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How to make a hazel grouse decoy with your own hands? Hunting for hazel grouse with decoy
How to make a hazel grouse decoy with your own hands? Hunting for hazel grouse with decoy

Hunting hazel grouse is one of the most interesting activities. It is this activity that requires the hunter to have maximum endurance, good knowledge and a high level of special skills. A good decoy will become a serious assistant in such a matter. Such a device can be purchased at any specialized store. However, it is best to make a hazel grouse decoy with your own hands. Actually, this and the hunt itself will be discussed further.

Decoy for hazel grouse

Decoy from a syringe

A disposable syringe can be purchased at almost any pharmacy in the city. This material is perfect for constructing a decoy quickly and without using any complex elements, which is a big plus of this manufacturing method. So let's get started!

Production steps:

1. Removing unnecessary details. Actually, in this case, only that part of the syringe where the needle is inserted is superfluous. It needs to be cut off. As a result, a tube 6-7 cm long should remain. It is worth noting that nothing needs to be cut on the other side, there should be protruding edges.

2. Pencil preparation. In order to make a hazel grouse decoy from a syringe,you need to use a small part of a simple pencil. First, this object is adjusted in diameter, and then a part from 10 to 20 mm long is cut off from it. One side needs to be ground down a little so that it fits snugly into the hole.

decoy for hazel grouse from a syringe

A small part of the pencil is ready, now we make a flat.

3. hole in the syringe. After preparing the above details, you can proceed to direct work with the syringe. From the open side, where the part for the needle was cut off, an indent is made a little longer than the size of the prepared part of the pencil. In this place, we drill a small hole, make an incision from the side of the protruding edges, and cut off the opposite side vertically.

4. Connecting parts. After all the above manipulations, you can proceed to install the pencil part in the syringe.

5. Mank setting. At this stage, the plunger from the syringe will help, so you should not throw it away. If a young hunter does not know how a hazel grouse decoy sounds, then you can use the recorded sounds of the bird itself. Naturally, the Internet can help with this.

6. Recent improvements. When the hunting tool is ready, part of the piston can be cut off so that it is possible to close the syringe with a lid. Also, for convenience, it will not be superfluous to make a lace.

Bone decoy

To make a hazel grouse bait from a bone, you will need a hare, capercaillie or duck shin. They fit perfectly in size and other parameters.

how to make a hazel grouse decoy

Production steps:

1. Removing excess. First of all, you need to clean the bone. Particular attention should be paid to the insides so that in the future hunting for a hazel grouse with a decoy would have only positive aspects, and the device itself would make a good quality sound. For maximum efficiency, you can use acetone to degrease the work material.

2. The first outlines of a decoy. After the previous action, it is worth starting to give the desired shape to the future bait. First we cut the bone, while on one side we make the cut vertical relative to the object, and on the other we cut it at an angle.

3. sound hole. At this turn, when a do-it-yourself hazel grouse decoy is made, it is worth showing accuracy and caution. First you need to measure the immediate diameter of the bone, and only after that you can start cutting out the sound hole. For example, if the diameter is 4 mm, then the hole size should be approximately 2.5 mm.

4. Wax sill. In the manufacture of semolina from a syringe, a pencil was used, and in this case, wax will be an assistant in sounding. From the product of the vital activity of bees, a threshold is made, which should, approximately, fill one third of the sound hole. In the future, you can move this part with a drill or other tool of a suitable diameter.

5. Mank setting. When the hazel grouse decoy has taken the required form, you can proceed to the direct adjustment of the sound it makes. In this, needles of various sizes will become assistants. With their help, you need to make a hole in the wax and increase itdiameter until you get a sound that can lure the bird. It is worth noting that for a clear sound, there should be no debris left in the call, especially wax crumbs.

Tinplate decoy

Now it's worth talking about how to make a hazel grouse decoy with your own hands from a simple tin can. This manufacturing method is the most common among both hunters and amateurs, as it does not require much time.

do-it-yourself hazel grouse decoy

Production steps:

1. Blanks. As in the case of the previous manufacturing options, here it is also necessary to make certain blanks. First, we cut out rectangles from tin 4 by 2 cm in size, then the same figure with peculiar wings 7 and 5 mm in size.

2. Wing work. When the blanks are ready, you can create a homemade decoy for hazel grouse. At this stage, it is necessary to bend the pre-prepared wings. The bend must be made inside the rectangle. It is necessary to observe the correct order: first a small wing, and then a large one on it. When carrying out this work, you need to leave a small hole (about 0.5 mm), into which tin plates should then be inserted. The final touch is to clamp the entire structure with pliers.

3. Tin tongue. At the moment, the long tin tongue remains intact. With him, everything is simple. It twists around the nail, which has a large radius.

4. Sound setting. A hazel grouse decoy made of tin is adjusted usingtwisted tongue.

Ready decoy

If there is no possibility or desire to make your own bird bait, you can always use the help of specialized stores. There you can purchase both a simple and more complex electronic decoy for hazel grouse. The latter option is expensive but convenient to use.

Electronic decoy for hazel grouse

Hunting for hazel grouse

When the assistant in hunting for the bird of interest is ready, you can go straight to work. Also, do not forget about the other necessary items that every hunter must have.

Bird search

The hazel grouse has its favorite places in the forest zone. Based on this factor, you should immediately pay attention to some characteristics of the surrounding nature.

Favorite places:

- young low spruce forests with an admixture of birch, alder and aspen;

- polluted places;

- caddisflies;

- ravines.

Character of hazel grouse

Great attention should be paid to this element. It is from good knowledge

hazel grouse hunting with decoy

the nature of the victim depends on the probability of a positive result of such an undertaking as hunting for hazel grouse with decoy.

The hazel grouse is a contradictory bird, rather cautious, but at the same time trusting. If the hunter can disguise himself well and beckon this winged miracle, then there is a chance to catch him with his bare hands.

You can't ignore the jealousy of males and females either. Very often at the callthe female runs out first, so you should carefully examine the bird before firing a shot. There are also moments when the whole brood runs out. In this case, it is best to lower the gun and not shoot.

Time and weather for hunting

Not any season and not any weather conditions like this bird. Hazel grouse is a dormouse, so he really does not like loud sounds, wind, snow or rain. It should be noted that with any bad weather or even a weak breeze, hunting is unlikely to be successful.

Also, the sensitivity of this bird can be used as a natural weather forecaster. Usually she feels the approach of bad weather in a few days. If there are no hazel grouses in the forest, the weather will worsen.

How to beckon a hazel grouse

The first part of the article was devoted to the topic of how to make a hazel grouse decoy, and now it's worth talking about its direct use. Almost no one was able to start correctly beckoning a bird the first time. This skill comes with time. It should be said right away that learning to "speak like a bird" is quite difficult, but quite possible.

homemade decoy for hazel grouse

Male voice:

- chirring;

- weak;

- energetic.

Songs sung by a female:

- looking for a loved one;

- marriage proposal;

- response to the voice of a male who already has a female;

- flirting with an approaching male.

Direct play:

There are two ways to play with the bird. When the hunter is firststarts to call a hazel grouse, then you should not hope for his quick answer, but it is not recommended to slow down the pace of the game.

The second story is the answer to the bird's voice. In other words, the decoy for hazel grouse is a response to the beginning of the game on the part of the bird itself. In this case, you should also not rush anywhere. Reply to reply.

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