Dmitriev Maxim Petrovich: biography, photo
Dmitriev Maxim Petrovich: biography, photo

Dmitriev Maxim Petrovich (1858-1948) is known as one of the most influential and promising photographers. Almost everyone knows about his work. Maxim Petrovich began his activities and talent development at the end of the 19th century, that is, a little earlier than the First World War. Not only from a historical, but also from a professional point of view, his personality is quite interesting. His famous series of photographs show the social problems of the time, which is useful information for modern society. In addition, one should not ignore the fact that it was thanks to his work that the most important events of Nizhny Novgorod were officially documented.

Maxim Dmitriev Nizhny Novgorod

Early years

Dmitriev Maxim Petrovich was born in 1858 in the famous Tambov province. He received his first education at a church school. It should be noted that there he was considered one of the most intelligent and promising students. After successfully graduating from the parochial school, he was forced to earn money for bread on his own. Maxim loved to weave baskets for sale, whichbrought him the main income, and from time to time he read the ps alter over the dead.

The young man's mother, of course, wanted a better life for him and wished to give him a good craft. Having put a lot of effort, Maxim Petrovich became a student of one famous photographer of that time. So the young man got acquainted with light painting and became interested in it, and also gained skills in soaking a photo plate in special nitric acid, processing, sticking and retouching photos.


As already mentioned, Maxim Dmitriev was trained by a professional photographer. M.P. Nastyukov was not only a professional in his field, but also engaged in entrepreneurship. His works were most often associated with the imperial house, national architecture and frescoes.

Thanks to the considerable achievements of the mentor, the young student was able to see prints and art albums that shocked the whole world. It was something new and unusual, something that people could never see before. All these photographs greatly expanded the horizons of Maxim Petrovich and prompted ideas that the future photographer was ready to implement in the near future.

Besides, in the workshop of Nastyukov, Dmitriev got acquainted with a beautiful city called Nizhny Novgorod. He learned about the existence of the well-known fair, where his mentor's small laboratory was located.

Maxim Dmitriev photographer biography

Every day Nastyukov praised his student for his craving for new knowledge and new ideas. After some time, Dmitriev beganto study at an art school, where he successfully mastered the basic rules of working with light and shadow, and also learned the basics of quite interesting constructions.

Trip to Nizhny Novgorod

Maxim Dmitriev went to the long-awaited city at the age of sixteen. Nizhny Novgorod became his favorite city, as his creative talent really manifested itself there. Nastyukov was now definitely ready to allow him to work in his shop at the same fair that Dmitriev could only dream of before. In order to get here to work, he had to make a lot of efforts, but still this desire did not fade in him during all this time. Now his main goal has been achieved, and Maxim Petrovich can finally implement all the ideas accumulated over a long time.

In Nizhny Novgorod, Dmitriev met Karelin, a famous photographer and laureate of many local and international exhibitions. After three years of intense work in the mentor's photo studio, Maxim stopped working with him and now moved permanently to Nizhny Novgorod in order to collaborate with one of Andrei Osipovich Karelin's promising students. The young photographer had to learn the virtuoso technique and many small details of photography from a new teacher.

It was during this period that people found out what kind of photographer Maxim Dmitriev really is. The biography of this person does not reveal too many facts, but everyone knows that he fell in love with many connoisseurs of beautiful photos. Five years later, his second important goal was achieved - Maxim began to work inpavilion near Karelin himself. Unique photographs were taken here, which surprised absolutely all the locals, as well as professional photographers from other cities.

Dmitriev Maxim Petrovich biography

Albums and photos

Moscow connoisseurs of photography Dmitriev Maxim Petrovich presented his work only ten years later. In 1889, a large exhibition was held, which was dedicated to the anniversary of light painting. Here the provincial photographer received quite a lot of praise from the spoiled public. Exactly 53 works, executed to perfection and taking into account every smallest detail, made up the exposition.

The exhibition in Paris, where there was a photo of prisoners at construction work, which caused different opinions and feedback from people, made it clear to many fans of his work that Maxim Dmitriev was really a photographer. The biography of the future years of his life leaves no doubt about his professionalism.

Dmitriev Maxim Petrovich

After some time, an album was already created, which contains pictures of people and gardens that were experiencing a crop failure at that time. It included pictures of starving people, the work of doctors, as well as people who tried to help sick peasants as much as possible.

Nizhny Novgorod tramps

The most interesting topic for discussion in the work of Maxim Dmitriev is a series of photos where he showed some individuals who do not have sufficient means to survive. They wandered through various cellars, ruins, moorings or garbage dumps. Thus, the photographer accurately capturedthe underclass of society.

Dmitriev Maxim Petrovich 1858 1948

Criticism of creativity

Like any creative person, Maxim Dmitriev listened to criticism from different sides. But she did not at all prevent him from overcoming all the great peaks and continuing to do what he loved. In some cases, dissatisfaction expressed from the outside even pushed him to new ideas. Each creator perceives criticism differently, and, fortunately, it only benefited Maxim Petrovich.

More than once he was the winner of photo exhibitions held not only in Russian cities, but also far abroad. Society recognized him as a genius for so many merits, people have always believed in the photographer and many of them almost never doubted this talent.

The beginning of the war and the last years

The events of 1917 affected the work of Maxim Dmitriev. The photographer was forced to stop shooting outside the pavilion, and subsequent revolutionary actions completely put an end to his glory. But even despite this, Maxim Petrovich still continued to work further with faith in a good future.

Already after the end of hostilities, a fairly large number of photographs were seized from the studio for various reasons. Because of this, the photographer lost the only income that the exhibitions brought him.

Dmitriev Maxim

Maxim Dmitriev spent the last years of his life in solitude and silence. At that time, he was no longer known, the society was already busy with other important matters, and the photographs of the once great photographer were not so interesting.Dmitriev Maxim Petrovich lived a difficult life. The biography of the photographer is known to many people, and the work of that time is often liked by modern society much more than current creations.

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