Topiary is a do-it-yourself tree of happiness
Topiary is a do-it-yourself tree of happiness

Topiaries are called skillfully trimmed crowns of trees that adorn gardens and parks. Especially such a decorative haircut is popular in Western Europe, and it came into fashion back in the 18th century. Slender rows of perfectly even bushes-balls, squares, rhombuses stretched along the alleys and created labyrinths in regular parks near palaces and castles. Currently, the topiary is a decorative artificial tree, which is made from a wide variety of materials to decorate the interior. Moreover, the shapes, sizes and appearance of these works of floral art are very diverse, it all depends on the skill and creative idea of ​​their creator.

Topiary is

Topiary is not an imitation of a living tree, not a small copy of it, it is a product that is completely independent in its idea, which sometimes has the most fantastic, bizarre forms. Natural materials are often used to make its crown: dried fruits and large seeds, flowers, cones, leaves, shells, various spices that housewives use in cooking. Artificial trees made fromfragrant plants, not only decorate, but also aromatize the room, exuding a light pleasant smell. In addition to natural ones, artificial materials are often used in the manufacture of such a tree: flowers and twigs, glass balls and beads, twisted cord, satin ribbon, etc.

Leaf and flower topiary can be made from natural dried material (autumn leaves collected in the garden, immortelle flowers that retain their shape and color for a long time). As a base for the crown, they take a round ball made of a floristic sponge, foam rubber, a nylon stocking stuffed with cotton, a children's toy is also suitable - a small plastic ball.

Leaf topiary

This base is planted on a stem, which is a branch from a tree, planed and painted in the desired color, fixed in a pot with building plaster diluted in water. The base ball for the crown is pasted over with leaves and flowers, starting from the top, in a circle and all the way to the stem, or (if it is made of a floristic sponge or foam rubber) short petioles of prepared dried plants are simply stuck into it. If you decide to work with glue, then attach the elements in a certain way. We spread the sticky composition only on the lower part of the sheet. Then, after gluing, its top will lag behind the surface of the base, and the crown will turn out to be more fluffy and natural. The leaves should overlap slightly, one on top of the other so that there are no gaps between them. If you are just sticking the petioles into the sponge, also do it tightly, do notleaving voids. After the crown ball is completely covered with leaves and flowers, the composition is decorated, bringing it to perfection, using satin ribbons, beads, etc. for this. The surface of the pot with hardened gypsum is covered with colored pebbles, sisal threads, shells or dried moss. To make the topiary serve as a decoration for the room for a long time, it is coated on top with a special dust remover Dried Flower Spray or regular hairspray.

Do-it-yourself coffee topiary

It's easy to make a coffee topiary with your own hands. To do this, large coffee beans are glued to the crown base, tightly covering the entire surface with them. To make the gaps between the grains invisible, the crown ball is first painted coffee brown. This topiary is a wonderful room fragrance. In order for coffee to retain its fragrant smell, varnish should not be applied to the product. If you take moisture-resistant glue to glue the grains, then the dust can be easily washed off with warm water. Golden beads or artificial roses, elegant transparent twigs, colored feathers, etc. are used as decor.

Table or floor (high) topiary is not just a room decoration. This stylized tree has a deep symbolic meaning, it is no coincidence that it is also called the "tree of happiness".

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