Shmarakov Roman, "The Book of Starlings"
Shmarakov Roman, "The Book of Starlings"

Tula writer Shmarakov Roman Lvovich gained fame largely due to his translations of ancient Roman poets from Latin. At the moment, he maintains his blog on one of the well-known portals, and is also working on his own compositions.

The main essence of the book

In 2015, Roman Shmarakov released the work "The Book of Starlings". This work is written in the genre of historical prose. However, the presentation of events related to historical facts is unique and rather peculiar here. The author takes the reader to the 13th century and reveals to him the amazing way of thinking and knowledge of the Italian monks of that time.

Shmarakov Roman

The book is based on a dialogue between three monks of different generations. There is also a wise old man, and a mature man who spent a busy life, and a young boy who still does not understand much in life and is interested in learning everything. Shmarakov Roman skillfully and filigreely uses various real facts, myths and biblical tradition, organically weaving them into the discussion of the characters.

Plot and characters

Motivation to start a dialogue between the heroes of the work is some anomalous event: a huge cluster of starlings near the monastery. The monks begin to have all sorts of associations and memories. The old cellarer presents positive facts that are not devoid of fantasy and mysticism. The character is younger, hospital, has a certain amount of rationalism, he also knows history very well, but for the most part its tragic moments. His stories are more down to earth, he tries to find something useful in everything.

Roman Shmarakov

A young man named Fortunat Shmarakov Roman plays a small role in his work. This is understandable, the young man turned out to be just an unwitting witness to the appearance of starlings. He is just beginning his conscious life, so there are much more questions in his head than answers. However, its presence is of practical importance. After all, he asks questions to the cellarer, just the kind that any reader would want to ask. Thus, the reader, as it were, directly communicates with the ancient sage.

Author Shmarakov Roman recalls everything that is known in the history of starlings as a sign from above. But he does not trace his obsession with these particular birds. On the contrary, the narrative is full of various and unusual other signs of fate, the interpretations of which could be the same, but in the end the circumstances were completely different.

Who is this book for

This book is a wonderful exercise for the mind. To understand the long monologues of the characters, good concentration is required from the reader. This book definitely makes you think about a lot.things, while striking in its logical construction of dialogues. The author adheres to the features inherent in the manner of communication of educated people of the early 13th century, which are difficult to perceive, thus very interesting to real scholars. Therefore, superficial reading will lead to the fact that the reader simply does not catch the meaning and postpones reading.

Shmarakov Roman Lvovich

The Book of Starlings is not at all a chaotic collection of unusual ancient stories. This is not a book of fairy tales, and certainly not for children. It is imbued with a philosophy that only adults can understand. Shmarakov Roman confronts two fundamentally different views on life. The monks argue, but at the same time maintain respect for each other and brotherly love.

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