DIY Easter basket: ideas, master classes
DIY Easter basket: ideas, master classes

Today we will talk about how you can make an Easter basket with your own hands. This attribute has long been known in the West, but our tradition of using a basket for Easter is connected, rather, with the fact that Easter cakes and eggs are worn to serve in the church. Today we will try to remedy the situation, because a beautiful Easter basket can become the main event and decorative "apotheosis" of the festive table.

Easter basket

You can make baskets for Easter eggs from various materials: thin vines or other twigs (Chinese lemongrass or another shrub with flexible branches will do), paper tubes, corrugated paper, fabric, felt, plastic, balloons, thread, and even test.

Easter baskets made of fabric and yarn

A simple and very watchable option can be considered sewing a bag-cover for an ordinary basket, as in the photo above. For such work, special skills are not needed, and if desired, all table accessories, including napkins and tablecloths, can be made in the same style withEaster basket.

To decorate your table without resorting to weaving baskets, you can take a round plastic container with holes. It needs to be "braided" with bright yarn or shreds. It will turn out very festive and interesting. Easter crafts in a rustic style are always in demand.

plastic basket decor

One-stop solution - balloons

So, the balls can be useful for creating Easter baskets as a base shape. It's simple: the principle is the same as when creating a lampshade or New Year's toys. A thread moistened with PVA glue is taken and randomly wound around a balloon. There should be a lot of layers, then the result will be more interesting. When the glue is completely dry (and this is at least a day), the ball is pierced, and a basket of the desired shape is cut out of a round blank.

balloon basket

And, in fact, the Easter balloon basket itself, which can only be made with a good experience in the art of aero design.

balloon basket

Originality of this idea does not hold, such a basket looks very cool and festive.

Handmade basket decor

For those who do not like to sew and weave, there is another simple, but very sophisticated version of Easter crafts. To do this, you need a ready-made vessel that will become a basket, glue and decor material. The photo below shows examples of baskets made from bay leaves and artificial flower buds. You can use feathers, dried flowers andany other decorative items.

basket decor for easter

If you connect the imagination and creativity of those who are nearby, you can create something unique, and at the same time a good family tradition.

Excellent option - corrugated paper

Similarly, you can use corrugated paper to decorate an Easter basket with your own hands, it is very plastic and great for creating flower arrangements.

corrugated paper basket decor

You can make such a "bud" by cutting out 4-5 pieces of leaf patterns with a sharp top from corrugated paper, the height of which will be slightly larger than the basket itself. You will also need a strip of paper of the same color to match the petals with a size corresponding to the height of the basket by the length of its circumference. We will wrap the basket with this blank, having previously fixed it with glue, and stretch the upper edge a little to create a "wavy". Next, glue the pointed petals, overlap a little and also stretch and turn them outward. Glue a few green leaves under the basket itself to complete the bud and you're done!

How good it is to be able to knit

For those who love and know how to crochet, creating such an Easter craft will not take much time. And if your experience and imagination allow you to improvise, then a set may be the best idea for the holiday. It consists of a knitted Easter basket, eggs and chickens. Needlework virtuosos create real masterpieces of yarn in the form of Easter bunnies, chickens and others.cute animals. The set will be a great gift for godchildren, complete with Easter cake and sweets.

knitted basket

Crochet Easter basket is the perfect solution for decorating your own interior.

Basket of newspapers and magazines

The most durable and large-scale project can be weaving an Easter basket from newspaper tubes. This is a very time-consuming process that requires patience, skill and appropriate skills. Beginners in this craft should not hope that the first time they will get something masterpiece. However, it's worth a try, this is a very exciting activity that "addictive" and allows you to create beautiful items for everyday life and interior from ordinary newspapers and magazines.

The essence of weaving their paper baskets is that at the initial stage you need to make a certain number of blanks using a knitting needle or other similar item. The paper is cut into strips (the density of the paper vine will depend on the size of which), wound on a knitting needle and, fixed with glue, removed. It should be noted that having picked up paper of a certain density, it is impossible to change it to a material that is denser or vice versa. From this, the final version may look unattractive. With color - the same. Although, as an option, at the final stage, the Easter basket of newspaper tubes can be decorated with a can of paint.

Perhaps the most difficult thing for a beginner in this craft will be making the bottom of the basket, then we put the product on the object of the desired shape and braid it. For newbiesthere is an option without weaving the bottom, it is cut out of thick paper, for example, of a round shape, and “rays” are evenly glued onto the edges of this blank, from which the basket itself will be formed. From above, such a bottom is glued with a circle of the same size to fix the paper vine and give a more presentable look to the bottom of the product. The rest of the weaving is a matter of technique and imagination of the master, over time, experience will give confidence, and the products will turn out to be flawless and original.

chicken basket

A wonderful solution would be to create an Easter chicken basket using this technique. Such crafts on the festive table will look very cute and homely.

Easter Felt Fantasy

felt basket

Probably the most fertile material for needlework is felt. This is a kind of symbiosis of paper and fabric, if we talk about what it is like in work. Bright saturated colors, different density and quality, affordable price, ease of use - this is what felt for needlework and decor is chosen for. You can sew from it or simply form crafts and fasten it with glue - it is versatile and convenient. To make Easter baskets out of felt, you can use the technique described above for decorating a ready-made shape or weaving from felt strips. You can print any template for a paper basket and use it, the product will be light and durable.

Textile egg basket and more

Now let's look at options for those who sew or needlework with fabric.We propose to consider in detail how you can sew such a magnificent miracle basket. To work, you will need any fabric, preferably two colors that are in harmony with each other, a synthetic winterizer or other filler and threads to match the fabric.

you can sew a basket

Detailed description of how to sew an Easter basket from fabric

Sewing an Easter basket with your own hands, if you have mastered the basics of operating a sewing machine, is quite simple. First you need to make a pattern in the form of a circle with a diameter of at least 60 cm, you can do much more. In the center of the circle, draw another circle with a diameter of at least 20 cm - this will be the bottom of our basket. Now we cut out two large circles from fabric and one of the same size from synthetic winterizer. We fold the "sandwich" so that there is a filler in the center, we chop it off with pins and sew the central circle (you can use a zigzag or a decorative seam), which we marked initially in the pattern, like a bottom. Next, we divide the circle into equal sectors, excluding the bottom, there should be 12 of them (the circle is divided into 4 sectors, and then each of them into three more). We sew all the sectors in the direction from the central circle to the edge and fill each "pocket" with padding polyester.

After this process is completed, the appearance of the basket itself will take shape, all that remains is to manually tighten the edges in a circle with a "forward needle" seam. At this stage, you can adjust the height of the basket by tightening or loosening the thread. Next, we cut out the facing or choose a matching ribbon to process the edge of the basket. We sew it on, first from the inside of the basket, then with a secretseam - outside. Depending on the width and density of the facing material, a strip of synthetic winterizer can be laid under it for a more accurate, even appearance of the product. Handles for such a basket can be sewn in any convenient way. Making a stuffed braid or just a handle in the form of a flat strip is a matter of taste. Fasten the element from the inside of the basket and fix it with buttons from the outside.

The thing turns out to be very functional, if necessary, it can be washed, used as a bread box, for storing small things, needlework items.

There are many variants of such baskets made of the same elements: chickens, bunnies, kittens, flowers.

basket of rabbits

It is much more difficult to sew such a basket as in this photo, skills and experience are needed. Such a thing can be considered designer, tailoring such interior items is a rather complicated and creative work.

Basket of textile strips and cord

You can make an interesting basket from the remnants of fabric or unnecessary things in a different way. There are several options. To make a product, as in the photo below, you need to take a cord or rope thick enough to form the walls of the product from it. Next - cut strips of fabric, and, fastening them together, wrap the rope around them. From it, using glue or using a needle and thread, we form the bottom of the required size, and then the walls. Thus, the height, width and shape of the basket can be chosen at will. Such products made of bright colorful fabrics are very beautiful.

basket for easter

Second option: make a similar basket of braided textile braids. To do this, you need to cut the fabric into strips (you can take multi-colored bright shreds), weave the braids, fasten them into one long one. Further, as in the previous example, using a glue gun or a thread and a needle, the bottom of the product is formed, and then the walls. At the final stage of work, handles and decorative ornaments are added to the basket. Weaving baskets in this way is a fairly simple task, but it requires perseverance and accuracy. Even a schoolboy will be able to cope with it, and the result will surely please and inspire new "exploits" in the field of man-made craftsmanship.

Edible Easter basket DIY

A basket made of dough can be an excellent extraordinary solution for decorating a festive table. It can be pastry, puff or s alty (you can experiment with this moment), from the latter - the craft will turn out to be inedible, but more durable. The process of creating such a man-made masterpiece is shown in the photo.

edible basket

Master class "Easter basket of dough"

The basket is made on a form, pre-coated with foil and oiled, from strips of dough or from braided braids, improvisation is only welcome here. The handle of such a basket is woven and prepared separately on the same concave shape, and after baking it is fixed with wooden toothpicks. The outer edge of the basket looks very appetizing and spectacular if you make it with a braid or braid.Such a basket is baked at a temperature of 160-170 degrees for about half an hour, depending on the thickness of the dough. To give a golden hue to the product, you need to lubricate it with a solution of water with sugar or an egg beaten with sugar, as is customary with such pastries. The main thing is not to miss the moment for lubrication, when the basket "grows" and begins to brown on its own, 10-15 minutes before readiness.

Surely such an idea will surprise adults and please the children's audience of a festive feast, who will most likely want to taste the accessory as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

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