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Beaded necklace - weaving pattern. Jewelry from beads and beads
Beaded necklace - weaving pattern. Jewelry from beads and beads

Do-it-yourself jewelry is always beautiful, refined, bright and original. You will not find such original and non-standard jewelry in any store, and items made to order by skilled craftswomen are always unreasonably expensive. If you have long wanted to weave your own earrings or a beaded necklace, the master class presented in the article will help you make your dream come true.

Pigtail necklace

beaded necklace weaving

This is a simple but very beautiful piece of jewelry that even a novice craftswoman can make. The number of colors can be unlimited, as well as the method of weaving a pigtail. All you need is a lot of beads, strong fishing line, a quality clasp and a little patience. Match the color palette to the outfit you are going to wear this beaded necklace with. The weaving scheme is extremely simple: measure several pieces of fishing line of equal length depending on the thickness of your neck, tie one end to the clasp. Start stringing beads to the end of the line. To speed up this process, use a thin needle.After the required amount of beads is strung on each piece of fishing line, braid the pigtail. Fasten the clasp at the other end and check the necklace for strength. It will turn out quite heavy, so it is important to choose a dense material so that it does not bloom.

Elegant beaded jewelry

beaded necklace for beginners

Homemade jewelry set with your own hands - every fashionable girl dreams of it. Many jewelry are sold in thousands of copies and are in the jewelry box of almost every third beautiful lady, but in pursuit of originality, one should not be like the rest. Make yourself a beaded necklace and earrings and be sure that you will not find another such set. Buy the most beautiful beads of any diameter and three large brooches in a needlework store. You will also need hooks for earrings and a clasp for a necklace. Start stringing beads of different shapes and diameters in a row, which are successfully combined with the overall color scheme. The number of tiers can be arbitrary. Attach each piece of fishing line to the clasp. When the necklace is ready, attach a large brooch to one edge. Now you can start making earrings that will perfectly complement your look. Attach brooches to each hook and, if desired, attach loops of beads that you used to make a necklace. As you can see, weaving a beaded necklace is extremely simple, and with a little effort, you will become the owner of this magnificent set in a day.

Fine necklace for a young lady (product description and instructions for making)

beaded necklace master class

The best decoration for the neck of a beautiful girl is a beautiful necklace that will emphasize the fragility and good taste of its owner. This elegant necklace will look great with a strict lemon or sea green suit, with a summer sundress or a luxurious evening dress. The beaded necklace, the weaving pattern of which is presented below, is made from pearls of two different sizes. Pay attention to the quality of the material so that over time your necklace does not fade in the sun. The clasp can be metal or plastic. Optionally, you can choose a different color scheme, focusing on the clothes with which you will wear the necklace.

Fine necklace for a young lady (weaving pattern)

how to make a beaded necklace

Cut the fishing line or a dense thread of the desired length and start stringing the largest pearls on it, and then braid each pearl with the smallest beads on one side. Use a thin needle for this. Braid the other side of the pearl in the same way, but do not forget to weave in one smaller pearl. A beaded necklace, the weaving scheme of which is described in sufficient detail and even beginner needlewomen will understand it, will turn out to be more spectacular if you use beads for shambhala instead of large pearls. You can make the clasp yourself by attaching pearls on one side and making a loop for it on the other.

Pink openworkbeaded necklace (product description and manufacturing recommendations)

jewelry made of beads and beads

Once again pearls are used to weave this luxurious delicate necklace. It will look great with a prom dress and even with a bridesmaid outfit. The color of the decoration can be any - it depends on your preferences. If you do not have pearls, you can take another seed beads in two different sizes. Combine colors or use a single color palette for weaving beaded and beaded jewelry. Don't forget to take care of such fragile products and buy coasters or boxes for them, and don't forget to wipe the dust accumulated over time.

Pink openwork beaded necklace (weaving pattern)

beaded necklace weaving pattern

This necklace will be the best decoration for your luxurious neckline. Its weaving can be started both from above and from below. Stock up on pearls and thick fishing line and work strictly according to the pattern to make the pattern neat and symmetrical. Decorate the lower tier with large beads, alternating them through one loop. If you look closely, you will see that the necklace is made up of round shapes.

Beaded jewelry is the trend of the season

Homemade has never gone out of style. They are an indicator of good taste and a high level of skill of the girl. If you don't know how to make a beaded necklace, you can always solve this problem with the help of master classes and ready-made patterns presented in the article.

Ethno-style jewelry - massive andvoluminous or vice versa, thin and elegant - they are suitable for summer sundresses or beach suits. For weaving bright earrings or a beaded necklace, choose green, orange, yellow and purple. Geometric patterns can be made using the technique of brick stitch or parallel weaving.

A modestly strung string of pearls is the best beaded necklace for beginners as it is quick and easy to make. By the way, such decoration can often be seen on the neck of Angela Merkel, Angelina Jolie, Michelle Obama. Margaret Thatcher, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana also loved pearls.

Beaded harness is no less fashionable beadwork, which will be the best decoration for the neck or handle of a fashionable lady. The pattern and color palette can be any. If you want to weave a more massive beaded necklace, pay attention to the pigtail, which is also one of the most popular homemade jewelry. When you take care of making a necklace, do not forget to complement your look with bright earrings. Cuffs are considered the most fashionable, which are easy to make with your own hands: buy a metal base for a cuff and weave a beaded pattern.

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