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DIY wooden crafts: ideas, master classes
DIY wooden crafts: ideas, master classes

To make wooden crafts with your own hands, you do not have to be a joiner or carpenter. It is enough to have basic tools and a desire to create beautiful things for the interior of a room or as a gift to a loved one. For any holiday, you can make interesting figures, pieces of furniture or toys from boards, branches or tree cuts.

Wood crafts are made from dry material so that the product does not crack later. To do this, the boards are brought into the room and kept at room temperature for several days so that they get used to a certain humidity. You will also need the following tools: saw and jigsaw (manual or electric), drill, screwdriver, sandpaper No. If you are making frames for paintings or photographs, then stock up on a miter box to cut the planks at the right angle.

In the article, we will consider several beautiful wooden crafts,made by hand. These are easy options that even inexperienced craftsmen can handle. Step-by-step instructions for performing the work given to each product will help to do the job efficiently, quickly and without problems. Sample photos will give a complete picture of how finished wood crafts should look.

Heart for Valentine's Day

A hanging heart can be made as a gift to a loved one. Although this holiday is considered Catholic, however, many young people do not miss the opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day, because the tradition of congratulating loved ones is very pleasant, and all girls love to receive gifts. The guy will be able to please his girlfriend by handing her a pendant glued from chopped tree branches. Choose wood with a bright heart, such as walnut or juniper branches.

heart of branches

Making a wooden craft, start by cutting the same size pieces. Their diameter may differ, but the length should be equal. Be sure to clean each piece of bark and wipe it with sandpaper, first - large, and then - fine. Then assemble the heart by gluing the individual parts together with wood glue. Insert a hemp rope into the recess in the center and tie it with a loop so that the craft can be hung on a hook. Instead of a rope, you can use a red satin ribbon, tying it with a bow at the base.

Gift for a child

All kids love to play building blocks. This is an educational and educational game, so such a gift can be made asboy as well as girl. You will need several bars of different widths. Use a ruler to mark the pieces to be cut. Even cubes or bricks can be prepared with an ordinary saw, but round parts or arches are made with a jigsaw. It is best to do the work on the balcony or on the veranda of a private house or cottage, as there will be a lot of chips to fall on the floor.

wooden educational toys

Be sure to follow the safety rules when working with the tool, the block of wood must be fixed with clamps so that it does not move. You need to direct the tool only from yourself, do not put your fingers under the knives and do not wear long-sleeved clothes so as not to drag the fabric into the saw.

After manufacturing, the parts must be carefully processed with sandpaper of different grits several times until the surface is smooth and even. After that, do-it-yourself wooden crafts are covered either simply with acrylic varnish, or painted in different colors.

It looks interesting from the details of the designer cars and trains, which are assembled on a rod in the center. It is cut out of a thin stick by hand with a sharp chisel and glued into a hole in the bottom part. Additionally, you can make a plywood box for the set so that the designer’s parts do not fall loose, and the baby carefully folds them into the chosen place on the shelf.


You can decorate a personal plot or the territory of a kindergarten before the New Year with such original snowmen as in the photo below. Utilities are often cut down in autumnold and withered trees. If you have a chainsaw, then you can cut several circles of different diameters, but the same width, from the trunk of a fallen tree. In order for the tree cuts to easily assemble into a snowman figurine, you need to trim the joints.

wooden snowmen

Such wooden crafts for the New Year can be assembled on long nails, glued with wood glue or twisted with screws. You can decorate snowmen with thin strips of fabric by tying a scarf around their “neck”. Small details of the face and buttons are painted with paints. And for the hat, cut a thin wide circle for the fields and a large saw cut for the cylinder. Since the structure is temporary, you can not additionally process it with sandpaper and do not paint it with anything. Even if snow does not fall on New Year's Eve, children and adults will be delighted with a wooden snowman figurine.

Christmas beauty from branches

Recently, many refuse to buy spruce and pine cut down in the forest, preferring to protect nature. They use either artificial trees, or create wooden crafts with their own hands, as in the photo below. It is enough to collect a number of dry even branches, get rid of the bark and cut them in order of increasing length. You can lay out the rows of Christmas trees tightly, or you can at an equal distance from one another.

Christmas tree from tree branches

To connect them, use a rope. And in the branches, holes are drilled with a drill so that they are located one above the other. After threading the end of the rope into the branch, tie a knot on the underside so that the details do not fall below.

Afterafter the triangular shape of the Christmas tree is assembled, a star is attached to the top. You can use a Christmas tree toy or make it from thin sticks by tying. It remains only to hang toys and a sparkling garland on the "branches".

Furniture for the country

White birch cuts will make an excellent chair if you connect the parts together. For this, it is most reliable to use staples or long screws. To make the structure strong, substitute a wire frame from below. You don't have to take off the bark, as it makes the bed look prettier.

wooden bench

Using wood saw cuts, you can easily assemble any furniture - a table and a bed, stools or a stand for flower pots. It is not necessary to additionally process the material, since such furniture is used either on the veranda or outdoors in the shade of trees. Although it will not be durable, it will still have time to please the people living in the house for a while.

Wooden Clock Craft

For all the seeming complexity of making such a souvenir, it will be easy to cut out the shape of birds from the board. You will need an electric jigsaw and a cardboard template. Buy the simplest plastic clock first. They can be either round or square. Outline them on a wooden plank to cut a hole along the contours. Then draw a bird around the template. If you can't draw, it's okay. You can copy the contours from Internet sites, and then print the image on a printer. It remains to cut the figure with scissors and outline it on the tree.

craftwooden clock

Next, do-it-yourself wooden crafts are carefully cut along the contours with a jigsaw. Don't forget to make a hole for the clock itself. They should be inserted tightly so that you do not have to glue them to the wood blank. After trying on, temporarily set the watch aside and work on surface treatment to a smooth state. This is done with sandpaper of different grain sizes. First, No. 80 is used, and then the surface is cleaned with small ones - No. 100 and No. 240. You can varnish the craft or paint it in any color.

For a bird's eye, either draw or create a drill with a wide drill diameter. In order for the clock to stand exactly on the surface of the table, the lower part of the bird is cut out flat. Two semicircular “legs” from the bottom of the craft will look beautiful.

In this way, you can cut not only birds, but also figures of any animals, insects or objects, such as a house or a car.

Homemade chess

If you like to spend time playing chess, then make large figures for gatherings in the yard with your neighbors. In order not to bring the board with you every time, draw it on a large saw cut of a tree, drawing the cells with paint. Figures can be separated into dark and light ones using stain solution.

homemade chess

You can cut chess pieces in different ways, depending on the skills of the master. These are simple stumps of various sizes with scratched stripes, and sculptures of knights and horses, fortress towers and a magnificent prince.

Cube shelf

The shelf made ondifferent levels from the same cubes. They are glued together with carpentry glue, having previously treated the surface with sandpaper.

cube shelf

On the back, screw two metal loops and hang them on the screws on the corner of the wall of the room. On such an original shelf, you can place a lot of beautiful little things.

Triangular shelves

We offer another interesting variant of shelves for small items in the form of triangles. They are made from thin wooden planks, cutting them at the right angle with a miter box. The slats are fastened with wood glue, and if you plan to keep something heavy on the shelf, you can additionally twist it with screws.

decorative wooden shelves

The master classes presented in the article on creating wooden crafts are suitable for all occasions. Try to do similar work at home, using our tips. Good luck!

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