Diy figures from long balls
Diy figures from long balls

Balloons are a favorite toy of many children, and if the balloons are not just fluttering in the wind, but also made in the form of some character or animal, then they will definitely not leave indifferent either the kids or their parents. Such figures from long balls can often be received as a gift at the performances of circus artists. However, with proper skill, any person will be able to please his family and friends with an unusual airy present. In order to understand all the intricacies of this case, check out the useful tips for making figures from a long ball and instructions for work.


Which balls are best to choose and what you may need

In order to build a figure from long balloons with your own hands, you will need a manual or mechanical pump specially designed for inflating balloons. Long balloons are very difficult to inflate with your mouth, besides, if you want to make several figures of medium complexity, you will need to inflate about ten balloons, which not everyone can do. For the first time, when you are just starting to deal with figures fromballs, don't spend a lot of money on a pump - get the cheapest, plastic, manual one.

When choosing balloons, pay attention to their size: they must be quite long so that you can make different compositions from them. If the figure you want to make consists of many small details, then give preference to shorter balls and connect them together as you work.

Don't skimp on balls: the cheapest ones are made of thin rubber, which will make your work very difficult. Agree, it will be very unpleasant to hear a pop from a bursting ball at the very end of making a beautiful figure. Also evaluate the smell of latex - it should not be caustic and chemical, as manufacturers often tend to save on dyes and replace high-quality materials with poisonous and harmful for both children and adults.

Which shapes to start with

Before you can impress your loved ones with complex compositions, you must master the simplest balloon shapes. First, learn how to make small balls. To do this, step back from the end of the balloon that is not completely inflated at least three centimeters and scroll the balloon around its axis. Repeat this element to secure it.

The next step is to learn how to roll the ball into a ring: to do this, connect the two ends of the ball together with a thread or simply tie the ends.

Heart - is a kind of ball ring, as in fact it is the same figure only with a notch in the middle. To obtain a characteristic curve of the heart, bend a long ball in half, bend its ends intoreverse direction, and then connect them together.

By learning these three elements, you can make almost any shape from long balls.

Balloon figure - dog

To get the most popular long ball pattern, you must:

  1. Inflate the balloon leaving a 15 cm end.
  2. Now roll three small balls from the inflated end.
  3. Next, connect the second and third balls and twist them together so that you get a dog's muzzle and two ears.
  4. Now twist an oblong bubble that will act as the neck of our future dog.
  5. The next step is to twist the two longer sections - the front paws of the dog. Connect them together in a "lock" way - you should get a narrow ring.
  6. Now twist three more bubbles: a long one and two shorter ones - this will be the torso and hind legs. Connect the hind legs in the same way as the previous paragraph.
  7. The rest of the balloon is the tail.

By varying the length of the body parts, you can make a giraffe, and a cat, and a hare, and a tiger.

Two balloon dogs

Elephant made of long balloons

To understand how to make a figure of long balls in the form of an elephant, it is not necessary to have extensive experience in this interesting activity. Just follow the simple instructions:

  1. First, inflate the balloon, leaving a small edge at the base.
  2. Twist three oblong sausages, which should take about half the ball - these will be the ears andtrunk. Elephant ears must be big!
  3. Twist the future ears together so that they stand upright.
  4. Now roll a small ball around your neck.
  5. Then twist two oblong balls - legs. Twist them together, similar to how it is done when making a dog.
  6. Next, twist three sausages, the first of which should be slightly longer than the rest - these will be the legs and torso. Connect the legs together so that they form a ring.
  7. From the remaining small ball roll the tail.
  8. Draw eyes on the elephant with a marker or stick on a couple of eye stickers.
Elephant from balloons

Balloon swan

A very cute bird - a symbol of love and fidelity - can be made from one long ball. For this you need:

  1. Inflate the balloon leaving about eight centimeters at one end.
  2. Twist a small bubble at the edge of the balloon - this is a ponytail.
  3. Step back from the opposite edge about thirty centimeters and twist the "sausage".
  4. Now connect the bubble and the place where the second part is twisted. You should end up with a ring with a small bubble at the top - the torso and the tail.
  5. Now twist the third bubble, about twenty centimeters long, and roll it into a ring as well. The resulting figure resembles a figure eight.
  6. Now push the resulting part into the ring of the first bubble - these will be the wings of our swan.
  7. Next, bend the remaining end of the balloon into the shape of a long neck and head. Remainingthe uninflated end will serve as a beak.
  8. Draw the bird's eyes.

With proper skill, it will take no more than three minutes to make such a figure, and the result looks more than cute and will definitely appeal to romantic people and children. Also, these swans can be released into the garden pond during the event to decorate the area.

balloon swan


Another figure based on the "dog" scheme is a dinosaur, but it has several features: firstly, manufacturing starts from the tail, secondly, there is no muzzle, and thirdly, from above there is a recognizable scallop.

  1. Inflate the balloon and from the edge where the air intake is located, roll up three "wieners" - the tail and legs.
  2. Curl your legs into a ring, as explained in the elephant and dog figures.
  3. Then make another bigger ring - this will be the torso of our dinosaur.
  4. Next, roll up five small balls and place them over the body, twisting at its base.
  5. Make two "wieners" and roll them into a ring to get the front paws.
  6. The last step is to bend the snout of the dinosaur so that it does not merge with the neck.
balloon dinosaur

A simple DIY long ball shape: a bouquet of flowers

To please your loved ones with an original bouquet, you can spend an hour of your time instead of a thousand rubles. Next, you can learn how to make step by step figures from long balls in the formflowers.

Pick up balloons of different colors in advance to make your bouquet brighter. Do not forget about the green balls - the stems of future plants.

  1. Fold the inflated balloon in half and tie the ends together.
  2. Now, on the resulting ring, roll six "wieners" of the same length.
  3. Fold them so that all the folds are sandwiched in your palm.
  4. Twist this junction of all the sausages so that you get a simple flower with six petals.
  5. To create a flower stem, inflate a green balloon and fold an oblong "sausage" at its top.
  6. Now slide the stem through the center of the flower and thread the top end through the middle again to keep the petals firmly on the stem.

You can get creative and decorate your bouquet with a balloon bow in a contrasting color, or even just tie it with a ribbon. You can also make a vase for inflatable flowers from several balls rolled up in a ring. You can decorate a gift with inflatable hearts.

Bouquet of balloons

Shape of balloons - rainbow

The simplest, but incredibly bright and spectacular figure for decorating a room or decorating a children's birthday party can be made from balloons of seven colors of the rainbow. Simply inflate the balloons and fold them into an arc shape. Secure everything from the back with tape. Next, simulate clouds from white round balls.

balloon rainbow

Marine themed party decoration - balloon fish

An interesting decoration of your event can be a fish from balloons. This decor item combines two types of balls - long and standard. In order to build such a marine inhabitant, you need:

  1. Inflate a long balloon and fold two small bubbles in the middle.
  2. Now twist them together to simulate fish lips.
  3. Next, roll the long ball into a ring and tie its ends.
  4. Inflate a small round balloon: it should fit snugly in the ring of the long balloon.
  5. Insert the round ball into the ring of the long one and make a ponytail out of the small heart-shaped ball, tying it to the junction of the ends of the top ball.
  6. Draw eyes or glue them from colored paper.

Such a simple element can be a real highlight of your event. Experiment with color and size, then you can get a real underwater kingdom!

Balloon fish

Thus, you have learned how to make figures from long balls, and learned how to choose high-quality materials for this interesting activity. Do not stop at the options given in this article: come up with your own unique figures that will surely please your loved ones!

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