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Crochet dresses for girls: photo and description
Crochet dresses for girls: photo and description

With the help of a hook, you can knit not only lace napkins, hats and scarves, but also delightful children's dresses - stylish and unusually elegant. Handmade, they will highlight and decorate your child and become a favorite part of his wardrobe. No one else will have such charming outfits!

In this article, using the example of two beautiful models, we will tell you how to make a crochet baby dress for a girl with your own hands. We will present a detailed description of the work process and share understandable schemes. We hope you find them useful!

description of knitted crochet dresses for girls

Model 1. Warm autumn dress with pockets - hearts

It's autumn time, which means it's time to warm up. Let's learn how to knit a cozy baby dress with funny heart-shaped pockets. It is perfect for walking in the cool season and will keep your child warm.

To work, you will need 2 skeins of gray yarn (density 100 g per 270 m) and 1 skein of purple, as well as a hookNo. 3, 5, scissors and 3 buttons. We recommend using acrylic threads with the addition of wool when making crocheted dresses. The yarn "Perspective Pekhorka", LANAGOLD Alize or Alize Alpaca Royalc is perfect.

The size of the finished product is designed for a one-year-old girl. The dress is made from top to bottom, starting from the neck. The yoke is made in rows, which at first do not close into a ring, which allows you to make a clasp on the back. Sleeves and hem are knitted in the round. What will the finished crochet dress look like? The photo below shows this.

crochet baby dress for girls

Stage One: Coquette

Starting work on our beautiful knitted dress: crochet a chain of 52 air loops. We do not connect in a ring! We will work in rows, forming a back open in the center.

In the first row, work 1 double crochet (С1Н) in the fourth loop from the hook, 1 С1Н in the next 7. Then we make a group 1 С1Н - 1 VP - 1 VP (V-combination) and 1 С1Н in the next 5 loops. We knit a V-combination again. 1 dc in next 18 sts. V-combination again and 1 dc in the next 5 sts. We repeat the V-combination in the next loop. 1 and perform C1H in the last 9 loops. Cut the thread, fasten. We check ourselves: there are 58 loops in a row (group 1 C1H - 1 VP - 1 VP counts as 3).

Start the second row by attaching the thread to the top of the initial chain of the base and 3 VP. In the next 9 loops we knit 1 C1H. Next, V-combination and skip loop. In the next 7 columns we knit 1 C1H. We repeatV-combination and skip loop. We do 1 C1H in the next 20 columns. Again we use the V-combination and skip the loop. Work 1 dc in next 7 sts. We make a V-combination and skip a loop. Until the end of the row, we perform 1 C1H in each column of the base. We break the thread. It turns out 66 loops.

From the third to the sixth row, we work as follows: we attach a thread at the beginning of the row (to the third loop of the chain), perform 3 VPs (they are considered as the first double crochet). Next, use the pattern 4 times: 1 С1Н in each column of the previous row to the chain, skip the first V-combination, in the next we perform С1Н - 1 VP - 1 VP and skip the loop again. Next, we knit 1 С1Н in each column to the end. Cut the thread, fasten in all rows except the sixth. In the sixth - we make a connecting loop to the top of the chain of the beginning of the row. Test yourself: you should get 98 stitches.

In the seventh row we will increase the number of loops to form the sleeves. We perform 3 VP.We make 1 С1Н in each column, skip the V-combination, in the next loop we knit 1 С1Н - 1 VP - 2 С1Н, skip the loop again. 1 dc in each dc of base to chain, skipping v-combination, 2 dc -1 ch - 1 dc in next st, skipping st.repeat-again. Next, we knit 1 С1Н in each loop, with the help of the joint venture we connect the row into a ring. You should have 110 stitches.

Repeat the scheme of the seventh row to the eleventh. We check ourselves - with increments, we get 158 ​​loops. We do not cut the thread. The coquette is ready.

Step two: shaping the armholes

We continue to work on our crochet dress.Let's start forming the armholes. To do this, from the other end of the working ball, we measure the thread 30.5 cm long, cut it off and repeat the procedure. We attach one segment on the right front side of the product, make 1 VP and skip the loop, 4 more VP and SP into the next loop. We fix the thread. By analogy, we make the second axillary chain on the opposite side.

Next row: back to the working thread. We perform 3 VP. 1 C1H in each column to the axillary chain. 1 C1H in each of 4 VPs. Skip the next 37 bars. We repeat fromto. 1 C1H in each column to the end. We close the row of joint ventures to the top of the initial chain. There should be 88 stitches in the row.

knitted dresses for summer crochet for girls

Step three: bottom part of the product

Now let's start making a skirt for our crochet dress. We perform 3 VP, 1 S1N in every 9 next loops.2 С1Н in the next column, 1 С1Н in the next 10- repeat the pattern to the last loop. We make 2 C1H into it. We connect with the help of the joint venture. It turned out 96 loops.

We knit the second, third, fourth rows according to the scheme: a chain of 3 VPs. 1 dc in each loop of the circle. We close using a connecting half-column.

Fifth row: ch 3, dc 1 in next 10 sts.Work 2 dc into st, 1 dc each next 11.Pattern-use until the last st, into which we make 2 dc. We close the joint venture. It turned out 104 columns. We knit the sixth, seventh, eighth rows as follows: 3 VP at the beginning, then 1 С1Н in each loop of the base, we complete the joint venture.

In the ninth row we knit 3 VP again. 1 C1H innext 11 stitches. 2 dc in the next st, 1 dc in the next 12 sts- repeat until the last column. We knit 2 C1H into it. close the joint venture. You should get 112 loops. The tenth, eleventh, twelfth rows of the skirt are knitted from 3 VP at the beginning, 1 С1Н in each column of the base and SP at the end.

Thirteenth row: ch 3, 1 dc in 12 sts.Work 2 dc into st, 1 dc into each of the next 13.repeat-until the last st, into which we knit 2 dc and at the end of the joint. It turned out 120 loops. The fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth rows are again knitted without increments. At the beginning of 3 VP and 1 S1N in each loop, at the end of the joint venture.

The seventeenth row starts with 3 VP. Next, we make 1 C1H in 14 loops. We use the pattern 2 С1Н in the next loop, 1 С1Н in the next 14 the last loop, we knit 2 С1Н into it. And we close the joint venture. It turned out 128 loops.

We knit the eighteenth row without increments - 3 VP, 1 С1Н in each loop, joint venture. We repeat the scheme of the last row until the skirt (from the armpits to the edge) reaches the required length - 28 cm. Cut the thread, fasten. The process of working on a crochet baby dress is nearing completion! It remains to draw sleeves, pockets and sew on buttons.

Stage Four: Sleeves

To decorate the sleeves of the dress, we attach the working thread with a connecting half-column to the third loop of the axillary chain. We do 3 VP. 1 dc into next st.1 C1H in the loop, 2 C1H in the next- repeat 18 times around the circumference of the sleeve. 1 C1H in the next column. 1 С1Н in the last 2 loops.We make a joint venture at the top of the initial loop. You should have 59 stitches.

Second row of sleeves: 3 VP, 1 С1Н in each column of the base, SP. Third row: 1 VP, 1 column in the same loop. 2 single crochets, knitted together, twice, 1 single crochet in the next loop, repeat the pattern until the last 3 loops. 2 single crochet, knitted together, 1 single crochet in the last loop, SP. It turned out 36 bars.

Fourth row of sleeves. 1 VP, 1 CH in each loop, joint venture. Fifth row: single crochet step into each loop. We break the thread, fasten it. By analogy, we perform the second sleeve of the dress.

Step Five: Pockets

Our beautiful crochet dress is almost ready. It remains to make pockets, sew on three buttons and make loops for them. We will knit pockets according to the scheme presented below. For work, use a purple thread.

crochet knitted dresses photo

Start with a magic ring, in which we perform 4 VP, 2 D2N, 4 D1N, 1 D2N, 4 D1N, 3 D2N. We make 2 VP lifts, in the second and subsequent rows, we continue to adhere to the scheme. We carry out two purple hearts - pockets.

Step six: tying the edge, assembling the product

On the dress we mark out a place for buttons. Sew the top 1 cm below the collar. Second and third below. On the other side of the armhole, attach the thread, make 1 VP, 6 VP, SP in the next loop. We get the first loop for the button. We knit columns without a crochet along the edge of the armhole. We make the second and third loops by analogy. We decorate the edge with single crochets (in the corners we do 3 RLS each).We fix the thread and cut it.

beautiful crochet knitted dresses

Sew on the pockets, leaving their upper part free. That's all, the product is ready! Now you know how, using the description of crochet knitted dresses for girls, you can quickly and easily make an elegant and warm thing! In the autumn period, such a dress will come in handy! Creative success.

Model 2. Bright orange dress for girls

We bring to your attention another simple pattern of a crocheted dress for a girl of 3 years old. Light, openwork and bright product will become your baby's favorite outfit. To work, you will need a thin orange cotton yarn and hook No. 2.

crochet dresses

Knitting starts with a chain of 100 air loops. On the first row, first double crochet 1 (С1Н) in 4 loops from the hook. Next, use the scheme 1 double crochet in every second loop to the end. We finish the row with a connecting loop (SP).

In the second row we make 3 air loops (VP). And then we work according to the scheme: 1 C1H (in the second double crochet of the previous row) - 2 VP. We complete the series using SP.

Start the third row with ch 3. We use the pattern to the end: 1 С1Н (in the next column), 1 С1Н (in the next loop of the chain), 1 С1Н (in the next loop). We finish with a connecting loop.

In the fourth row we make 3 VP. Next, we knit according to scheme 1 С1Н in the next loop, a chain of 2 VPs, repeat to the end. We complete 1 joint venture. We knit the fifth row by analogy with the third, the sixth - with the fourth. We continue to knit a coquettedresses, I alternate the pattern of the fifth and sixth rows three times.

In the thirteenth row, we make a chain of 5 ch and 1 single crochet in the third loop from the hook. We knit like this until the end. The scheme of the fourteenth row is as follows: a chain of 5 VPs, a single crochet in the arch. Until the nineteenth row, we knit using the pattern of the fourteenth row. The coquette of a knitted dress for summer crochet for a girl is ready.

Continue work: skirt

After the coquette, we proceed to the manufacture of the lower part of the product. We will knit a skirt using a beautiful shell pattern. The scheme of work is as follows.

crochet knitted dress description

The main elements of the scheme are chains of 5 VPs, single crochets between them and groups of single crochets. We knit a skirt, adhering to the scheme to the required length. We make out the edge with the help of columns without a crochet and a pico of 3 VPs. We subject the finished product to wet and heat treatment and dress up our fashionista! Such a bright openwork dress will surely please your child.

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