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The most beautiful birds in the world
The most beautiful birds in the world

On our planet, there are many different types of birds that adorn the forests, and even benefit Mother Nature. Their feathers convey an unusual color scheme.

Mentions of certain birds can be heard in songs, fairy tales, legends. The bird world is quite diverse and fascinating. Many species have floral coloring, these are beautiful birds that beckon our eyes.

There are over nine thousand species of birds (about 9800). There are birds in all parts of our planet. Depending on the climate and other conditions, different types of birds live on different continents.

Ornithologists study the bird world. The world of birds is very large, there are bright, diverse, beautiful birds, and each one is worthy of attention. It would be a mistake to compare them with each other, because they are all different. Someone pleases us with their beauty, someone conquers with their voice, others bring us great benefits.

The most beautiful birds in the world are diverse, there are small, large, multi-colored, some live in the water, others live on trees. Admiring the birds, we want to see them in our home, forgetting that some wild inhabitants of the forest do not want to be “friends” with humans.

You can often meet an interesting bird in the wild forest. Butthere are species that live among us and deserve the same due attention. Let's see who can get attention.

The most beautiful birds, names

  • Long-tailed broadbeak.
  • Catched Wagtail.
  • Red-browed rainbow bird.
  • Oriole burgundy.
  • Bird of Paradise.
  • Blue Jay.
  • Guldian finches.
  • Paradise tanager.
  • West African Fire Velvet Weaver.
  • Long-tailed velvet weaver.
  • New Guinea swallow.
  • Balinese starling.
  • Cuban trogon.
  • Quezal.
  • White-backed Loris.
  • Hyacinth Macaw.
  • Oscopa.
  • Black Swan.
  • Mandarin.
  • Madagascar hoopoe.

Of course, there are other beautiful, bright birds that are worthy of attention, but it is impossible to list them all.

Longtail Broadbeak

This is a small bird that weighs only 50 grams. Her feathers are green, blue, her head is yellow-green, and black plumage is like a cap on her head.

These are incredibly beautiful birds of the forest (mountain, subtropical, secondary). These birds fly in groups. It seems to be a small bird, but quite cute, cute and pleasing to the eye.

Catched Wagtail

beautiful birds

This is a resident of Australia. The plumage is predominantly red, but there is also white, brown, black on the belly, back, and tail.

This bird often changes its place of residence, so to speak. When it's time to hunt, she landsand starts running on the ground in search of insects.

Red-browed rainbow bird

the most beautiful birds photo

Small size Australian inhabitant. It is located in dry places, can live along rivers. In appearance, it is impossible to determine the female and male, and their size and color are exactly the same.

Oriole Burgundy

This is one of the only representatives of the Oriole family. The bird is located in Asia, Europe, and east to the Yenisei. The plumage is burgundy, with a black tail, wings and head.

Bird of Paradise

beautiful birds of the forest

Inhabitants of the Moluccas and New Guinea. These are beautiful birds that have a colorful coloring, a beautiful voice. They are forest dwellers and distant relatives of our crows. The color of the feathers has such colors as yellow, golden, green, brown, brown.

Blue Jay

As the name suggests, this is a bird with a blue coloration. Shades of this color are almost all over the body, only white can be found on the tummy. This bird is absolutely safe for people and is an avid predator of small birds.

Guldian Finches

This is an incredible coloring Australian bird. It has such a colorful plumage that it has become considered a decorative bird. They come in red, yellow, and black heads.

Its name came up rather romantically. There was such an artist John Gould, he traveled a lot with his wife, who died shortly after a trip to Australia. And in honor of his wife, when he opened this colorfulbird, named the bird Lady Gould finches.

Paradise tanager

beautiful bird names

It is widely distributed in the tropics, rain forests and their edges. These are beautiful birds whose appearance is blue, purple, light blue, red, and some black. They are wary, a little restless, usually kept in small groups.

West African Fire Velvet Weaver

These bright as lights birds have found their place in Africa, from the Sahara to the south and to the equator. Nests are built by males, and not one, but several. Even if they are kept in captivity and create maximum conditions for comfort, they will still do it. It's in their blood, so to speak.

In size they can be compared with our sparrows. When they descend to the ground, they move in small jumps. In Africa, they are not so difficult to find, they settle in green meadows that are located near cold water bodies.

Longtail Velvet Weaver

This bird differs from the previous one in that it shows its long tail in flight. In the sky, it seems like a ribbon that flies after a bird. They are beautiful black birds with a red and white stripe on their wings.

True, it is worth noting that only males have such plumage. The females are unremarkable, and really look like a sparrow.

You can also find such an expression as the "black widow", which the British called her, of course.

New Guinea Swallow

beautiful birds of the world

Common in Australia,recently introduced to New Zealand. The color of the feathers has such colors as black and gray, dark blue, and dark orange (looks like rust). There are a number of white spots on the tail. In case of danger, the bird chirps and whistles. They are not afraid of people, they build their nests next to human houses. They feed on insects and fly very fast.

Balinese starling

As you can see from the name, this is an inhabitant of the island of Bali. This species is under protection, since there are not so many individuals left, we can say they are on the verge of extinction. These are beautiful birds, they are white with blue rings near the eyes and with inserts of black feathers. They settle in mangrove swamps, in acacia forests, bushes. Starlings create permanent pairs. It is especially interesting to watch the mating display, when the male with a raised crest flaps his wings and tail.

This starling is one of the symbols of the island of Bali and is depicted on the Indonesian coin (200 rupees).

Cuban Trogon

And who is it, who is it? This is the national living symbol of Cuba! If you remember the colors of the Cuban flag, then you should know that they are taken from this cute bird. It's red, blue, white. The female and male are the same color.

They are small in size, and in addition to this island they can be found in the humid forests of America, Asia, Africa.


This bird can be safely attributed to the category of "the most beautiful birds in the world." She is small, but so beautiful that it is simply hard to believe that she exists. Due to the deforestation of mountain and tropical forests, where these birds live, theand their number. To this day, they are considered a rare and protected species.

most beautiful birds in the world

This is also the state symbol of Guatemala, as well as a symbol of the freedom of this country. The ancient inhabitants of the Maya and the Aztecs considered her sacred, she was the personification of the god of air.

This bird lives from Southern Mexico to Panama. Its main advantage is a long tail, which can exceed the length of the quasel itself by several times.

Just like in Cuba, quazel has to do with Guatemalan money. Only here it is not depicted on the coins, but the currency is named after the bird.

White-backed Loris

Belongs to the parrot family and is a resident of New Guinea. Feathers have yellow, orange, red, brown colors, only white is visible at the bottom of the back and under the tail. The color of males and females cannot be distinguished, this can be understood by size. The head of the males is slightly larger than that of the female, and they are slightly larger. It feeds exclusively on fruits, various nectars. It will be difficult to keep such a bird at home.

Hyacinth Macaw

Besides being classified as "the most beautiful birds in the world", they are also the largest parrots in the world. They can grow up to a hundred centimeters in height. They have deep blue feathers. They can be found in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay. They keep in small groups and live mainly where there are palm trees.

They can be kept in captivity, as there are no problems with food. Macaws eat fruits, nuts, sunflower seeds, and more. Every day they gnaw on fresh branchestrees. To keep such a bird at home, she should make a special aviary with a durable metal frame.


Very dangerous and predatory bird. She looks out for her prey from a height of flight. Habitat - large reservoirs. It can be seen on almost all continents except Antarctica. Her back is dark brown and her belly is white.

The osprey can easily catch fish on the surface of the water. After she aims, she flies sharply down, plunging into the water with almost her entire body. Slippery fish don't fall out of their clutches due to the fact that they are big, strong and have sharp claws.

When it's the rainy season and no fish can be caught, the osprey catches mice, toads, etc.

Black Swan

This is a beautiful and graceful bird, which, unlike its relatives, also has a voice, you can hear it when it starts shouting with other swans. They are inhabitants of Australia. They fly very rarely, it's hard for them to rise into the sky from the ground.

Swans are the birds that create couples for life.

It is not necessary to prepare a huge pond for their maintenance, as for ordinary swans. A small trough with water is enough for this species, and they will be happy. You can choose the same food for them as for a regular guska, they also eat greens.

Mandarin duck

This is a small and cute duck native to Japan, China, Korea. The name of the bird was not in honor of the citrus fruit, but in honor of high-ranking officials and the emperor, who were called tangerines.

beautiful bright birds

Tangerines, so to speak, remain faithful, always in pairs. The color of their feathers combines colors such as purple, green, red, orange, brown, white.

On top of everything else, they have a very melodic voice.

The most beautiful birds, photos of which are above, are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more amazing representatives of the feathered family all over the world. And it's impossible to tell everyone. Nature has created a lot of wonderful birds that amaze us with their beauty and voice.

But besides, they are incredibly useful to the world. Beautiful birds are white, black, this is not so important, the main thing is that they are an integral part in the food chain of living organisms. They are of great importance in regulating the number of small insects. Birds also distribute seeds, which is important for the harvest, they pollinate plants, exterminate harmful insects and rodents. So birds should be protected so that their number does not decrease, and rare species, on the contrary, increase in number.

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