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The history of cross stitch: patterns and ornaments
The history of cross stitch: patterns and ornaments

The art of embroidery in Russia has a long history. Archaeologists attribute its origin to the IX-XII century. Since ancient times, people believed that certain ornaments and patterns in cross-stitch on clothes and household items could protect them from the evil eye and evil spirits. Especially strong amulets were considered things made in one day - from dawn to dusk. And since embroidery is a rather laborious process, several craftswomen worked on the product at the same time. Over time, this art has undergone many changes - for example, now most often clothes are decorated with machine embroidery.

Craftswomen in Russia

Initially this art was practiced by noble people and monks. They worked with gold threads, natural pearls, natural stones, and used silk as a base. From about the 18th century, embroidery ceased to be a privilege of the nobility. Art goes into compulsory work for ordinary peasant women. They embroidered on the simplest materials with ordinary threads made from linen and hemp.

As a rule, women were engaged in such work. They taught their daughtersart from the age of 5-7 years. By the age of fifteen, the girl already had a dowry embroidered. This is not surprising, because in Russia marriage was given at about this age. The dowry included embroidered towels, bedspreads and other household items. And before the wedding, his general bride was arranged. After all, it was by the dowry that they judged how diligent and hardworking the craftswoman was.

Scheme of embroidery ornament

Modern cross stitch

As they say, everything new is well-forgotten old. This also applies to cross stitch. She is back in fashion now. A lot of craftswomen are engaged in this kind of creativity. They are constantly looking for new patterns and ornaments in cross stitch and ideas for work.

Cross stitch flowers

For creativity, you can now purchase ready-made kits with canvas and floss. From their diversity, as they say, eyes widen, these are sets for cross-stitching flowers, animals, landscapes, cartoon characters, etc.

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