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Do-it-yourself embroidery on T-shirts: interesting ideas with photos, execution technology and templates
Do-it-yourself embroidery on T-shirts: interesting ideas with photos, execution technology and templates

There are always things in our wardrobe that can be decorated or remade. Still good things, spoiled by a speck in a conspicuous place that does not wash off. Jeans or trousers worn at the knee. T-shirts and T-shirts bought on sale. Maybe it's time to sort out your wardrobe?

Maybe, in the process of sorting out the rubble, you will come across things that will make you want to pick up sewing supplies and start decorating. And we bring to your attention a selection of do-it-yourself embroidery on T-shirts.

What do you need for work?

  1. Actually, a T-shirt. It is desirable that the thing be monophonic. Then do-it-yourself embroidery on a T-shirt will stand out and look organic.
  2. A sheet of paper and a pencil. They are needed to transfer schemes. Choose the pattern you like, enlarge to the desired size. Place the paper on the computer screen and trace the pattern. Even better if you have a printer at home.
  3. Disappearing or washable marker. Required for template markupon fabric.
  4. Threads. Traditionally, floss is used for embroidery. You can experiment with the types of threads. Try adding lurex to the floss or embroider the area with one shiny thread. Now in the assortment of stores there is Lurex of different colors. Also try adding thin and thick yarn for knitting in places.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Work materials
  7. Hoop. Definitely required. Otherwise, the fabric after embroidery will "gather", that is, gather into folds.
  8. Different size beads, beads, sequins, rhinestones. Any template can be decorated with these elements. Choose combinations to your taste, do not be afraid to experiment. Then at the output you will get an original designer embroidery of a T-shirt with your own hands.
  9. Needle. It is advisable to choose comfortable needles with a long flat eye. Threading will be easier.

Next step: learn stitches

There are a lot of types of stitches for embroidery. Stalk, "forward needle", cross, half-cross, herringbone, twig, etc. Watch the instructional video, it's better to see once.

Another very interesting and informative video on this topic. With the help of a comb, it turns out that you can embroider a three-dimensional flower. A great many life hacks and useful tips, see below.

Tip: try to practice on unnecessary fabric before you start the main work. The best option for beginner embroiderers is to buy a piece of canvas. It is a fabric with a cellular structure. When working on canvas, it is easier to embroider even andneat stitches. Invite patience, attentiveness, and, most importantly, inspiration to your embroidery company.

So, the stitches are worked out, the material is prepared. Now is the time to choose what you want to embroider on a T-shirt with your own hands. And in what technique?

Satin stitch embroidery on a T-shirt with your own hands

Do-it-yourself embroidery on a T-shirt

The technique of this embroidery is both simple and complex at the same time. A seam pl called "forward needle" is used, which is simple in execution. Craftswomen recommend clearly transferring the outlines of the pattern to the fabric in order to confidently make the following stitches. The surface covers the pattern with a dense layer, the thread lies in one direction. Sometimes the pattern outline is embroidered separately.

Stitches are divided into oblique and straight. Straight stitches should go clearly in the direction of the thread of the fabric to be embroidered. The smooth surface is characterized by such a technique as a smooth surface with a flooring. To do this, the outline of the pattern is performed with a regular stitch, and the entire element is filled with it. After that, the thread, which should be thicker than the main one, covers the entire pattern. When using this technique, embroidery will look voluminous and convex.

First, try to embroider small elements - small flowers, motifs or simple patterns. Below is a photo with embroidery on a T-shirt with your own hands. It is made in satin stitch:

Embroidery on a T-shirt with floss threads

As you can see, three-dimensional elements were used here. The embroidery is made up of flowers and leaves, tightly adjoining each other. The thread is voluminous, most likely it is not a floss, but something thicker. For example, cotton threadfor knitting.

The video tutorial shows how to embroider a flower with satin stitch. Notice how tight the fabric is:

Embroidered inscriptions look very interesting. Like in this photo.

DIY embroidery

Look, very beautiful and original. Here we see how the word hello is embroidered using simple stitches and multi-colored floss threads. If you give free rein to your imagination, then you can diversify the embroidery of the inscription on the T-shirt with your own hands. Add beads, beads or sequins. And, of course, choose the phrase you want. The inscription can be placed under the collar line on one or two sleeves.

And if you try cross stitch?

Very popular technique. Known since time immemorial, she has long won the respect of millions of needlewomen. Countless patterns and elements - and only one type of stitch. It is carried out with floss threads. Do-it-yourself cross-stitching on a T-shirt opens up wide possibilities.

Separate small elements can be embroidered.

Cross stitch patterns

And you can embroider a whole picture. These cats are embroidered with a cross, and to give the work volume and realism, the edges are sheathed with long stitches. They mimic wool. Very beautiful and interesting idea.

Cross stitch pattern

For this technique, the main thing is to master a simple stitch and correctly transfer the pattern to the fabric. Recently, programs for creating circuits have appeared. There are both paid and free ones. The main charm is that you can make a diagram according to any drawing ora photo. Then print it and embroider.

Thus, with the help of such applications, even a photo of your family can be embroidered on fabric. Or create an original gift - a T-shirt with a picture of a birthday boy. Such a present will not go unnoticed.

You can decorate clothes with embroidery in a free style

Any scheme, drawing or template is taken as a basis. By combining different types of stitches, you can create an individual embroidery that no one else has. It all depends on the flight of fancy and creative thought.

Embroidery with different types of stitches

The photo uses different techniques. Here and the surface, and the French knot, and the seam "forward the needle." You can leave it as it is. And you can fill empty spaces with small sequins and beads. They can be of different shapes and sizes - this will add charm to the embroidery.

Another idea is to combine embroidery and appliqué work

Very beautiful T-shirt turned out.

Embroidery combined with appliqué

For this work, you will need to stock up pieces of fabric. Chiffon or organza will do. From the fabric cut circles of different sizes. The edges must be processed with a lighter or candle. This is done quickly. Do not burn the fabric with the edge of the flame, as it will smoke.

Further, a flower is collected from circles of different sizes and sewn onto a T-shirt. The center of the flower is filled with beads and beads. The stems are embroidered.


In conclusion, I would like to mention some nuances.

  1. If you decorate things fromknitwear or any other elastic fabric, special needles will be required. An ordinary needle will not work for this purpose.
  2. To transfer patterns to fabric, use tracing paper. Copy the picture onto it. Attach the tracing paper to the fabric. When finished, the paper comes off easily and leaves no residue.

Now you know how to make embroidery on a T-shirt with your own hands. We wish you good luck and creative success!

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