What can be knitted from cotton yarn?
What can be knitted from cotton yarn?

Every craftswoman most likely has a small amount of natural yarn. This type of thread is no longer used so often, as synthetic and artificial options have flooded the markets. But if suddenly you have cotton yarn lying around, then we can offer you a couple of really creative and interesting ideas.

Where are you from friend?

The story of one skein begins far, far away in a field of cotton crops, those tiny bolls known to adults and children alike.

cotton yarn

They are collected, cleaned, turned into a large skein, from which thin threads are later created on a special spinning machine. Further production of the thread may end at this stage or proceed to the dyeing of the material. Cotton yarn takes colors perfectly, after which you get just amazing shades.

If the yarn you purchased was not dyed under production conditions, then you can do it yourself using natural or artificial dyes. In any case, the result will be successful in all types of needlework and applied arts.

Wave, thread

Now that we have slightly studied the process of obtaining such a wonderful material, we will tell you what can be knitted from cotton yarn. In fact, there are a huge number of options, but we will offer the most interesting and unusual ones. The main thing is that you can find all the materials at home, as they are considered absolutely basic:

  • Cotton yarn. In this case, it will be the main component of any work, and its amount can vary from a large ball to a small hank. It is best if you get all the available stocks of yarn and, having estimated their volume, decide what exactly you want to get in the end.
  • Paint. It will be needed to color our yarn. You can use both special fabric dyes and stock up on natural herbs and other natural coloring ingredients.
  • Glue. When working with threads, it is best to choose PVA, as it is invisible after drying, but if you need a strong and reliable grip, then hot glue is definitely not enough.
  • Other extras.

The holiday is coming to us

Since the New Year is just around the corner, the first idea will be devoted to it: we will create openwork balls for the Christmas tree. It is very simple, so this work can be done together with children.

cotton yarn for knitting

Having prepared the materials (threads, balloons, glue and an old garland) and having cleaned the surface for further work, let's start the process of creating a New Year's decoration. It is best to lay the table in advance and put on gloves,to protect against glue during operation.


  1. Take PVA glue and pour it into a large bowl with low sides. It should be large enough for your skein of yarn to fit in there with ease. Optionally, you can add a little water to the glue if it has a very thick and inconvenient consistency to work with.
  2. Put a skein of yarn in a container and leave it there so that the top layer of threads gets wet and soaked, and in the meantime we inflate the balls to the size you need. Do not inflate them too much, so that they do not burst in the process.
  3. When the ball and yarn are ready, put on gloves and take the end of the thread, which is already well glued, and put it on the inflatable "frame".
  4. Now, winding the thread around the ball and creating a mesh pattern, the yarn will step by step fall into the container and already be in a sticky form on your product. Thus, the design will be reliable.
  5. To later turn it all into a garland, you need to create a very dense grid. We are lucky because cotton yarn is just made for this.
  6. When you feel that there is enough yarn on the ball, just cut off the end of the thread and leave everything to dry for a couple of hours.
  7. And after that, it remains only to insert the garland bulbs inside the balls, and that's it, the garland is ready to decorate your Christmas tree!

Shine, star

You can also safely say that cotton yarn for a hook is an ideal basis for any handmade crafts. And since the topic is about Christmas tree decorations, today we will createstar pendants that can be made in 10 minutes or less.

thick cotton yarn

Having prepared all the materials (yarn, hook, needle, scissors and a special liquid, such as diluted starch to create a stable shape of a toy), you can immediately start working, which will definitely not take you much time.

  1. To begin with, we will make an "amigurumi ring" and, tightening it tightly, knit 6 double crochet stitches (CCH) into it. At the end of the row we knit a connecting loop to close it.
  2. Then we continue to knit according to this pattern, taking into account all the nuances and features of the work.
  3. cotton yarn for hook
  4. When the blank star, more like a flower, is ready, we proceed to the final stage of formation. To do this, we wrap an ordinary cardboard strip with cling film and fix the "asterisk" with sewing pins so that its 5 ends become pointed. Thoroughly coat the base of the threads with the prepared solution and let dry.
  5. After a certain time, the sprocket will harden and become hard. This means that it can already be hung on the Christmas tree by making ties from ribbons or yarn in advance.

Gift from the heart

Well, and finally, we suggest you create a wonderful application. We will need both a thin thread and a thick cotton yarn. The most important thing is that, apart from yarn, glue and blank cardboard, we need nothing.

what can be knitted from cotton yarn

Of course, this type of artrequires some painstaking and patience, so when choosing a sketch, consider the amount of free time and material.


  1. Make a pencil sketch on cardboard, dividing the picture into small tint spots, from which the whole image will be formed. When everything is ready, you can get to work.
  2. Lightly lubricate the desired area with glue, after which we apply the thread in peculiar layers so that no gaps are created between them. When one element is ready, you can proceed to the next, and so, step by step, fill the picture with cotton thread of different colors.
  3. After completely covering the canvas, you should leave the picture to dry completely, and then sprinkle the surface with hairspray to make sure the "design" is fixed.


That's it, quickly and simply, we have created as many as three products from a long-forgotten material. Now we can say with confidence that cotton yarn for knitting is a wonderful helper for any needlewoman, from which you can create a wide variety of crafts.

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