DIY crafts from apples for Christmas and New Year
DIY crafts from apples for Christmas and New Year

The holiday is coming soon, and we are already thinking over the festive menu, gifts, preparing decorations for the Christmas tree and for decorating the room and table. New Year and Christmas are special holidays, very “homely, cozy and fragrant”. Therefore, I want to decorate the table and the room somehow in a special way. The best suited for this purpose, for example, are apples, fragrant and red, in the color of Christmas. Do-it-yourself crafts from apples are easy to make. Simple and original ideas for decorating the table, decorating the Christmas tree and rooms

DIY crafts from apples

s plenty.

Crafts from apples to decorate the Christmas tree. Since time immemorial, it has been customary in Russia to decorate Christmas trees with various sweets. For this purpose, they used chocolate and sweets, various gingerbread, nuts and fruits - fresh and candied. The Christmas tree pleased the kids not only with its beauty, but also with sweet surprises that could easily be found in its thick branches. Let's revive this tradition and make DIY crafts from apples to decorate the Christmas tree. Let's dress up an apple in a New Year's mask. For this, from a coloredpaper to the size of an apple, cut out a narrow mask with slits for the eyes. Decorate it with colorful glitter. From another sheet of paper, roll up a cone (like a familiar candy bag). Its shape should be narrow and long. We glue it so that the cone does not turn around. On the wide side, at the base, we will make small incisions with scissors, bend them back, spread them with glue and glue them to the prepared mask in the bridge of the nose. The result was a mask with a long nose, like Pinocchio. From the sides we attach ties to it and put it on an apple. We will tie a loop to the apple stick, then to hang it on the Christmas tree.

Crafts from apples. A photo

DIY crafts from apples for holiday decor. One of the symbols of Christmas is a festive wreath, which is hung on a door or wall. Bright red apples are a great material for making it. We need small apples of the same size, fir cones, nuts, a round base made of plastic or plywood, glue. We glue a large fir cone on the base in the center, then in a circle we fill its entire surface with rows of apples and nuts. The last row of spruce cones is placed along the edge of the base in the form of large petals. On the reverse side, we fasten a red satin ribbon with a stapler, tie it with a beautiful bow and hang the wreath on the door or on the wall. DIY crafts from apples will be a beautiful and original table decoration. Let's make bright red pyramids from apples and spruce branches - tasty and beautiful. Let's take a large flat dish, put a pyramid of apples on it, and so that they do not crumble, we fasten the fruits together with toothpicks. Then inbetween the apples we insert small spruce twigs that fill the room with a resinous smell. Similar crafts from apples (photo) of a large size, installed on a low table and

Crafts from apples

whether a nightstand, completely replace the Christmas tree.

Large apples are the perfect basis for a New Year's candlestick. In the center of each of them, with a sharp knife, we will make a recess for the candle. It is especially beautiful when the candle is sunk into the apple pulp, and only a light is visible on the surface.

DIY apple crafts are great for Christmas decor, and you can get kids and other family members involved in making them.

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