Panoramic shooting. How it works?
Panoramic shooting. How it works?

Panoramic shooting is the creation of photographs with large viewing angles. Often, the entire object is not always placed in one frame with a ratio of 3 to 4, and it is not possible to set the camera further from it. In this case, you can resort to the effect of panoramic shooting. Previously, before a major leap in the development of photographic technology, this could only be done by stitching or overlaying several frames into one (longer). Today, professional photographers do this to achieve high quality images. Here are some basic tips on how to do it better.

panoramic shooting

In order for the panoramic shooting to be of high quality, you must install the existing camera on a tripod. Shooting by hand is not recommended, as it is unlikely that you will be able to hold the camera absolutely accurately. Because of this, some horizontal and vertical deviations will be visible. It will be much more difficult to combine into one such frame. It is desirable to transfer the camera to the manual settings mode (as a rule, this is the “M” position - “manual” on the function wheel). This will help adjust the sharpness and lighting for each individualpicture and make it harmonious. However, you should not overdo it with this either, as you will get photos of different shades that will not match each other. It is necessary to make each frame with a margin. This will greatly simplify the process of "gluing" the image in the photo editor on your computer.

panoramic camera

Not everyone needs to be so serious about taking panoramic photos. Today, panoramic shooting is present in almost all modern cameras. Its essence lies in the fact that the processor and camera software themselves process the received series of photos and produce the finished result. Even though the whole process is automated, you still need to shoot from a tripod. In this case, you get a picture without visible joints and transitions. Almost any panoramic camera can capture a 120-degree frame. This must be taken into account when creating a composition and choosing to start shooting.

iphone panoramic shot

Today, not only in professional photographic equipment there is panoramic shooting. iPhone and many other phones support this feature. The iOS 6 operating system, which is installed on the latest models of Apple products, perfectly implements this type of shooting. The principle of its operation is exactly the same as on cameras. The smartphone takes frames one by one and “stitches” them into one.

Thanks to the powerful processor installed in the iPhone, this happens quite quickly. In order to take advantagethis function, you need to launch the standard camera application on your phone, then open "Options" and select "Panorama". A slider will appear on the screen, which will display the process of creating a panoramic shot. You need to point it at the starting point, and then start the camera. Next, move the phone horizontally or vertically to create an image. The smartphone will give advice about the shooting speed and the position of the phone. As a result, you will get a high-quality panoramic picture.

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