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Specialized monitor for photographers and designers SW2700PT
Specialized monitor for photographers and designers SW2700PT

What is a monitor for the average user? A device with which to watch a movie, surf the net, play games. Ordinary "users" usually evaluate the design, diagonal, color reproduction in general, without delving into the technical "wilds". It is quite another matter for professionals: photographers, graphic designers, etc. For them, professional monitors are one of the most important tools in their work. Brightness, contrast, clarity, gamut of color shades, realistic color reproduction when displaying photos on the display - that's what experts pay attention to. The SW2700PT monitor from BenQ fully meets all these requirements and even more. We will talk about the most important details next.

SW2700PT Monitor Key Benefits

Monitor SW2700PT

BenQ's SW2700PT is much more than just a PC monitor. Is notonly a monitor for amateur photographers, but also for professionals in the field of photo and video shooting, graphic design, it will become a reliable tool. And all thanks to the competent use of modern technologies:

  • QHD 2560X1440 pixel resolution 109dpi is 77% more spacious than a regular Full HD monitor.
  • The SW2700PT monitor has color reproduction that covers up to 99% of the Adobe RGB range. As a result, photos with the most accurate, bright, saturated colors are displayed on the display. And this is just what you need for high-quality processing of graphic materials.
  • The SW2700PT is equipped with a 10-bit panel, which is 64 times more colors than conventional 8-bit monitors. A total of over a billion colors can be displayed on professional monitors from BenQ.
  • Smoother hue transitions are provided by 14-bit 3D LUT and Delta E≦2.
  • The Photographer's Monitor has a built-in X-Rite Calibrator that allows you to fine-tune the image processor without changing the graphics card output. BenQ recommends using professional calibration software Palette Master Element in tandem with X-Rite.
  • With just one press of a button on the monitor's external control unit, you can switch between color display modes (color - black and white photo).
  • Finally, the BenQ SW2700PT monitor for photographers is equipped with a special protective visor that protects the display from excessivelighting and glare. This is necessary for the correct perception of colors without inaccuracies and distortions.

Model specifications

  • Diagonal - 27 inches.
  • Display format - 16:9.
  • Max resolution is 2560x1440.
  • Contrast level is 1000:1.
  • Brightness - 350 cd/sq.m.
  • Viewing width - 178°/178°.
  • Color palette and gamma - 1.07 billion colors, Adobe RGB 99%.
  • Dimensions (mm): H - 567 x 653x 323; L - 445 x 653 x 323.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1.
  • OSD ​​- 17 languages ​​supported.
  • Wall mounting available.
  • Built-in Card reader.
  • Energy Standard – Energy Star 6.0.
Monitor SW2700PT

What do professional photographers and designers say about the SW2700PT monitor?

First of all, users note amazing color reproduction, smooth transition of shades without sharp strokes and stripes. Professional monitors for photographers with over a billion colors are a real treasure. The model also receives high marks for the availability of the color calibration process. Of course, they do not bypass the large diagonal, coupled with QHD resolution, because this gives a huge scope for working with graphic materials.

Thus, the BenQ SW2700PT monitor for photographers is positioned as the best tool for professional color work.

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