DIY Christmas toys: a school of festive magic
DIY Christmas toys: a school of festive magic

In recent years, do-it-yourself Christmas toys are rapidly gaining popularity. They are not only exclusive, original and completely unique themed decorations, but also provide an opportunity for creative self-expression. With the help of the simplest tools at hand and a free flight of fancy, you can create fabulous decorative gizmos that will decorate your apartment, emphasizing your individuality.

How to make Christmas toys with your own hands has been known for centuries, when their industrial production was undeveloped. The secrets of folk craftsmen have survived to this day and have been supplemented by new inventions. Depending on the material you plan to work with, both the techniques and the end result will differ.

Christmas toys made of fabric

Most of us have small scraps of fabric at home that can be used to make decor. Pieces of felt, wool, felt are best.

For work we will need:

  • sheath
  • New Year's toys made of fabric


  • fabric scraps;
  • pencil;
  • threads (decorative, thicker is better, floss can be folded 5-6 times);
  • needle;
  • ribbons;
  • beads.

So, draw a figure on the fabric (star, heart, bell, tree, symbol of the coming year, etc.), cut it out. The edges are processed with large stitches with an overcast seam using a needle and threads in a contrasting color. We sew a thin ribbon to the top (the toy will be hung for it), the color of the ribbon should match the color of the threads. Sew beads to the bottom edge or sides.

If you want your toy to be voluminous, take two layers of fabric, process them as described above, and stuff synthetic winterizer or cotton wool inside.

Edible Christmas toys with your own hands

There is nothing simpler and cuter than edible Christmas decorations! Especially for children. And nothing could be easier!

For work we will need:

  • dough for baking shortbread cookies;
  • ribbons;
  • powdered sugar;
  • chocolate;
  • food coloring (or their natural counterparts: lemon - yellow, orange - orange, cherry - red, etc.);
  • powder used to decorate Easter cakes;
  • mogul-mogul.
DIY edible Christmas toys

You can involve children in making these toys, then the process will be much more fun! So, prepare the dough. With the help of curlymolds to make cookies. In the top corner of each, make a hole for the tape: keep in mind that after baking it will become smaller! After cooking, proceed to the decor. With the help of melted chocolate, you get a brown icing (for cones, for example, or mushrooms), eggnog - white, using it with the addition of other ingredients (orange, cherry, honey or dyes) - colored. Color your figurines, sprinkle with icing sugar or Easter powder, let dry, and put on ribbons.

Knitted Christmas toys with your own hands

do-it-yourself knitted Christmas toys

For work we will need:

  • white threads;
  • crochet hook;
  • starch.

If you know how to crochet, all you need to do is choose or design your own pattern. If you don't know how, it's time to learn. With the help of a slightly modified pattern for an openwork napkin, you can knit a snowflake. At the end of the work, the product must be shaped. To do this, dilute 5 tablespoons of starch in 1 liter of water and rinse the snowflake in this mixture. Then dry in a strictly even straightened state - the decoration is ready!

DIY paper Christmas toys

For work we will need:

  • colored or wrapping paper;
  • ruler, pencil, compasses;
  • PVA glue and glitter;
  • cotton wool, pieces of fabric, ribbons;
  • photos (of you and your loved ones) and a printer.

Option 1. Make "gifts" out of wrapping paper inthe form of square or rectangular boxes tied with ribbons. Inside they can be stuffed with cotton.

New Year's toys made of paper -ts

Option 2. Cut out 10 circles from colored paper, stick your photos (also round) in the center of each. Then fold each circle in half and glue them together, forming a ball (half 1 to half 2, half 2 to half 3, …, half 10 to half 1). Thread the tape over the top.

New Year's toys with your own hands made of paper - a ball with a photo

Option 3. Roll a cone out of blue or blue colored paper, decorate it with golden stars from foil or colored paper. Then, from a white, yellow or beige fabric, form a ball stuffed with cotton from the inside, and attach it to the top of the cone. Draw a face with a marker. Glue golden wings made of colored paper to the back. A ball of fluffy white cotton wool will serve as hair. Decorate the resulting angel with sparkles and hang on a ribbon.

how to make Christmas toys with your own hands - angel

Making your own Christmas toys is easy, moreover, it is an excellent way to bring the whole family together for a single activity, create a cozy atmosphere for the upcoming holidays and get closer to children and parents. Happy New Year!

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