Applique is an entertaining kind of artistic creativity
Applique is an entertaining kind of artistic creativity

Appliqué is a type of fine art in which details are first cut out with scissors and then pasted in the correct order onto the base. This type of creative work is used everywhere. The study of the application begins with the nursery group of the kindergarten. Children make simple crafts on a piece of paper. Details are cut out by the teacher. Over time, the work becomes more difficult. At the end of preschool age, children independently cut out the necessary parts for the drawing, make voluminous works using a variety of materials.

In the article, we will consider what appliqué is, what materials are used in such art, how it is made, what you need to learn, because appliqué is one of the difficult arts and crafts techniques. We will also figure out what material such crafts can be made from.

Applique material

Applique is a drawing up of pictures from small elements. If you ask a child what an application is, he will first name paper crafts. Let's not argue, of course, learning this art begins with paper and cardboard. But already from kindergarten, an application of leaves andfabrics.

autumn leaves applique

If you look wider, then pictures are embroidered from cloth or leather on clothes and shoes. On the products of Japanese and Chinese masters, you can see silk appliqué. You can use in the work and fur, and beads, and felt sheets. They make sew-on designs on felt shoes for children.

Pictures are created from beads and newspapers, even plasticine is used. Images from threads pasted on paper look beautiful. Even on furniture, drawing from small components is used. They are only not glued on top, but cut into the wooden part.

Applique types

Views differ both in subject matter and in the form of the image. Application is such a wide area that the difference is even in the color scheme. For example, silhouette cutting from black paper is popular. There are monochrome pictures, but there are multi-colored ones.

Children's paper application

The simplest type of paper applique is a flat image. Then the children are explained how to make three-dimensional pictures, in which the parts are not glued to the end, and the edges of some are notched or twisted, bent with loops, etc.

The theme of the work is also different:

  • Objective, when one object is shown in the center of the sheet.
  • Storyline. The picture shows the plot.
  • Decorative. Placement on the plane of the ornament of cut out elements.


During the application, children learn to work with their hands,use scissors, bend sheets. Motility of hands and fingers, fantasy and orientation in space, the ability to do work carefully, carefully comparing it with the model of the teacher.

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