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How to take "live" photos: a step-by-step description, an overview of programs and recommendations
How to take "live" photos: a step-by-step description, an overview of programs and recommendations

Not so long ago, Instagram and other social networks were flooded with a new fashion trend - "live" photos. How to take a Live Photo? At the moment, many different programs have been developed, thanks to which you can achieve the desired effect. On iPhones running iOS 9 or later, this feature is enabled in camera mode. Now we are not talking about pictures that convey real emotions, or about random photos, but about animated pictures, where only one particular episode "comes to life". Despite their similarities with GIFs, they are still different.

how to take live photos

What are Live Photos?

"Live" photos are images in which the main subject remains static, and the background is animated, or vice versa. In fact, any detail can move: eyes open / close, leaves flutter, water flows, hair flutters, etc. Everything else remains strictly motionless, which creates a feeling of real magic.

What is the difference between "live"photos from gifs?

"Live" photos are a combination of-j.webp" />

And, of course, the very style of live photos implies that part of the image will be static, and part will be animated, thus creating a break in the template and a magic effect.

how to take a live photo on iphone

How did the fashion for "live" photos appear?

When a new Apple product went on sale 2 years ago, many users were interested in how to take a "live" photo on the iPhone 6. Not only did the quality of the gadget's camera become much higher, it also added a mini-video function that was saved in live photo format by combining-j.webp" />

  • photo was played only on iOS 9, in order to transfer the motion effect on other devices, it was necessary to convert the file to-g.webp" />
  • accompanying sound was recorded, which little distinguished the new format from video and was not always convenient;
  • iPhone recorded 45 frames and played the image at 15 fps, which was very much like a gif, but the file itself was much heavier;
  • the function of editing the picture and erasing the audio sequence was missing;
  • the slightest shudder of the hands was fraught with a spoiled shot;
  • The Live Photo format was very specific, because it combined MOV and JPG. If this "live" photo was tried to be sent by mail, then only the-j.webp" />

How to take live photos?

Fortunately, now there are a lot of interested users of not only the iOS operating system, but also Android, scouring the Internet, can find many alternative ways to create a live photo.

If you are the owner of the famous "apple" smartphone, you must know how to take a "live" photo on the iPhone. For this you need:

  • Open the Camera app.
  • Activate live photo mode (life off).
  • Press the shutter button.

If you have an Android smartphone, one of the best ways for you is to use the free Loopsie app. We will talk about it below.

how to take live photo on iphone

How to edit photos

The updated version of iOS 11 introduced several new live photo effects. If earlier they could only be viewed, now it is possible to turn off the sound, loop "live" photos or play them back and forth. A long exposure function has also been added. The developers took care not only of how to makea "live" photo on an iPhone, but also about editing it.

how to take live photos on iphone 7

Converting live photos

We learned how to take "live" photos on the iPhone 7. But how can this format be adapted to other operating systems? To do this, Live Photo needs to be converted. If you are interested in the question of how to make a video from live photos, then the answer is simple: just download the Live-g.webp" /> how to make live photos on android

How to "animate" a-j.webp" />

Let's say you have a favorite photo that you want to bring to life. This can be done in "Photoshop" or in a special Plotagraph application. This program has a toolbar and, importantly, reference information that will help you figure out how to take "live" photos on an iPhone. This application is paid, it costs about 400 rubles. How does it work?

Open the application, select the desired picture, press the "animation" button. On the screen you will see arrows, they need to be placed on those parts of the photo that you plan to revive. Next, press the button"Mask" and overwrite the entire area that you want to leave static. The next step is to select the animation speed and save.


This application is free and without watermark. It is easy to use, but it can create spectacular live photos from videos. How to work with it?

  • Open the program.
  • Choosing the right video.
  • Find the best freeze frame and click Done in the top right corner.
  • If necessary, trim the video with the slider.
  • Paint with a brush over the area that should move.
  • Mistakes can be corrected with an eraser.
  • Go to the video editor and correct the color. Done!

This application only works on Apple gadgets.

how to take live photo on iphone 6

Loopsie for Android

Many are now wondering how to make "live" photos on "Android". Very simply, a number of applications have also been developed for this operating system. There are cheap ones and very expensive ones ($200), there are also free ones.

App "Lupsi" shareware. After a few days of using the demo, a watermark appears.

The first step is to install the program. We open Loopsy and shoot a video in it, keeping our hands as static as possible. You can use a tripod or other way to fix the phone. So the "live" photo will be the most beautiful.

Before you start recording video, you can select the size of the sides,switch the desired camera and use the grid - in this situation it helps out a lot.

After making a video, the program starts the stabilization process, it hides hand tremors and other technical irregularities.

Next, select the "Animation" mode and draw over the area that we want to "animate". At this stage, you can also choose the playback style: from beginning to end or back and forth. "Live" photo is ready. Now you can share it on Facebook or Instagram.

how to make video from live photos

Live Photo in Photoshop

At this stage, many are interested in whether it is possible to create a fashionable image in Photoshop. Yes, it's not difficult, but the work is more painstaking than in special applications for smartphones.

It is very important that your version of the program has a video creation function. How to check it? Open "Window", then - "Timeline". Look for the "Create Timeline" button. If it is not there, then the video creation function is also, unfortunately, not.

Now let's figure out how to make a live photo in Photoshop.

First of all, open the photo, for example, in-j.webp" />

how to take a live photo in photoshop

If you have one photo that you plan to "revive", then you can do it nextway:

  • Create a copy of the layer in image editing mode.
  • Separating the main object from the background. It doesn't matter which selection tool you use, as long as the effect is as accurate as possible.
  • After you have separated the background from the foreground, check if there are any extra details. If necessary, they must also be removed.
  • Refining the edges of the mask and making the selection smoother.
  • Recall that all manipulations must be done with a copy of the layer.
  • Create a duplicate of the bottom layer. For convenience, we sign the layer with the main object with the number 1, and the background one with the number ". Leave the background untouched.
  • Take the stamp tool, set the opacity to 100% and choose a medium softness value.
  • Go to the middle layer (background) and start with the stamp tool to hide the main object.

The next step will be the "revival" process itself, before which it is recommended to reduce the size of the picture so that in the future it will be easier to play and not slow down.

  • Go to the "Window" menu and select "Timeline".
  • Click on the "Create video timeline" button.
  • On the left are the buttons: "Stop", "Play", "Rewind / Forward", "Scissors", etc. The duration of a video image can be changed with a special slider, as in any other editor.
  • Layers are automatically transferred to the timeline, which makes it possible to work with each of them separately.
  • Choose,for example, for the background zoom effect, right-clicking. Next, play the video and see what happens.
  • To create an aerial perspective, you need to work with the layer on which the main object is depicted. It can also be zoomed in or out, as well as determine the direction of movement.
  • Converting an image to a-g.webp" />

As you can see, many programs and conditions have been created to be creative. Feel free to discover something new, maybe your creative brainchild will become the next fashion trend!

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