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Fascinating needlework - cross stitch: schemes of houses
Fascinating needlework - cross stitch: schemes of houses

Many needlewomen can boast of a picture embroidered with a cross with their own hands. Embroidery is also attractive to those people who are not fond of creativity themselves. There are a lot of plots for embroidery. After all, embroidery is an art. Perhaps one of the most popular motifs is the house. Large old mansions, country houses, rural huts, fabulous palaces and small stylized images - ideas for inspiration abound.

Cross-stitch patterns of houses - dream or reality

The process of embroidering at home is not only entertaining, but also brings to life, as embroiderers say, the dream of a prosperous, beautiful own home. The magic lies in the very process of embroidery and positive thoughts, but the image does not affect the achievement of the goal. The main thing is that you like the house. Believe it or not, in any case, beautiful embroidery is the decoration of any room.

Scheme House

How to choose materials for embroidery and patterns

The answer is simple- expensive threads look better, it is easier to work with high-quality fabric. It must be taken into account that the thickness of the threads corresponds to the size of the canvas. Cross-stitch with a thread folded several times. On the finished work, the fabric should not be translucent. If there is no experience in self-selecting threads for an embroidery pattern at home, then you can always buy a ready-made kit. As a rule, there are always recommendations for the scheme. If the experience is small, start with simple patterns, then you can embroider more and more complex pictures. What are the schemes? Multi-colored or black and white - the choice is purely individual. If you are a beginner, it is easier to look at the color scheme. But if the cross stitch of the house scheme contains colors that are close to each other, it is easier to work with the black and white version.

House embroidery pattern

The image of the house is a universal plot

Embroidery will harmoniously fit into any interior. This is a great gift idea for your dear and beloved people. Embroidery is now in fashion, and the house is one of the most popular topics for needlewomen. After all, this is the place where you want to return, where they are waiting for you and everything is filled with love and warmth. Choose for yourself the scheme you like, since you can find a myriad of them. The main thing is that you like it. Small houses for needle beds, fragrant sachets and bags for cute little things come to life very quickly, and bring joy for a long time. These are interesting patterns for cross-stitching with children. Cross-stitch patterns of houses are usually provided with a color matching card. If it is not there, in the miniatures, the color of the threads is easy to pick up or change according to your mood, taking the colors from the available This embroidery "Fairy-tale houses" is not a charm? And how many places to use!

House and orange trees

Helpful tips

It is important not to overtighten the fabric when hooping it. Otherwise, the embroidery will look untidy. Watch the thread tension. Don't let the crosses pull the fabric. Try to choose the hoop so as not to change its location. A stretched cross-stitched house loses its attractive appearance. There is no desire to give the picture volume or to focus on some elements of the house? Embroider the entire pattern in the same way, with a certain number of threads. If you want to highlight some details of the house, you can embroider in more threads. With this technique, the work takes on a more realistic look. These nuances are usually displayed on diagrams. The same effect can be achieved by combining embroidery threads and beads, which are great, for example, for flowers and plants. In addition, this effect is achieved by alternating cross-stitch and semi-cross stitch. And cross-stitch schemes of houses, as a rule, contain it. This technique is good for the sky or water. This pattern "House in the woods" is for you.

house in the forest

Pay attention to the reverse side. She is hidden from view. Many knots will make the image uneven. The ends of the threads should be hidden under the already embroidered crosses. Finally, do not pull too long a thread into the needle. She will be confused and slow down the process.

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