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Belly dance loincloths: how to make your own
Belly dance loincloths: how to make your own

Today, belly dancing is gaining more and more popularity. Many modern beauties want to learn this type of oriental art. There are many studios where oriental dance is taught. However, here the dancer's costume will play an important role. In order to choose it, you need to decide on the style. Colors need to be chosen not only so that they please the viewer, but also so that they suit you directly.

From history

Traditional Arabic costume completely hides the body of the dancer. He leaves only the feet, hands and face open. However, on stage, we see something completely different: the outfit consists only of a bodice, a belt and a skirt. The design of such ensembles was developed specifically for the girls to perform in the "cabaret". At the same time, the outfit was additionally decorated with glass beads, fringe and rhinestones.

The first months of training: how to dress?

Of course, the costumes of oriental dancers are beautiful and spectacular,however, if you are just starting to practice this type of dance, then immediately acquiring something like this is not at all necessary. Remember that in the first months of training, your body will undergo numerous changes. The waist will become more graceful, fat deposits will disappear.

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It is best to start learning belly dancing in breeches or leggings and a short T-shirt or top. Further, over time, it will be possible to purchase such elements of an oriental dance outfit, such as, for example, a belt with coins, the ringing of which will create additional motivation and good mood during training.

How to choose the right outfit for oriental dance

Before you choose an outfit for belly dancing, you need to decide on the style. If you want a folklore costume, then it will need to display a traditional ensemble. If you are a fan of the style of rax el sharki, oriental and cabaret, then suits with tight skirts based on stretch are relevant today. For them, as a rule, complexly shaped curly loincloths are used, but many do without them at all. But in this case, it will be necessary to embroider the upper part of the skirt with a beaded fringe or monists. Beautiful jewelry will be a great addition to the costume.

Before choosing a belly dance costume, you should think about where you are going to use it. Performing in front of an audience? At a dance competition? In a regular workout?

Remember that the image must be matched to the music and dance style. This also includes the choice of fabric for the outfit and itscolors.

Dance shoes

What shoes can I choose for oriental dancing? Historically, oriental belly dance is danced barefoot. This emphasizes that the connection of the dancer with the Earth is inextricable and permanent.

However, if you can't for some reason or just don't want to perform barefoot, then you can wear shoes, ballet flats or just socks. For the performance, shoes are chosen to match the color of the suit: if it uses silver or gold tones, then the shoes should be made in a similar shade.

Loincloths: photos, ideas and decor

Oriental dancers often use various accessories and attributes for dancing. These can be shawls and scarves, a loincloth, a veil, a saber, a candelabra, a cane and other accessories. They give the room uniqueness and zest.

loincloth girl

Loincloths and belts for belly dancing are a special detail of the oriental costume. Since the belt must sit tightly on the hips during the dance, not twist or lose its shape, it is made of dense fabric, which is sewn to a soft and elastic base. The loincloths are embroidered with sequins, beads, beads, and their bottom is decorated with monists or fringe. When the dancer moves her hips, the monista and fringe jingle and oscillate rhythmically, capturing all the viewer's attention.

Belt for oriental dance: fabric, jewelry. Can I DIY?

Judging by the classical canons, one of the mandatoryelements of a costume for oriental dance is a scarf, belt or loincloth. A girl can decorate it with coins or beads, and most often both are used at the same time. During the performance of the dance, they gently ring to the beat of the dancer's movements, creating a feeling of peace and magic of the eastern night. Oriental dance loincloths are the finishing touch to your look.

How to use a belly dance loincloth? Elementary: you just need to tie it around your belt. If you decide to make a belly dance scarf yourself, then you should carefully consider its shape, decor and choice of fabric.


Colors can be very diverse: red, blue, yellow, green and others. You can choose a belly dance belt to match the color of the costume, or you can choose a contrasting shade - this choice is solely for the dancer!

Remember that belts of different sizes behave differently during dance moves. As a rule, the length and width of the product does not exceed one meter.

You can sew a simple scarf with almost no decor, or you can create a richly decorated belt with a lot of sequins, fringe and monists. Additional elements of the costume usually behave very beautifully during the dance movements, bringing entertainment to it and captivating the viewer.


The shapes possible for a loincloth are different: it can be a circle, a rectangle, a semicircle or a triangle. Forto calculate the most convenient option for yourself, you need to experiment with different models. So you will understand which form of belt is most comfortable for you.

In most cases, the belt for oriental dance is sewn from light fabrics, such as, for example, chiffon. A leather loincloth will only make the costume heavier and may even interfere with the performance of the dance. A flying transparent fabric, like chiffon, will not hinder movement, while beautifully fitting the silhouette.

The second most popular belt fabric is velvet. Luxurious fabric will emphasize the beauty of the figure and the refined taste of the dancer, as well as create a feeling of oriental sophistication. Velvet loincloths look especially advantageous not only because of the soft sheen of the fabric, but also because of the shimmering coins that are brighter against its background.

leather loincloth

In addition to these fabrics, organza, stretch, satin, crepe-chiffon can be used for the loincloth.

We have already said a lot about the design, but it should be recalled that it is better to make the belt simpler. Remember that an excess of beads and monist will not only unnecessarily weigh the fabric, but can also ruin the entire look of the suit.

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