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DIY Christmas paraphernalia
DIY Christmas paraphernalia

With the onset of the New Year holidays, a special magical atmosphere appears in every home, because everyone, both children and adults, is waiting for this time of the year. Everyone knows how important New Year's paraphernalia is to create a New Year's mood during this period. With the appearance of twinkling garlands on the streets, the smell of hot mulled wine, Christmas songs and the smell of tangerines, you want to fill your home with magic. In this article, we will analyze the popular New Year paraphernalia in 2018, as well as how you can decorate your home for the holiday.

It's the most magical time of the year…

Before the New Year's and the most beautiful night of the year, you need to properly start decorating your home. For a whole year there were boxes with New Year's paraphernalia on the mezzanines, and now it's time to get them! Get out the toys for the Christmas tree, hang garlands, arrange Christmas installations and a variety of themed items on the shelves.figurines. If you are not using an artificial Christmas tree, take care of the cleanliness of your home and the durability of a living tree - buy and decorate a New Year's beauty a day or two before the last day of the year.

New Year's paraphernalia

Christmas paraphernalia is incredibly important for creating a special atmosphere in your home. Until you have installed a beautiful Christmas tree in the place of honor in your apartment, start decorating your home with store-bought and homemade decorations.

Paper garlands - simple and beautiful

Agree, in order to feel the approach of the holiday, it is enough to decorate the house with winter decorations, such as garlands. Hang an electric garland around the perimeter of the room. It is best to use such devices that run on batteries, as they do not depend on the location of outlets in the rooms and save your electricity costs. If you do not have such garlands, provide your wired jewelry with access to outlets.

DIY New Year's paraphernalia

After you have decorated the room with purchased garlands, start creating New Year's paraphernalia with your own hands. Paper garlands will be the easiest to perform and the most cost-effective. You can create completely different decorations using only scissors, glitter and glue, sometimes adding a stapler to your assistants. From paper, you can create a wide variety of garlands - in the form of rings (as we were taught in childhood), snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen, as well as any other forms. In addition to the form, you can choosealso color, and the presence or absence of sparkles.

Needles in home decoration

New Year's paraphernalia is not only something made of artificial materials, but also a variety of wreaths and garlands made of coniferous twigs. It is this smell that we associate with the onset of the New Year, and products made from this material bring comfort and warmth to the house.

New Year's paraphernalia 2018

In order to create a fir branch decoration that will last you for several weeks, you need to tie small twigs to the base of wire, cardboard or foam using fishing line or rope. After that, add some bright ribbons, small toys, and spray-on fake snow to the ends of the branches, creating a really Christmas decoration. You can hang such a garland or wreath over a door or fireplace and on the railing of the stairs if you live in a private house.

Symbol of 2018: put it to good use

In 2018, the Yellow Earth Dog became the symbol. That is why you can choose toys and decorations for rooms in yellow, brown, orange, and also in gold to appease the patroness of the year. It will be quite an interesting solution to add a few gingerbread cookies in the form of a bone or a dog's face to the Christmas tree. Since the element of this symbol is Earth, then the decoration should be as “mundane” as possible, not spiritual. Add gold decorations to the Christmas tree, a few bills tied with a string. It will also be nice if you make New Year's paraphernalia from beads - balls, gold-colored stars - and hang them on the Christmas tree.

Notforget the windows

When decorating your home for the celebration, don't forget window sills and windows. For children, New Year's paraphernalia creates a feeling of magic and magic here. When decorating windows and window sills, you can be guided by many simple and inexpensive ideas, creating paraphernalia with your own hands. For example, trying to convey the New Year mood, you can paint the windows with toothpaste, as it was back in the USSR.

Apply the paste with a brush in careless strokes, be sure to involve the kids in the process. You can use stencils to create patterns and drawings on the glass, or you can use a brush and feel a little like an artist. Don't worry about ruining your windows - the toothpaste is easily removed with a damp cloth.

New Year's paraphernalia from beads

Add some more simple decorations to the windows - carved snowflakes or vytynanki. These are such silhouette images made of paper, stencils of which can be easily found in the public domain on the Internet. Sit down to cut with the whole family: turn on the New Year's movie, hand each nail scissors and printed stencils and start creating magic. A little effort and patience - and fabulous snowmen, animals and other symbols of the New Year appear on your windows. Believe me, your window will be easy to find from the street, because it will be different from many others!

Stickers, candles, streamers

If you don't have the time and desire to fiddle with cutting out protrusions for a long time, you can always resort to the simplest New Year's decor - stickerson the windows. Such images need to be glued with the outside into the room so that every time you look out the window you feel the festive atmosphere. Now there is a fairly large selection of large window stickers: Reindeer Rudolph, Santa Claus, snowmen, penguins, snowflakes.

New Year's paraphernalia for children

Quite costly, but no less magical New Year's paraphernalia are candles. You can create a composition of burning candles, a coniferous wreath, Christmas decorations and small figurines on the windowsill. In addition, such decorative elements can be placed on the shelves with books unlit, they will simply add coziness to the room.

Don't forget also about New Year's banners: you can cut out large flags, snowflakes, large letters "Happy New Year!" or, for example, "HoHoHo" or Merry Christmas. Start creating decor creatively - and your home will be filled with beauty and comfort during the New Year holidays.

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