Coin valuation. Where to evaluate a coin? Russian coin valuation table. Coin condition assessment
Coin valuation. Where to evaluate a coin? Russian coin valuation table. Coin condition assessment

When we find an interesting coin, there is a desire to know not only its history, but also its value. It will be difficult for a person who is not familiar with numismatics to determine the value of the find. There are several ways to find out the real cost.

Coin valuation

Why an estimate is needed

Why is it necessary to evaluate a coin? The answer is simple and lies on the surface. Before the sale, the owner must imagine what the real value of his exhibit is. A correct assessment will help determine all the features of the coin.

Web Search

The Internet is one way to learn more about money. There is a table of valuation of coins of Russia, the USSR and other countries on the Web. Knowing the year of your discovery, you can calculate the approximate cost. Usually the tables are broken down by issue date and denomination. Although this is a rather primitive way of estimating.

The tables indicate the approximate price of a regular coin. However, the cost may not always match. Money of the same denomination has a lot of differences that affect the price.

Coins of Russia

New money is much easier to evaluate. ForRussian coins, there are special tables with fixed prices. The cost of money in 1997-2015 ranges from tens to hundreds of thousands of rubles. A prominent representative was the coins of 2001 with a face value of 50 kopecks and more. Finding a table on the Internet is not difficult. The data is constantly updated, so you should look for a more recent version. It should be noted that the price largely depends on the mint. Consider the cost of rare coins of modern Russia:

Year one penny five kopecks ten kopecks fifty kopecks one ruble two rubles five rubles
1997 25-50 50 20 20 10 10 10
1998 10-50 25-50 10-25 5-20 10 10 10
1999 10-50 250,000 10-20 40-150 30-40 50-200 450,000
2000 10-50 100-300


2001 10-50 10-150 10-20 250,000 250,000 250,000
2002 10-50 10, 150, 8500 10-20 10-30 6,000 8 000 10,000
2003 10-50 10, 100, 1750 10-25 10-25 from 20,000 to 250000 from 15,000 to 250,000 from 10,000 to 250,000
2004 10-50 10-50 10-25 10-25
2005 10-50 10-100 10-25 10-25 20
2006 10-50 10-50 10-25 30-40 20 20-40 250,000
2007 10-50 10-50 10-25 10-25 20 20
2008 10-50 10-50 10-25 10-25 20 20 25
2009 10-50 15-50 10-25 10-25 20 20-25 25
2010 10-25 10-50 20-100 20-150 25-250
2011 10-25 from 10 rubles to 150,000 from 20 rubles to 150,000 from 20 rubles to 150,000 from 25 rubles to 150,000
2012 200,000 200,000 from 10 rubles to 250,000 from 10 rubles to 250,000 from 20 rubles 250,000 from 20 rubles 250,000 from 25 rubles 250,000
2013 from 60,000 to 200,000 from 60,000 to 200,000 10 10 20 20 40-250
2014 200000 200,000 from 10 rubles to 200,000 from 10 rubles to 100,000 from 20 rubles to 200,000 from 20 rubles to 200,000 from 30 rubles to 250,000


Having determined the year, denomination and mint, you can evaluate the exhibit through the catalog. The problem with this method is market fluctuation. Catalogs do not have time to be updated, and prices change very often. This assessment is suitable as an additional method.

Russian coin valuation table

Value impact

Coin valuation requires some knowledge and patience. If there is a need to sell the find, you should study all the factors on which the price depends. The main indicator is the state of money. A worn or damaged coin will cost the same as regular scrap. A flawless appearance will greatly increase the price.

Evaluation of the condition of the coins is not the only thing that needs to be determined. The place of manufacture also plays a big role. And if everything is simple with appearance, then it will be more difficult to determine the mint. The price will also be affected by marriage during minting. Sometimes a cheap coin made with deviations reaches an incredible value.

Special Sites

There are special resources that can determine the value of money. The evaluation of the coin on the site will require the owner to take detailed pictures and pay for services. This method is good because, being at home, you can find out the exact cost and features of money.

Coin valuation table

Usually, these sites also buycoins. Therefore, it is difficult to trust their assessment. The cost may decrease if the sale of the coin was previously agreed. An incorrect assessment is also possible with poor-quality pictures.


One of the options where to make an assessment of the coin are the places of communication of numismatists. On a specialized forum, there is a chance to get an independent opinion. Usually collectors do not refuse to help. They not only report the cost, but also give an assessment of the condition.

There is also a possibility that numismatists will be interested in buying. The forum is relevant in that the evaluation of a rare coin will be as accurate as possible. Most users simply don't need to cheat.

Antique shops

The opposite of the forum will be a specialized store, where the evaluation of the coin will not be in favor of the seller. Antique dealers deliberately underestimate the cost, although this is not surprising. A bargain purchase of an interesting item at a low price promises considerable benefits.

Where to appraise a coin

Antique dealers are more interested in buying, so they evaluate according to their own criteria. For information about the real value will have to pay. But there are also advantages. By paying once, the owner will know all the details that affect the price of his coin.


Living in a big city, you can find a numismatist club. Such a place is perfect for determining the value of a coin. The owner will learn not only the real price, but will also receive advice on where to sell the find.

The advantages of finding such clubs are huge. Here, not only the evaluation of coins takes place, but also the subsequent purchase.Some numismatists are willing to pay even more than the real price for the item they like.


People who can help in the evaluation of coins, meet even in the normal market. Of course, not everywhere you can meet an antiques dealer, but if you're lucky, the owner will find out the value of the money. In the market, you can immediately sell the coin. Merchants are always happy to buy a good product.

Rare coin valuation

The disadvantage of this method is that not all sellers have encountered really rare coins. To appreciate an expensive copy, most likely, will not work. In this way, you can evaluate the money of the USSR or Russia, but there will be a snag with foreign ones.

Social networks

This is one of the most primitive but working methods. There is a lot of useful information in social networks. The owner can easily find a group of numismatists and ask for help. The valuation of the coin will most likely be approximate, but there will be a lot of useful information among the answers. People will share their sales experience, advise the place of sale or buy the coin themselves.

Preparing for evaluation

It depends on the state how the coins will be evaluated. The table does not take this factor into account. It is desirable for the owner to put the goods in order in advance. A perfectly clean coin should be included in the assessment, although some buyers also like the patina. However, for relatively new Russian coins, cleaning is not required.

There are plenty of ways to get money right. Each material will require a specific method. Newcoins do not need to be cleaned, but the same Soviet money should definitely be put in order.

Pictures for evaluation

To set the value of the exhibit via the Internet, you will need to send a photo. The quality of the picture should convey the color, condition and all defects well. Although you should not be afraid of high requirements. You can take a high-quality picture even from a regular phone.

The minimum of what you need for a photo is 3 megapixels, autofocus and good lighting. The distance between the camera and the coin should be about 10 centimeters. Thus, the color of money will be transmitted as accurately as possible. There should be no glare on the coin, but at the same time it should be well lit. For an accurate assessment, you will need pictures from several angles. The photo should convey all the smallest details of the coin.

Coin condition assessment

It is recommended to use a photo stand - something small and inconspicuous. This will allow the autofocus to adjust much better.

It is very important to take accurate and high-quality pictures of the exhibit. Photos will be needed not only for evaluation on the Internet. Photos will also be required for sale. Buyers of the coin will be even more demanding than appraisers.


After studying different ways of determining the value of money, the owner will choose the most suitable one for himself. And it doesn't matter where the assessment took place - on the Internet or at an antique dealer. Each method is good in its own way.

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