petting zoos.
Shot on asph alt

The main thing in the implementation of any of these ideas is shooting the model, not the surrounding landscape. Everyone is familiar with the "soviet" photographs from the series "I and the attraction", which do notneither the person nor the background of which the shooting was in the background is visible. You can't take pictures like that.

Simple ideas for a winter photoshoot

Many think about how beautiful to take a picture in winter. Indeed, in a country where winter is so beautiful, it is simply impossible not to arrange a street photoset. The only thing that gets in the way of beautiful winter photos and, in fact, what distinguishes them from pictures in magazines is outerwear.

If you have a car, you can take beautiful pictures outside the city among snow-covered forest firs or endless fields, but if you don’t have a car, you will have to limit yourself to your own yard, apartment or cafeteria with glass windows.

Shots are always great in sunny clear weather with no fur coats and jackets, but with heavy thick warm sweaters, mittens, fluffy "ears" or hats.

Winter is the time for photo shoots

You can shoot:

  • in the snow, drawing an angel;
  • on the steps of an ice slide with a cup of steam;
  • in a snowdrift, stretching a snowball with both hands into the frame;
  • making snowmen with carrots;
  • at a table by the glass window with a glass of mulled wine (such photos are especially good in bad weather on the street);
  • on a rug or skin by the fireplace;
  • with New Year's tinsel, toys;
  • at the window with a cup of tea or a glass of wine from a 3/4 angle;
  • at the ice hole;
  • at the skating rink;
  • on the bank of a frozen river stretching into the distance.

Sunsets are very bright in winter. This can be taken into account and take advantage of the natural feature by making beautifulpictures. Winter is the best time for close-up selfies. Eyes are burning, cheeks are covered with a blush, and a nose can be covered with a fluffy mitten.

How beautiful to take pictures at home and on the avu?

There is nothing difficult in how beautiful to take pictures at home. On the contrary, at home there is no limit to experimenting with your own image.

Always good and beautiful shots using a solid white or black background, occupying the entire frame, that is, extending to the floor. It is not necessary to purchase rods with backgrounds, as in studios, you can paste over part of the wall and floor or decorate with a cloth. This corner will give you the opportunity to take pictures in the same way as in the studio, at any time.

White background for photo

How beautiful to take a picture on an ava is no different from the rules of selfies and portraits. However, there is a nuance. Avatars always look better pictures taken by smartphones than cameras. Taking a selfie for an avatar is not difficult. It is not the frame that makes an unsuccessful ava, but its further processing by filters and correctors in mobile applications. The less artistic processing, the more beautiful the avatar icon looks with a photo.

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