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Teak fabric: what is it, how to care, where to use
Teak fabric: what is it, how to care, where to use

Teak is a dense fabric that is made by weaving threads using a twill or linen method. This fabric is made from linen or cotton fibers. The optimal density indicator is within 140 - 150 g/m2. What is teak fabric, we already understood, but what is made of it?

Using fabric

Teak is considered a very strong and durable material, which allows the production of a huge range of products. Basically, fabrics are used to make things that create life and comfort around a person. This material is used for:

  • Production of furniture upholstery and covers.
  • Sewing curtains and bedspreads.
  • Making summer shoes.
  • Tailoring.
  • Production of duvets, duvets and pillows.
  • Teak bed linen

In the age of modern technology, the material, when properly processed, is used to make blinds and roller blinds. In addition, theater curtains, blackout curtains, and upholstered furniture are made from teak. Work clothes are also made from this fabric.

Striped mattresses are familiar to everyone since childhood. They were in childhoodgarden, and in the house, and in the dormitories of educational institutions. Soft pillows and warm blankets were also made using teak. More recently, this material has been used for the manufacture of sportswear and special equipment.

Composition and characteristics

What is teak fabric, what does it consist of? The main advantage of the material is its composition. For the manufacture of fabric, only natural fibers are taken, such as cotton, linen and hemp. It can be plain, dyed and printed. As already mentioned, teak fabric contains only natural fibers. That is why it has a number of positive qualities:

  • The fabric is durable.
  • Highly breathable.
  • Color does not wash out.
  • The material is soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic material.
  • Low wrinkle and low stretch.
  • teak furniture upholstery

The increased density of the fabric has a downside: for the manufacture of products from this material, reliable equipment and certain sewing skills are required.

Types of fabrics

What kind of fabric - teak, we have already considered. We single out the following types:

  • Pillowcase. It has a low density. Bedding is made from this material.
  • Curtain fabric has an average degree of density. From the name you can understand that in this case curtains are sewn or fabric is used to make home textiles.
  • Mattress fabric hashigh degree of density. Used to make mattresses, as the life of the material is very long.
  • Fabric for bed linen

According to reviews, teak fabric has only positive recommendations. She was loved for durability and strength. Bed linen from this material ranks first in demand.

How to care for fabric

Teak fabrics and teak products are fairly easy to care for. You do not need any additional knowledge or special preparations for the care of the canvas. You should know only some of the nuances about what teak does not like. First, hot water can damage the material. Secondly, textiles do not like soaking. Thirdly, do not use strong household chemicals. If you follow these rules, then the material and products from it will last a long time.

We have already learned that teak fabric is a moisture-loving material. Damp air can harm textiles, so store them in a ventilated area.

A little bit of history

In the late Middle Ages, teak was used by the poor, and the rich, and we althy people. Women of fashion sewed corsets for themselves from this fabric and shone at social events in such outfits. The lower strata loved this fabric for strength and longevity, which came in handy in their life situation.

The very word "tick" has Dutch roots. Dutch tijk or English tick can be translated as "cover". This is a very symbolic definition of material in our time. After all, tents are sewn from teak,backpacks, upholstering furniture, sewing covers and many other products that last a long time.

In the 70s, teak dresses with lots of pockets, epaulettes and a wide belt were at the height of fashion. Home needlewomen were inundated with orders from fashionistas. Every girl dreamed of having such an outfit in her wardrobe.

Various colors of teak

As you can see in the photo, teak fabric has mostly light colors. But its color range depends on the production method. Plain-dyed fabric is obtained by dyeing white fabric. Printing on the surface of matter is obtained by ornamental staining. Multi-colored teak comes out by interweaving dyed threads.

This article looked at teak fabric: what it is, where it is used and how to care for it. This material can be attributed to the most durable and strong fabrics. Skilled seamstresses like to use it for sewing bed linen, kitchen towels, curtains and many other household items. If properly cared for and stored, teak will last for many years and will not lose its appearance.

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