DIY bags: patterns, materials, photos
DIY bags: patterns, materials, photos

Sooner or later this thought comes to every woman: to sew a bag with her own hands. Someone sews an accessory for household needs, someone - a handbag for every day or an exclusive evening option. If you have such an idea, then let's figure out together what kind of bag you can sew with your own hands.

DIY bags

Handmade bags, the photos of which are presented above, are so versatile, thanks to their colors and simple models, that any woman would not refuse such an addition to her image.

Patchwork Art

There is a universal solution - to sew a bag with your own hands, which will suit different looks and outfits. Therefore, we will start with patchwork (translated from English - work from patches, patches, patchwork). This is perhaps the most interesting and unsurpassed option for creativity. If you touch on the professional side of the patchwork technique, then everything is important: the choice of fabrics, the color scheme (picking it up is a special talent), cutting the details, combining them into blocks, a set of special tools and devices for precisequality cutting. Patchwork is impossible to imagine without quilting - curly stitches, which for professionals are akin to drawing for artists.

patchwork bag

Beginners in this direction can be advised to pay special attention to the choice of fabric, it is better to combine materials of the same composition. Another important detail: very accurate cutting of parts and allowances. It is desirable to use a decorative stitch, even if it is the simplest, but this will make the result look much more attractive and professional. Of course, the first bag made using this complex technique will not be perfect, but originality and originality are guaranteed.

patchwork and quilt

Patchwork is surprisingly diverse, combined with quilting and various types of appliqué - a real art. No wonder there are patchwork museums in Europe, where real masterpieces are kept, priceless in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

Man-Made Miracles

To sew a primitive bag for going to the grocery store, a basic level in the ability to use a sewing machine is enough. But such a simple thing can be made special. Sewing a bag with your own hands is not difficult: an elementary bag-type pattern, similar to the lining, both parts are connected from the wrong side, turned inside out, and after smoothing the seams, handles are sewn on. And now the most important part - the decor of the bag.

embroidered fabric bag

The application has already been mentioned above, this is the most exciting stage, because to make a bagYou can truly own, special, by showing imagination and even humor. Grandma's bag with a picture of her beloved cat? Please!

Denim bags are always on trend

There are many options for sewing a bag from jeans with your own hands. Someone suggests simply cutting off the top of the jeans, stitching the bottom of the bag tightly and attaching handles from leather, a belt, or from the rest of the legs. The photo below shows a wonderful bag made exclusively from belts from jeans, combined with labels, buttons and jeans-specific buttons, it looks simply amazing. To make a good bag of jeans with your own hands, a pattern is not required at all.

jeans bag

The variety of bags, backpacks, clutches from jeans is simply amazing. By the way, if you want to acquire a similar denim accessory, then buying it in a store or on the market will be quite problematic: the choice is limited or completely absent. Therefore, sewing bags with your own hands is the most correct option in this case.

denim bag

As for, for example, a denim clutch, such a thing can only be found on sites where needlework masters post their work. The cost of handmade things is quite high, so we suggest you try to create your own designer exclusive.

denim clutch

A denim clutch can be sewn using a patchwork technique, without even processing the edges of the product. Or cut out an even rectangle from the legs, strengthen the "construction" with a tightfiller and focus on finishing. Denim flowers are easy to make and go great with lace, metal pieces, wood pieces.

You can also sew from leather

Sewing bags with your own hands is not the most difficult task, but this statement is true only if we are not talking about leather. This material is very difficult to work with, its big plus is that there is no need to process the edges of the products. A simple pattern and a basic set of tools are enough. Depending on the type of leather, the accessory is sewn by hand or on a sewing machine. Hand sewing is more complicated, but there is an opinion that the result will be of better quality. Surely everyone has a leather jacket or jacket that can no longer be worn, but you can give them a "second life" by realizing your design ideas.

leather bag

Having cut out all the elements of a leather bag, it is "assembled" in parts, connecting them in a certain sequence. When sewing a leather bag with your own hands, it is also worth considering that the lining is not always used in such products. For a long time, the art of working with leather has been predominantly a male occupation, because the process of tailoring (especially if the leather is rough) can be physically demanding.

Japanese knot

knot bag

Meet a very interesting bag model. This bag is called "Japanese knot". Why is it worth paying attention to such an accessory? Wise inhabitants of the East know a lot about everything. Due to the peculiarities of the pattern of this bag, the optiontheft of its contents. Probably, in the oriental bazaars, this characteristic for a bag was one of the most relevant. Times change, but the convenience of such a thing is unchanged. A bundle bag will be very helpful for those who, going to a restaurant or a similar institution, do not plan to take anything with them except a mobile phone and a wallet. A miniature comfortable handbag with a handle around the wrist will help out any fashionista and come to the rescue when another model is out of place due to its bulkiness. A truly versatile item! Although a worthy option would be sewing such a large bag for carrying on the shoulder - beautiful and comfortable.

DIY bag

To sew it, you will need a pattern that you can draw yourself, taking into account the wishes for width, depth, shape. A slightly different option is possible than in the photo above: if you sew a bag with a round bottom, then the bottom of such a pattern will not be rounded, but rectangular. In this case, it is worth considering the circumference of the bottom. The front parts are sewn with the details of the lining, turned inside out and connected to each other or to the bottom, depending on the chosen model. It is worth paying attention to the decor of the handle, because it is this part of the product that will always be on the wrist, which means it will be in plain sight.

There's nowhere to go anymore

For lovers of minimalism and super original things, there is another idea: a purse bag that is worn on the wrist.

bracelet bag

Sewing such an accessory is quite simple, it is made on the basis of a rectangle using the dimensions of the wrist girth. But there is a wayeven easier - to make such a handbag based on a denim or any other cuff, which is separated from the sleeve, a zipper is sewn in and, if desired, decorative elements are added.

wrist purse bag

Plastic card, keys, money, headphones - all this can be taken with you, thanks to this wonderful invention. There are many models of such handbags - they are surprisingly stylish, amazing with ingenuity and simplicity.

Felt bags

Felt bags are the whole world. This also includes products made of felt and bags created by felting.

felt bag

Variety of colors, shapes, models - that's what distinguishes these things. Felt is easier to work with than fabric or leather. And appliqué or felt decor is a special pleasure for the master of needlework. If you don't know where to start your creative "career" in sewing bags with your own hands - start with felt or felt! This is a very fertile ground for creativity in terms of tailoring and product design.

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