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Carton figures: tips for making. growth figures
Carton figures: tips for making. growth figures

Carton figures are one of the subspecies of scenery. In business, they are used to attract the attention of partners and customers, in the field of entertainment - to create the necessary surroundings, in everyday life - to decorate the space. There are such installations often, but not everyone knows how and where they are made. The article will tell you what cardboard figures are, what they are, how they differ, and also where they are taken. The publication also contains useful template pictures with which you can independently make large cardboard decorations for a party or presentation.

A growth figure of a superhero made of cardboard

What is a body figure?

Large, human-sized figures cut out of thick cardboard were the first to be used by advertisers in their work. They called their creation a hard poster, which literally translates as “hard poster”. In fact, cardboard figures are a kind of posters, but not in the form of ordinary posters,which are mounted on a wall or a stand, and silhouettes of anything. The main "hero" of a hard poster can be an actor, a cartoon character, a comic book character, a product or service being promoted on the market, a representative of a certain profession.

The main task of life figures is to attract the attention of passers-by. And indeed, wherever a hardposter stands, it always catches the eye. Mainly due to the fact that on it a person sees something bright and interesting, and even presented in an unusual, voluminous way.

Decorating a party with cardboard figures

Business use

High figures partly replace live models. They can act as a pointer and direct visitors to the right office, trading floor or exhibition stand, such hard posters are especially relevant during large-scale fairs and other similar events.

Their other task is to inform customers. Useful information is applied to cardboard figures - contact details, description of services or goods, price, etc. Also, such a stand can "meet" guests at the doorstep of an office or store. Memorable greeting words on the hard poster will initially create a positive attitude and make them more loyal.

Figure of a man made of cardboard for Halloween

Party Decor

At holidays of any theme and style, full-length cardboard figures will become a real highlight of the entire solemn program. They are installed at children's birthdays, and at weddings, and at theme parties, corporate parties. purposehard posters at different events may differ:

  • Creating a photo zone. With the help of growth cardboard figures, you can decorate a platform for photosets, stands with a hole where a person inserts a face are especially popular in this case. They are called tantamaresques, these designs cause real delight among guests, because with their help you can "turn" into a popular movie character or any other character (toreador, strongman, astronaut).
  • Besides, hard posters are the easiest way to decorate the hall of the celebration in accordance with the theme of the event. You can apply the image of a popular star or an architectural object on it.
  • The figures look very original, which depict not strangers for the organizers of the holiday people or characters, but its culprits - the birthday boy, the newlyweds, graduates, the director of the company.

Another interesting idea, for which cardboard figures of people may be needed, is the creation of a predictor. Small pieces of paper with comic predictions are attached to the hardposter.

Big inscription for a party, banner

Where can I get it?

There are two options for how to get a growth stand:

  • make it yourself;
  • order at special printing houses.

There are many organizations that provide ready-made hard posters for rent, and you can also make an individual project from them. Ready-made figures will cost less, as they are mass-produced and can be reused. If this is an ordercustom-made, it will cost a little more.

In industrial production, hard posters are made from corrugated board, foam board or plastic. The image is usually applied not to a paper or plastic base, but to a PVC film, which is then glued to the stand. In order for the structure to be stable, a special stand is attached to the back of it. Figures with a complex silhouette are cut out using a plotter (it is more correct to call this tool a cutter, but this term has not taken root in Russia). It is equipped with high-precision blades that cut the stands along the contour set by the computer program.

cardboard dinosaur

This equipment helps to make figures of any complexity, and it is able to cut them not only from the thinnest vinyl film, but also immediately from cardboard, plastic and even thin sheets of metal. As a rule, cardboard hard posters are installed exclusively indoors, as they are light, deform from moisture and fade in the sun. Plastic stands are more resistant to weathering, so they are quite durable and reliable and can serve the customer for several seasons, which is especially important for event agencies.

How to order cardboard figures?

It is enough just to buy ready-made products by contacting the seller of similar products. But if you need to order a hardposter according to an individual sketch, you should do it in advance. To make a growth figure, you need to create a layout. It is made using a special computer program, then a template is made according to it,on which the stand is cut. This procedure is time-consuming and requires a significant investment of time and money. Before the customer confirms his order, the manufacturer must discuss with him the smallest details regarding the size of the hard poster, its shape and the applied image.

Big figures with your own hands. Tips for beginners

You can make a growth stand yourself. Of course, it is hardly possible to print a high-quality image or photograph of a person, because few people have access to all the equipment necessary for this, but it is quite possible to make universal figures with your own hands.

Cardboard scissors

Patterns of figures made of cardboard can be bought in stores that sell various holiday paraphernalia or downloaded from the Internet. It is better to transfer them to large sheets of thick cardboard. To do this, you should try and find large drawers from under household appliances (TV, refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher).

Carton animal figures are usually drawn by hand and then cut out along the contour. Then the image is painted with paints. The image will turn out brighter if you use gouache or acrylic paints, watercolor is not suitable for this. Also, a hard poster can be decorated with sparkles, tinsel, electric garlands. Cardboard is a thick and dense multilayer material, it is inconvenient to cut it with ordinary scissors or a clerical knife. Especially for working with it, special curved scissors for cardboard have been created. It is much easier to work with them, and the end result is more accurate andprofessional.

Large cardboard robot template

3D crafts

Recently, voluminous figures made of cardboard boxes have gained particular popularity among clients of event agencies. They are ordered for children's parties or themed corporate parties. The most favorite hero of customers is a robot with a large head, movable arms and legs. It is not made up of different boxes, but is glued according to a special template. The article contains a sample blank for this craft, as well as a photo of the assembled robot.

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