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How to make a snake costume for yourself and for a child
How to make a snake costume for yourself and for a child

There are trivial costumes - these are all kinds of bunnies, cats and bears. They are easy to make, just buy the right ears and tail. And how to make a snake costume, because parts for it are not sold in the store. In this article, we will look at how you can create an original carnival look for a child and for yourself.

Christmas costume for boys

snake costume for girls

At the matinee, did your son want to be not a ninja, not a hero, but a snake? How to fulfill such a desire? Suits for the New Year for boys are not difficult to assemble for mothers who are good at using a sewing machine. It will be based on a black jumpsuit or pants and a turtleneck. The head must be hidden under a black mask. For this purpose, you can use an old black hat, in which you should cut a hole for the eyes. And then you need to supplement the snake costume with the appropriate paraphernalia. It is necessary to sew a hood and an overlay on the stomach.

Let's start with the overlay, because it will be the basis. We make it from dense black material; chevron fabric is well suited for this purpose.or drape. We cut out an oval from it, the lower part of which must be given a pointed shape. On the top of the overlay, we sew pieces of yellow fabric into a black mesh with appliqué. They will create a pattern on the belly of the snake. Now let's start making the hood. To make it easier for yourself, you can not sew it, but cut it off from an unnecessary black coat or raincoat. We decorate the inside of the hood with a yellow cloth. You can copy the drawing from our sample. Cut out eyes and fangs from felt. We attach them to the edge of the hood. We sew the stylized head of the snake to the overlay. It remains to dress the son in a custom-made suit and gird the trim with a black belt.

Costume for girls

snake costume for girls

A masquerade outfit can be made quickly if it is based on a good idea. How to assemble a snake costume for a girl in just 2 hours? You need to show skill and ingenuity. The basis of the costume will be a green jumpsuit. It can be replaced with a dress or matching pants and a turtleneck. The main part of the costume is the snake's head. We will make it from wire or any other material that is suitable for creating a frame. We create two large parabolas and fasten them on one side. In the middle we lay a stiffener.

Now you need to make a fabric shell. We take measurements from the frame and draw a pattern on paper. We transfer it to the fabric and sew a cover from green material. It is not necessary to make its two sides the same. You can use green and yellow fabric. When the cover is ready, we pull it onto the frame, and we sew this whole structure to the overalls ordress. We dress up a girl in a costume, wrap her head with a green ribbon. It remains to attach the head of the snake to the tape.

Snake in kokoshnik

DIY snake costume

Creating such a chic look is within the power of every girl. But in such a snake costume, you can only take pictures, it will be problematic to move around. How to create such an outfit? You need to start with a kokoshnik. Its height can reach a meter, everything will depend on your desire. From cardboard, you need to cut out two shapes: one large in the form of half an oval, the other small - in the form of half a circle. A small shape that will fit to the head is covered with fabric. Then we attach beads, beads and other decorative elements to it. We tighten the large shape with lace. And on it we stick peacock feathers, shells or colored fabric cuts.

When the decoration work is finished, glue the two parts together with melted silicone. It remains to tie a ribbon to the kokoshnik so that it can be easily fixed on the head. Complete this look with a leopard print dress. If you do not have an outfit with such an aggressive print, then choose a green long dress. You need to sew a tail to it. You need to find a fabric that matches the outfit. From it should be cut a long rectangle tapering at the end. It is necessary to fold this piece of fabric in half and make a line on the side. We twist and stuff the tail. It is not necessary to sew it to the dress. You can just put it in your feet and decorate beautifully.

Tail suit

costumes for the new year for boys

This outfit will notonly beautiful, but also practical. In this suit it will be possible not only to be photographed, but also to move calmly. But still, you should not wear it to a crowded party, as someone will certainly step on your tail. It is easy to make a snake costume with your own hands. Need to find a suitable green print dress. On the stomach, an overlay should be made of a lighter fabric. It should be in the form of a drop. Well, and, of course, you need to make a tail. How to do this, you can learn from the previous paragraph. Only in this version of the outfit, the tail needs to be sewn to the dress. Face painting will help complete the look.

Makeup with decorative overlays

snake costume

Snake costume can be created by various methods, and not just with a sewing machine. If you are good at drawing, you can try to create an image using body art. What it is? This is a pictorial art, only the human body is used instead of a canvas. It is necessary to wear a green swimsuit and for entourage you can glue spikes to it. Now we paint over the whole body in green or turquoise, and when the paint dries, we need to draw rectangles in black. This work is difficult and painstaking.

A decorative foamiran overlay will help complete the look. From this material, you need to cut out a snake's head and apply a scale pattern to the workpiece. From leather straps you need to create thin fasteners, which should be painted in the general style.

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