How to take a beautiful photo: 15 tips
How to take a beautiful photo: 15 tips

Every person, sooner or later, has to take a photo - for a passport or any other documents, for a resume, portfolio or just to put them on the net. Perhaps someone does not know how to take a beautiful photo of the repair. In such cases, forums, social networks and sites are full of recommended articles on how to take a photo. You will also find useful information in our article.

What to photograph?

Beautiful photos

The very first question that arises is how to take photos and how to take beautiful photos? The choice of modern youth, and not only, falls on simple smartphones. Although it is not uncommon for people to buy cameras so that their favorite moments remain in their memory forever.

Cole Rice, a famous photographer, reveals little secrets of how to capture an event or a person in a mobile version.

Cole Rice Tips

Photography Tips

Travel Photographer Developed 15 Tips for Those Who Can't Affordbuy an expensive professional camera and can only take pictures on a mobile phone. The information below will help you find answers to the question of how to take a beautiful photo:

  • Light and shadow. Cole recommends swapping them - replacing the light with darker areas, and the shadow with lighter ones. A lot of apps on smartphones have these features and you can use them to take better photos. You can also use filters to add warm tones to your photo.
  • Vignette. This move is one of Cole's favorites. Its meaning is that it darkens the photo at the borders, while brightening the middle, which makes the photo much brighter.
  • 50 percent effect. It consists in editing the photo in the way you like best, and then lowering all changes by 50%. The point is very simple: your photo will look more natural.
  • People. A landscape photo will look boring if there are no people or at least one person in it.
  • Scale. Pictures look very impressive if they show the scale of architecture, natural beauties in relation to a person. The height of a person will show how huge something can be compared to him. How to take a beautiful photo is the next question many people ask.
  • Car window. Have you ever tried to look out the window during a trip and take a photo? Not? Try it, you will definitely like the result. You will never know what you can do. It is best to use continuous shooting.
  • Display.Have you noticed how beautiful it is sometimes to watch the sunset, especially if it is displayed in some kind of reservoir? Try using a mirror, a car roof, whatever. This will give your photo a highlight. Even when asked how to take a beautiful photo at home, you will have a large number of things with which to display the subject.
  • Water. Be careful, you can get your smartphone wet in this experiment. But if you have got a special waterproof case, feel free to put your phone on the surface of the water - this will create an unusual and spectacular shot.
  • Vertical photos. If you need to upload photos to Instagram, set your smartphone to square images.
  • Volume button. If you are shooting horizontal shots, especially landscapes, and you find it difficult to press the button, use the volume button. It's much more convenient. In this way, you ensure that the effect of "shaking hands" is avoided.
  • Foreground. It happens that the object needs to be brought to the fore without distracting objects. This can be done by lowering the camera almost to the ground, which is guaranteed to give you a shot with the subject in the foreground.
  • Attracting attention. Although this is a little off topic, it is also very relevant. There are many thieves in many countries, and everyone knows this. You should not attract someone else's attention with huge backpacks stuffed with gadgets. Also, do not take pictures of foreigners and people in general without their permission.
  • Bad weather. Do not be afraid of rain or wind. This is a great occasion to make the frame rare andunforgettable. In addition, on overcast days, images are obtained that are superior to those taken on a sunny day in the correct and uniform shades. How to take a beautiful photo in bad weather? This is no longer a problem!
  • Bad weather
  • Hot keys. There are times in life when a camera is needed immediately. So you saw a passing idol on the street, and now he is flying in an airplane above you. Use your smartphone hotkeys.
  • Explore. You can't take new original pictures without exploring the world. Look for new places, new territories, landscapes, architecture. Go beyond your limits.

So by following all these tips, you can easily take photos using just your smartphone.


It is important to note that many photographers are in demand because they post their photos in doses. This means that their work is not drowned in a sea of ​​spam and is not lost among other similar works from the same series. In this case, she will not be appreciated.

Don't get carried away with just "home" photos, because the forums are full of messages like how to take a beautiful photo at home. This will not add originality to you, although some still succeed.

Upload photos 1-2 a day and choose the best shots.


Correct angle

Some photographers use the fingerprint effect - putting a finger on the camera. Thus, the picture isblurry, but that's exactly what the experts wanted.

It is worth considering that the print does not fit all types of photos. For example, for a photograph of a natural landscape, this effect would be extremely inappropriate.


You can take pictures for yourself and for people, take pictures of anything, but when you do it not only with soul, but also correctly, you will not only be recognized by everyone, but also have good self-esteem.

In addition, development in the field of photography helps a person discover new and unknown things - this is one of the best creative options for a hobby or even a job that one can do.

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