Paper rose is a wonderful detail of your interior
Paper rose is a wonderful detail of your interior

Making paper flowers is a very exciting, interesting and unusual activity. With the help of such crafts, you can create bright compositions and, showing imagination, decorate your home, improving the interior and making it very cozy and sophisticated. Flowers can be made in a variety of ways, but we will look at how a paper rose is made.

paper rose

Before you start this exciting work, you need to prepare the tools. Among them: scissors, a pencil, colored paper or white paper with various coloring devices (from pencils to spray paints, which are sold in special art stores). Well, now everything is ready for a paper rose to be born in our hands.

The first step is to decide what shade of flowers you want to create. It all depends on your taste, but in this mini-tutorial we will look at how to make a red paper rose. The manufacturing scheme is quite simple, but the result is truly impressive in its beauty!

flower making

Now that you have decided on the color, you can get to work. Take colored paper and cut out a square about 12 by 12 centimeters. True, its sides depend on the size of the flowers we want to get. The larger the bud, the larger the side of our colored square. Cut out? Good. Now define the center of the square. You can do it by eye. Put a dot in the center and start drawing a spiral. It doesn't have to be even at all. However, there is a nuance here as well. The space between lines that are closer to the center should be slightly larger than between those drawn closer to the edges. For example, if near the center it is about 16-18 mm, then the distance between the "marginal lines" should be 12-14 mm. The spiral should be drawn with a simple pencil, not particularly zealous when pressed: the fact is that then these lines will not look very nice, and you won’t be able to erase them from colored paper - there will be white stripes and spots. However, if the paper is glossy, then you can try.

Well, did you draw a spiral? Perfectly. Now we begin to cut it out, of course, starting from the outside. At the same time, the corners of the square should be cut off to get just a round paper spiral.

paper rose diagram

So what should be done next? We take the end of the spiral and carefully begin to twist the paper strip into a tube. It should not be very tight. Look at real roses. A high-quality paper rose is almost no different from them. Rely on your sense of proportionfeel like an artist. There is some space between the petals that we need to express by making paper flowers.

When the paper strip is over and there is more room to fold our rose, fix the result with glue (preferably a glue moment). Don't overdo it! A large amount of glue immediately catches the eye.

Well, our paper rose is ready! You will probably want to make more than one flower, so repeat the same steps with other pieces of paper. They can be attached to live twigs, which would look great in a pretty vase.

Create, and your life will undoubtedly become brighter!

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