Shiny DIY bow tie
Shiny DIY bow tie

The bow tie is always one of the most glamorous accessories. Where it is needed, there is always a holiday, a celebration or a banquet. Almost everyone can sew a sophisticated or bright bow tie with their own hands. After all, there are only two options for such an accessory: a ready-made, already formed tie, or a special strip, from which you need to tie a bow tie every time. The first option is much easier to put on, it does not need to be constantly tied and untied.

DIY bow tie

So, do-it-yourself bow tie.

It takes two small pieces of cloth to make. One is about 20 by 25 centimeters in size, and the second is 3 cm wide and about 10 cm long. The first piece is a blank for a butterfly, and the second is a membrane or knot. If the selected material is too light, then the entire fabric should be planted on interlining - a special adhesive pad. This is the easiest bow tie to make, no pattern needed.

After the fabric is selected, cut into pieces and planted on interlining, you can start making.

First we make the butterfly itself. For this we addour fabric is doubled along the short part with the wrong side outward, we sew.

women's bow tie

Place the resulting seam in the middle and iron out the allowances. After the part is turned out so that the seam remains in the middle, and iron it again.

Next, we sew the ends so that the seam allowances are outside, and iron again. This is the main operation in the manufacture of such an accessory as a bow tie with your own hands. Because the shape of the tie depends on the correct ironing. Then we form folds for the butterfly and sweep.

Now you need to sew a tie knot. To do this, fold along our workpiece with the right side inward and sew. As in the first case, we lay out the membrane so that the seam goes in the middle, iron it. We twist and once again we carry out the iron. Next, sew the knot to the butterfly so that the seams are inside. Now it remains to sew the elastic in size - and the bow tie is ready.

Women's bow tie is sewn according to the same principle as men's. But it is better to use a piece of thin braid or a chain to secure it together with elastic bands. At the same time, the tie can always be removed and attached to a headband or used as a brooch.

Colors for the women's version can be bolder than the men's, unless, of course, we are talking about an outfit for a fun clown. It may be that you need a stage costume, where there is a bow tie. With your own hands, you can sew this accessory in any size and color.

bow tie pattern

But notYou can always come to a gala event in a homemade bow tie. Sometimes the dress code requires you to wear a tailcoat, shirt-front and tie a tie with a special knot. In this case, it is better not to use homemade options. The easiest way to buy this accessory is in a special store that sells men's clothing for formal occasions and has a real bow tie. With your own hands, in this case, you will need to learn how to tie a knot.

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