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How to take beautiful pictures of books: composition, professional advice, examples
How to take beautiful pictures of books: composition, professional advice, examples

Beautiful photography is a whole art that requires effort and a non-standard approach to work. Books are a storehouse of knowledge that has been accumulating for centuries. How to take good pictures of books? Today you will learn a lot of information on this topic and learn about product photography. Happy reading!

Types of cameras

In order to make beautiful works of art, you need to purchase a quality and good camera. There are several types of cameras that should be distinguished when choosing them.

  • Digital cameras. They are considered the most affordable. It is worth considering the nuance that it will be very difficult to make a successful frame of objects in motion. Such cameras are more suitable for amateur photography than for professional photography. Their color reproduction is not good enough. However, among them you can find decent and high-quality cameras.
  • Mirror. These cameras have good autofocus, high-quality cold color reproduction, interchangeable lenses. Moreover, they hold a charge for a long time, they have a large matrix. There is only one drawback -price.
  • Ultrasonic digital cameras. Many experts note that these cameras have good optical zoom and sharpness. However, they are very expensive. In addition, the size of the matrix is small, the work of the focus requires speed.
  • Full frame cameras. It should be noted right away that the price for them is quite high. However, these cameras are ideal for capturing full and beautiful shots. The quality will be amazing. Their advantages include: a huge number of modes, good range, matrix size. Professionals work with such cameras.
Camera types
Camera types

Selection Tips

How to take beautiful pictures of books in a library or other place? First of all, you should get a quality camera. There are several tips to help you make your choice.

  • First you need to determine how much you are willing to spend on buying a camera, and for what purposes you need it.
  • When buying, pay attention to the number of megapixels. There is a rule: the more of them, the better the frame will be.
  • If you want to take studio shots, a full-frame camera will do.
  • You also need to consider dynamic range, fast autofocus and sensor size.
  • The lens of the camera should be of high quality and expensive. The sharpness and color rendering of the camera depends on it.
  • It is better to choose products from well-known and reliable brands.

How to take beautiful pictures of books for sale? Know thatwithout a good camera, this is difficult to achieve. However, in the modern world, there are a huge number of advanced smartphones that can also take great pictures.

How to photograph books? Product photography of books

In order to get high-quality photographs of books, you need to resort to subject photography. But first you need to find out what it is? The distinguishing features will be:

  • A simple and light background (most often white or muted shades of pastel colors).
  • Soft daylight (cool lighting).
  • Minimalist in style (all the focus is on the main subject).
  • Blurred background.
  • Approximate shooting of the object (focusing).

The main thing in product photography is the object itself. The frame should be simple and minimalistic, in calm and soft colors, without too much emphasis. But also the photo should attract and keep attention on it. We provide you with a few photos on the topic "How to take beautiful pictures of books in autumn" in subject photography.

Beautiful photo
Beautiful photo

The second photo is colorful, but at the same time ordinary and calm. In the center is the main subject - books.

Unusual shot
Unusual shot

Preparing the location for shooting

For this type of shooting, you should prepare the place and the background. Professional photographers reveal the secrets of how to take beautiful pictures of books at home.

As one of the simplest and most profitable options can be an ordinary table. Besidesit is done quite simply. It is necessary to take a sheet of whatman paper. Next, you should set the supports at a great distance from each other. It could be books or other items. In place between the supports you need to put a white sheet. You should get an arc. It is best to make such a table for product shooting on a large windowsill or in a place where there is a lot of daylight.

beautiful books
beautiful books

Another interesting variation is the photo box. It also doesn't take much time or effort. It is enough to take a large box and cut out all the walls in it except for the back. Instead of cardboard, you need to insert white sheets and attach them with adhesive tape. It turns out such an illusion of a spacious and bright room. The photos are very "atmospheric".


Light is the main source for creating a beautiful and high-quality photo. The main rule when shooting is cold daylight. Books should be photographed near large windows. You can also create good lighting with artificial sources. For example, cold-colored lamps, silver reflectors, white background. All this can make the space sufficiently lit.

book and rose
book and rose


For photographs, it is better to choose old-format books with beautiful binding. When it comes to composition, it's important to remember the "linear perspective" rule. Professionals recommend taking pictures from the side, so they turn out to be more profitable. In addition, you should consider how the books are arranged. It's best to put them inuneven stack and leave one open. Also, the composition can be supplemented with any items: old photographs, a simple garland, flowers, and so on. The main thing is not to overload the frame with unnecessary objects, but to make it concise.


How to photograph books and coffee? What can attract the attention of buyers? Something cozy and homely in the picture. This is considered one of the marketing techniques. When a client sees something familiar and atmospheric in a photo, he immediately has a desire to purchase this product. Home comfort is associated with a cup of coffee, over which you want to read an interesting book. The composition can be varied.

Books and coffee
Books and coffee

An interesting option is to photograph books against the backdrop of a chaotic mess in the interior. It looks quite homey. You can add an atmospheric object to the frame. For example, knitted plaid, table lamp, flower and so on.

Books in the interior
Books in the interior

In order to make a frame creative and unusual, you need to add an interesting object to it that will attract the attention of buyers. For example, glasses, a rose and much more. The main rule is the "atmospheric" (addictive effect) of the photo.

Books and glasses
Books and glasses

Pro Tips

Professional photographers advise using a flash when shooting, as it makes the shots bright and bright. The best time of the year for a beautiful subject photo shoot is autumn. You can take colorful pictures with an interesting composition. Moreover, it is this time that is considered more favorable for shooting because of the consecration. In autumn, daylight is very soft and subdued. Photographers also recommend looking for new and interesting angles. In addition, you should experiment with sharpness and contrast, so the photos will be "atmospheric". It is best to take pictures concise, but with some unusual and bright detail. Show your imagination! We wish you creative ideas and new ways to work!

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