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How can a photo session in nature be organized in autumn? Ideas. Training
How can a photo session in nature be organized in autumn? Ideas. Training

Each season has its own color palette. Saturated green prevails in summer, spring meets with shades from blue to pale green, white prevails in winter. All variations of yellow, red, red are the comfort zone of autumn. Therefore, autumn, especially "Indian summer", is one of the favorite seasons of many photographers. There is where to roam! Therefore, we clean the optics and the memory card, load our "photogun" and one of the fine days we go on a photo hunt for new pictures.

photo session outdoors in autumn ideas

Step one. Write down our expectations

First, let's figure out how a photo session in nature can be organized in the fall? Write down the ideas of the most suitable photo options for you on a piece of paper. How do you see the result of the photo session? What pictures do you want to take? Ask yourself the question: will you take scene shots? Or limit yourself to a dozen portraits against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes? If you chose to create a plot, then think it over in more or less detail. Who will be in the pictures? Couples in love? Or maybe it will be a family photo session in nature in the fall? Write ideas and expectations in detaillist.

family photo session outdoors in autumn ideas

Step two. Decide on a place or route

Looking at various versions of wonderful photos on the Internet against the backdrop of distant rocks or on the seashore, you can imagine yourself as the heroes of these pictures as much as you like, but let's approach the upcoming photo shoot more realistically. Choose a location that is easy for all participants to reach. Find the right time of day for your photography needs. It is desirable that you visit the filming location not very long ago. It will be a shame upon arrival to find on the picturesque shore of the lake instead of a bright maple a giant pile of garbage and logs from a sawn giant. And it does happen, unfortunately. Of course, you can find a clearing in the neighborhood or, while removing garbage, dedicate a series of shots to this. But it's still best to avoid it.

If you decide to take pictures in several places, then consider the route. For example, at 8 am we start at the Zalesnaya stop, walk along the forest path to the lake, stop at the old oak tree, etc. Maybe take bikes or scooters?

photoshoot ideas in autumn in nature photo

Step three. What to bring?

What (whom) and where you are going to photograph is roughly defined. The time has come to collect bags so that your photo shoot in nature in the fall will be a success. Ideas for using all kinds of props just depend on the time of year. It is not difficult to create an autumn entourage: warm bright shades are favorites. Red scarf, orange pumpkins, brown suitcase. Take a lookagain on your wishlist (first step). He will tell you what to look for on the mezzanine. We will not dwell on this point in detail. We are sure that ideas for a photo shoot in the fall in nature have already appeared in your head. Photos requiring props are probably already in your mind's eye.

When packing your bag, the most important thing - do not forget to grab all the necessary equipment for pictures.

If you'll be hunting for pictures all day, consider snacking. Well, if it is sufficiently "photogenic". Perhaps you could use a thermos of tea… Or maybe you have already thought of a stop at a picturesque cafe?

photo session outdoors in autumn ideas for two

If you go to nature by car, then you can not deny yourself anything during the training, although the capacity of the trunk is also not unlimited. If you are planning a photo hunt on foot, then, of course, it does not hurt to bring the weight and volume of bags in line with your capabilities.

Step four. Creating the look

Choosing clothes for a walk outside the city, look at the weather forecast. Nevertheless, you are planning a photo shoot in nature in the fall. Ideas of images should correspond to the season.

Will you change clothes during the shoot? Of course, if you have a picture where you are hugging in a sarafan in the November dank wind against the background of blue clouds, then your love story photo session will undoubtedly be enriched. Ideas in nature in the fall can have other consequences. It will be a shame, looking at these pictures, to remember the pneumonia that you then grabbed.

Inspect the far corners of the wardrobe: as a rule, the atmosphere in the photo is created by things that are simply illiquid in everyday life: a grandmother's flowered dress, a fox collar eaten by moths on the side (but we will turn the other side). Don't forget to choose jewelry and shoes. Headgear may be required.

photoshoot love story ideas outdoors in autumn

Step five. Makeup

Think of makeup. When is the best time to apply it? Before leaving home? Or already at point B, where you will start taking pictures. The answer depends on your ideas. A daytime make-up in sunny weather will only decorate the beginning of your walk, but a make-up in the style of a bride thrown at the altar will leave visitors to the park at least bewildered. It is worth noting that in the first case, it is worth taking a minimum set of funds to refresh the image, and in the second case, you need to bring everything.

Think over the looks in advance if you want your outdoor photo session to be successful in the fall. Ideas for two who are in love with each other will be significantly different from ideas for friendly or children's pictures. The photo should tell the viewer who is depicted on it: two old friends or a sweet couple. Refer again to point one: what do you want to see in your pictures? If you have a family photo session in nature in the fall, the ideas will be in a completely different way.

photo session outdoors in autumn ideas

Step six. Poses

Of course, the photographer will show the main poses, since it is he who looks at the model through the lens. However, it does not hurt to pose in front ofa mirror the day before, choose and remember with your body a dozen winning angles and poses that match your figure and type of face.

To look and feel good, it is also recommended not to drink a lot of water at night, not to drink alcohol during the day, and have a hearty breakfast. And then your photo shoot in nature in the fall will certainly succeed, ideas for the best shots will visit you inevitably!

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