Knit a sleeveless jacket. Children's models
Knit a sleeveless jacket. Children's models

Knitting a sleeveless jacket? Good idea! After all, a sleeveless jacket or, as our grandmothers used to say, a “shower jacket” is a very important thing in the wardrobe of any person, especially a baby.

We knit a sleeveless jacket

There are many different options for knitted vests, but if you want something special, you can knit a sleeveless jacket with knitting needles. It can be a model with an embossed or jacquard pattern, made of warm or thin yarn, for every day or for going out. Which one you will knit, decide for yourself. And in this article you will get acquainted with the basic techniques and methods by which classic sleeveless models are knitted.

Knit a sleeveless jacket for my son

For a vest pattern for a 3-4 year old boy, you will need two skeins of yarn, knitting needles, buttons (2 pcs.) And a little patience.

Knitted sleeveless jackets for boys

In order to determine the required number of loops, we take measurements. We measure the girth of the hips and divide this value in half. The number of loops should correspond to the resulting length. More to usyou will need to know the height of the future sleeveless jacket. To do this, measure the distance from the hip to the shoulder seam. And one more measure - the distance from the hip to the armhole. We start knitting from below with an elastic band. Having knitted 4-5 cm, in the next row we make uniform additions after every third loop and continue knitting with the selected pattern. When you have tied up to the armhole on both sides, you need to decrease as follows. In the first row there are three loops, in the second - two, in the third - one. After you have knitted to the neck, you need to close the middle loops in the center and perform decreases to round the neckline. Next, we continue to knit each shoulder separately to the desired height. The shelf is ready. We knit a sleeveless jacket further.

Knit back

We knit the back similarly to the shelf. The difference will be a higher neckline and the length of the left shoulder. We make it longer by 2-3 cm, and at the end do not forget to make a slot (1 or 2) for the fastener.

Boy's vest

After both parts are ready, sew them along the side seams and the right shoulder. Sew a button (1 or 2) on the left shoulder of the shelf.

The neck of the vest can be tied with an elastic band on circular needles or with a garter stitch. You can also use crochet stitches to finish the neckline. The shelf of the vest can be decorated with a thermal sticker or embroidered.

Universal tank top for babies

Another easy way to make knitted sleeveless jackets for children with knitting needles, suitable even for beginner needlewomen.

Knitted sleeveless jackets for children with knitting needles

It's not much different from the previous one. This model is suitable for very young children. Because of her special clasp, she is very easy to dress. The front and back are knitted in the same way as in the first version. Just remember to make both parts a little wider by adding 2-3 cm to your measurements. This is necessary to complete the clasp. And you can also knit such a sleeveless jacket without an elastic band, starting immediately with your chosen pattern. The photo shows an option for a girl from melange yarn. By choosing a different thread shade, you can easily make knitted tank tops for boys.

You can also use thermal stickers or embroidery (appliqué) as decoration.

Model with braids for a girl

Models with braids look very good, as in the photo. This option is suitable for both girls and boys. Another example is a classic sleeveless jacket knitted with front stitch. In it, your baby will look very stylish and grown-up. After all, all children love to imitate and be like their parents. Well, have you already decided on the model? Then we knit a sleeveless jacket and enjoy the result.

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