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Cross stitch with daisies. Schemes of different levels of complexity
Cross stitch with daisies. Schemes of different levels of complexity

Flowers can decorate life and make it brighter. Fresh flowers are given as a gift. No holiday is complete without them. One of the most popular plants on the planet is chamomile. It belongs to the field gifts of flora. A sweet and delicate flower rarely leaves anyone indifferent.

Cross stitch

Meadow daisies are a symbol of freshness and chastity. Such flowers add coziness and positiveness when they are present on kitchen or room textiles as an embroidered decoration.

The appliqué will look great on a linen tablecloth. Daisies on cross stitch look very concise. The main thing to remember is that flower petals are always white, so the fabric should not merge with them. It is best to take linen without bleaching. Combinations with other wild flowers look good. For example:

  • blue cornflowers, shading the whiteness of daisies;
  • lilac oregano flowers, beautifully combined with greenery;
  • yellow St. John's wort flowers, emphasizing the brightness of the center of the main flower, etc.

Very easy to choose cross stitch patternsdaisies for potholders, napkins, hand towels. Textiles with a similar pattern fit perfectly into rustic styles. As for clothes and accessories, daisies look very cute on fabric handbags, sundresses, children's clothes for girls.

Cross-stitch looks beautiful on textile bracelets and light ladies' hats. There are many uses for this art. For example, you can embroider a postcard to your loved ones with a pleasant wish or with a picture for the holiday. Daisy cross stitch looks beautiful on dark fabrics.

Postcard created with cross stitch

Embroidery patterns

The easiest thing in cross stitch is daisies. Many needlewomen prefer to use patterns. There are a lot of them in magazines and on the Internet. It is easy to pick up a pattern with meadow bouquets or a huge flower, the only one on the canvas. Combinations of floss and gold thread look beautiful. This pattern will perfectly decorate the corners of the festive tablecloth.

The easiest way to make a pattern in daisy cross stitch is for a single large flower. The design of such an embroidery is determined by the minimum shade number, therefore, it is suitable for a beginner.

Cross stitch pattern - large chamomile flower

The level, designed for medium difficulty, involves various colors and not lonely flowers, but compositions diluted with various components.

Cross stitch daisies - medium difficulty

Cross-stitch patterns for daisies, suggesting a complexlevel, must contain a pattern over the entire area of ​​​​the cloth. An example is the image of a still life, where there is a flower arrangement in the vessel, and the interior is visible in the background.

Cross stitch - a bouquet of daisies

In addition, embroidery on clothes can be considered a difficult option. For example, on a sundress or jeans. Not every experienced craftsman will be able to determine by eye how to position the pattern for an even ornament.

Where to start?

In order to start cross-stitching, you can use a simple pattern that depicts a small bush consisting of a large flower, several ovaries and greenery. This technique will help to detect errors in time and correct them. To facilitate the work, in the early stages, you can use a special canvas. To embroider white flowers, use dark material.

Before starting the embroidery process, the floss thread must be folded several times. Having passed the needle from the "inside out" to the "face", small oblique stitches are made. One stitch - one half-cross. Thus, they finish the row and go in the opposite direction, forming a full cross with stitches. It is important to avoid knots. The end of the finished thread can be threaded on the wrong side for new stitches. In this way, the entire pattern is embroidered. Cross-stitching involves careful work from the "face" and from the "inside out".

Cross stitch pattern - training

Textile embroidery

Difficulty of the lessondetermined not just by volume, but also by the material on which it is produced. Experienced craftsmen for complex daisy cross stitch patterns make preliminary marking with a simple pencil. However, the creation of large drawings requires experience and eye.

Cross stitch "Daisies in a vase"

Delicate and pleasant chamomile flowers are great for decorating textile items in the kitchen, summer clothes and textile accessories. By learning how to cross-stitch simple elements, such as chamomile flowers, you can create real masterpieces in this direction.

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