How to make paper polyhedrons?
How to make paper polyhedrons?

Paper is an excellent material for creating interesting and unusual designs. If you have skills and abilities, you can make a swan, a beautiful house, a Christmas tree, a tulip and even a snake from ordinary album sheets. But paper polyhedrons - geometric three-dimensional figures deserve special attention.

The first step to creating a polyhedron is the correct development

Despite the apparent complexity of the creation process, it is possible to make a three-dimensional polyhedron the first time. In addition to a reserve of patience and perseverance, you also need to know that it is based on the correct development of the drawing. Any paper crafts, including geometric shapes, are made from a cut scan. However, scanning can take a lot of time for a novice designer. This procedure is interesting and exciting, it develops in a person the ability of spatial thinking, a lively mind. With regular practice in the design of paper crafts, you will soon learn how to reproduce even complex designs on your own.

paper polyhedrons

Tools forcreative process

In order to make a paper polyhedron with your own hands, you will need a set of the following tools:

  • comfortable table with flat surface;
  • good lighting;
  • high-quality glue (PVA recommended) and a brush for it;
  • ballpoint pen;
  • long ruler;
  • paper (preferably thick).

Detailed instructions

  1. It's better to start with the simplest figure. In geometry, this is a cube. As you know, a cube consists of six squares that make up its sides. Now you can start drawing the sweep model. Do not forget about the special side labels that you need to leave in order to make it convenient to glue paper polyhedrons. Use solid lines to mark the areas to be cut, and dotted lines to mark the curves of the shapes.
  2. Now the scan can be cut out using scissors only along solid lines, without losing sight of the labels. The side of the paper with the pre-drawn lines will be the inside of the polyhedron. The outer edges can be painted at your discretion with bright colors, colored pencils or felt-tip pens.
  3. do-it-yourself paper polyhedron
  4. Having cut out the figure, arm yourself with a ballpoint pen and draw it with a ruler along all the curves of the future cube. This method will help you easily bend the paper along the desired lines. Paper polyhedrons are a kind of art, so when creating them, you will need patience, a flight of thought and perseverance.
  5. Bending the paper figure along all the markedlines, use a brush to apply glue to the side tabs. The most critical part is the final label sticker, which depends on the weight of the selected paper.
  6. After completing the basic steps, let the resulting cube dry. Only after that you can proceed to the final act - coloring the model. The paper hexagon is ready!

Origami polyhedron

Another no less beautiful craft is origami paper polyhedrons. To create them, you will need 3 sheets of yellow, blue, red and green paper.

  1. Take one of the sheets, for example green, and draw a square on it measuring 11 x 11 cm. And then cut it out with scissors. All you need is three squares. These will be the first modular line of your polyhedron.
  2. how to make a polyhedron out of paper
  3. In the same way, create the rest of the modular lines in different colors.
  4. Take one red square and fold it in half to make a rectangle. And then expand it. Rotate the square 90 degrees to the right and fold in half again. Expand the structure again and fold it now diagonally. Unfold, rotate 90 degrees to the right and fold diagonally to form a triangle. Unfold the paper and form a three-dimensional figure from the resulting bends.
  5. Following this principle, create 11 similar shapes.
  6. Now you can start creating a polyhedron. Fasten the modules, slightly unfolding and putting them on top of each other so that a three-dimensional multifaceteddesign.

Now you know how to make a paper polyhedron. Experiment, practice - and you will soon become a virtuoso in this special art form!

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