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How to make an autumn bouquet of sweets with your own hands?
How to make an autumn bouquet of sweets with your own hands?

Do-it-yourself gifts will always be appreciated, of course, if they are made with high quality and beautifully. Breed for their manufacture does not require special resources, the main thing is fantasy. Do-it-yourself autumn bouquets of sweets are not only beautiful, but also delicious. However, such work requires time, attention, accuracy and great desire. In addition, outside the window is autumn, and this is the richest time of the year in gifts, you can find a large amount of free exclusive material for your idea.

autumn candy bouquet

If you really decide to make such a congratulation a reality, then you should take into account the costs of the necessary materials. First of all, you need to study everything well in order to create a really beautiful and interesting gift that is suitable for any autumn holiday.

Required tools and materials

It is impossible to list a specific list of materials and tools, it all depends on your imagination. To decorate an autumn bouquet of sweets, you can use anything, we draw your attention only to its main components:

  • corrugated paper;
  • candy;
  • leaves, acorns, small twigs;
  • scissors;
  • decorative tapes;
  • wire;
  • frame (polystyrene, foam rubber, hardened polyurethane foam);
  • decorations;
  • glue (it is advisable to use a glue gun, it greatly simplifies the work).

You can choose whatever you find interesting and suitable for the composition. Use various ribbons, bows, decorative flowers, beads, buttons, exclusive threads, fabric. Everything that comes to your mind can be translated into reality, the main thing is not to overdo it. Now there are many different shops for needlewomen, where you can find the necessary tools, or just order them on the Internet.

If you use wire as a frame, be sure to consider how to disguise it.

DIY autumn bouquet of sweets

Cardboard, dishes, baskets may be suitable for the base. You can apply various interior items. If you want your autumn candy bouquet to be unique, don't use banal materials, turn on your imagination.

How to make flowers?

First of all, you need to learn how to make buds. This is the basis of any composition. Skilled craftsmen sometimes create real masterpieces that are difficult to distinguish from natural colors. Here your imagination is not limited by anything. For example, you can take a rose as a basis - the queen of flowers, delicate lilies will look original, carnations are perfect for the holiday of May 9, peonies will add creativity to yourcreativity, or you can collect several types of flowers in one bouquet. Feel free to realize your fantasies. For example, here are a couple of photo options for an autumn bouquet of sweets.

Step by step flower creation

Creating an autumn bouquet of sweets and corrugated paper is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. We bring to your attention one of the options for creating a flower with a step-by-step guide.

autumn bouquets of sweets and corrugated paper

Prepare the material and cut it into wide strips.

Fix each part in the middle with a thread or wire, fold in half. On the opposite side, cut the edges in a semicircle and twist with a knitting needle or a pencil.

autumn candy bouquets photo

Next step you need some candy. Give preference to round or oval-shaped sweets. The treat must be attached to a toothpick (you can use wire, a branch or any other material). Cut the petal in half at the place where the thread was, and wrap it around the candy. Secure crepe paper with wire, thread, or glue.

autumn bouquets of sweets and corrugated paper

Continue gluing the petals, overlapping each other. After the flower is ready, finish it with green paper, thereby hiding the not-so-pretty places for attaching the petals, and also add leaves.

candy bouquet autumn w altz

The principle of creating a flower is simple and clear. Based on it, you can createa wide variety of compositions, changing color, material, number of petals, etc.

How to make an autumn candy bouquet?

After you have mastered the different types of creating individual flowers, you can move on to the implementation of the idea itself. You need to come up with a design and find the remaining decor. Autumn is generous not only for gifts, but also for holidays: September 1, Teacher's Day, International Literacy Day, Peace Day, Day of the Elderly, Halloween, Harvest Festival, etc. To make the gift look out of place, it needs to match the day. For example, a present for a teacher can be decorated with colored pencils or leaves from a notebook, but on Halloween, beautiful candy flowers can be “planted” in a pumpkin. The idea gives a lot of opportunities, the main thing is not to miss them. The principle of creation is the same, only the design of the bouquet differs. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • preparation and collection of necessary materials;
  • creating flowers and buds in which the sweetness itself is placed;
  • gluing twigs and leaves;
  • creating the foundation;
  • decorating the base with flowers and other elements.

Additional decor is optional (acorns, bright autumn leaves, branches, etc.)

The final touch can be the completion of the floral frame: tying with a ribbon, adding ribbons, butterflies and other accessories. The process is simple and quite interesting. A bouquet of "Autumn W altz" sweets will look beautiful, they have a suitable shape and a foil wrapper, which looks very impressive.

Teacher's Day

If you decide to conquerteacher of your child, you can create a unique gift for the teacher together with your child. Its creation is worth the effort, but it's worth it. How to create an autumn bouquet of sweets for a teacher?

Required materials:

  • sweets;
  • autumn leaves;
  • double-sided and decorative tape;
  • ribbons, decorative threads, lace (whatever is at hand);
  • corrugated colorful paper;
  • scissors;
  • color foil;
  • glue;
  • base materials;
  • wire;
  • colored pencils.

Starting our creativity. The process does not take long, but requires special care and attention.

  1. Select paper color. Cut it into strips (width and height depends on the size of the flower). Then we cut out one side with a fence.
  2. Wrap candy in the resulting part and fasten at the end with an elastic band. The protruding colas are slightly rounded to give a resemblance to real flowers.
  3. Make as many flowers as you need for a bouquet.
  4. We take paper of any other shade. We make five hearts, and cut off their pointed tips. Stretch the middle. With the help of knitting needles, we wrap the edges beautifully. We pack the candy into the resulting petals. Layer one on top of the other to make a rose.
  5. Cut one long and several short pieces of wire. We fix at the end of each sweet. We wrap our future “berry” with red foil, and below we fix and decorate the entire branch with green tape. We connect all the components.
  6. Make a cone-shaped frame out of wire or take a ready-made one.
  7. From the middle to the edges on the inside we lay live leaves and fix them.
  8. Adding a stem to our buds using wire and decorative tape.
  9. Assembling a bouquet on a frame. Add decorations.
  10. We attach colored pencils to the wire and insert them into the composition, among the flowers.
  11. We decorate the frame with a corrugated paper lampshade, similar to the one used to decorate living plants.
  12. Around the wrapper where the stems are located, glue the pencils on double-sided tape.
  13. We beautifully tie the composition with a ribbon and the autumn bouquet of sweets is ready!

You can put whatever you want in there. Just stick to the chosen style and remember who this souvenir is intended for. The advantages of such creativity is that you can prepare it in advance for the holiday. After all, a paper gift will not be able to deteriorate, even in the absence of water.

candy bouquet autumn w altz

For kids

Here it is important to consider what kind of sweets the child likes. Naturally, it is better not to use treats with the addition of liquor or cognac. All children love sweets, which means that they need to put more sweets, chocolates and lollipops, but less paper and various fillers.

For men

Completely reverse situation. In a composition that is intended for a man, it is worth using dark candies and chocolate, with cognac or liquor. In addition, you can decorate the bouquet with a miniature bottle of Jack Daniels. If desired, you canmake a combined bouquet by diluting sweets with banknotes.

Small bouquets

Small bouquets of sweets and other sweets will be appropriate at large-scale events in which many people participate: weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, festivals, matinees at school and kindergarten, etc. Guests will surely be happy with such miniature compliments. A universal option for congratulations on a small amount of expenses.


What could be more beautiful than an autumn wedding?! In order to organize a themed gala evening, it is necessary to carefully consider the decor of the hall. Naturally, preference should be given to shades of yellow, orange and brown. Just do not forget that white must still be present too. “Sweet” bouquets will also be appropriate as a present or table decoration, the design of which should correspond to the general idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe holiday.

That was the basics. We hope that this information was useful to you, and you will definitely try to translate your ideas into reality. Autumn candy bouquets are just the beginning on the path to creative success, but the start is the most important thing. Try, fantasize and never give up, you will definitely succeed.

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