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Handmade beadwork for beginners
Handmade beadwork for beginners

Beads can be used to weave a lot of useful things that will decorate your home. We invite you to take a look at the master classes and learn how to make such handmade beadwork for beginners as flowers and trees.

Making a flower

So, let's look at what bead products are. Flowers can be used for any purpose: for making bouquets, as decoration for hairpins, brooches and so on.

We present to your attention a master class on how to make a flower:

  • Take multi-colored beads, wire, wire cutters, cotton wool and green adhesive tape (photo 1).
  • Use pliers to wrap one end of the wire (2).
  • Put on ten beads and make a loop (3).
  • Now string a long chain of beads (4).
  • Make a loop at the end of the wire (5).
  • Now take the long end of the wire and leave only eleven beads at the bottom (6). Lift the rest up.
  • Wrap the wire around the other end (7).
  • beadwork
  • Wrap the wire with beads around the resulting ring and secure the fishing line (8).
  • Make a few circles until the wireends and secure the end (9).
  • Cut excess wire from the top (10).
  • Make three more petals (11).
  • Using wire cutters, connect the four petals together (Pic 12, 13).
  • Take a large bead, thread the wire through it and secure the ends (14).
  • Put a bead into the center of the flower (15).
  • Wrap a thin layer of cotton wool around the wire stem (16).
  • Wrap the green ribbon (17) over the top.

The flower is ready!

Second assembly method

Using the same type of spiral petal, you can get completely different beadwork. An example photo can be seen below.

beaded photo

Make a lot of petals, but do not cut the ends of the wire, but twist. Then weave them together in pairs. Then twist all the stems together. Leave the flower as it is or unfold the petals. If you want to use the craft as a decoration, then roll the wire and stick a piece of fabric on top.

Pot of Pansies

the following is an instruction on how to make beadwork with your own hands:

  • Pansies are made up of two shades. Therefore, you will need two tones of blue, orange and black beads, yellow and dark brown.
  • String nine dark blue beads onto the fishing line.
  • Then add the same amount and thread the second end of the wire through the last one to make two rows of beads (photo 1).
  • Now string four dark ones, four light ones and againfour dark beads. Thread the other end through again.
  • Do this for a few more rows, gradually reducing each by one or two beads. Twist the ends of the wire with each other (2).
  • Make another similar petal.
  • Make a similar element, only completely from dark blue beads (3).
  • String one row of five beads on one line and six beads on the other (4).
  • beaded flowers
  • Put one bead (5) on one end.
  • Make a second similar petal.
  • On the opposite side, string two rows of five and six beads (6).
  • Now make several rows of dark blue and light beads in the same way as you did the first petal (7).
  • Weave the leaves. The technique is the same as in the case of the petals. Only now it is necessary to add beads to the row, then subtract it. You should end up with a leaf with serrated edges (8).
  • Make stamens. Put two yellow beads on the wire and twist the ends (9).
  • Weave some colorful flowers. For each, you need two petals of one-color and two-tone and one heart-shaped. Also make stamens and leaves for each.

Assembling a product from beads (schemes)

Flowers need to be collected as follows:

  • Weave together two solid colored petals (Figure 1).
  • Weave a stamen into the middle (2).
  • Weave together two two-color petals (3).
  • Connect the first pair to the second (4).
  • Addheart-shaped petal (5).
  • beaded trees
  • Attach two leaves to the stem and tie them completely with green floss (Pic 6 and 7).
  • Assemble all other flowers in the same way (8).
  • Take a flower pot and glue artificial blades of grass inside (9).
  • Pour decorative pebbles into the pot and stick your own plants inside (10).

Craft done!

Create a beautiful rose

Beaded rose is very easy to make:

  • String three beads on the wire (illustration 1).
  • Pass one end of the wire through all the beads to make an even triangle (2).
  • Continue to weave rows of beads, each time adding two beads (3). Try to keep the new line slightly raised.
  • Weave several rows in this way (4).
  • handmade beadwork for beginners
  • String as many beads on each end of the wire as there are rows in your petal (5).
  • Pass the wire through the first bead and braid the ends together.
  • Make a few petals this way.
  • Assemble all completed elements by twisting the ends of each of them with each other.
  • Spread the petals.

The beaded rose is ready!

Beadwork: Trees

To make such a tree, special skills in beading are not required. But the work itself is quite painstaking and time-consuming. Therefore, youyou will need calmness, attentiveness and self-confidence.

We present to your attention a master class on how to make trees:

  • Thread six colored beads on the wire and weave the ends down a centimeter (picture 1).
  • Then put a few more beads on one end of the wire (2).
  • Make a loose ring and twist the wire (3).
  • Carefully pull off the beaded ring (4).
  • In the same way, make another leaflet (5).
  • Weave together a couple of centimeters down the wire (6).
  • Shape a leaf (7).
  • beadwork pattern flowers
  • Make two more leaves (8).
  • Weave the wire and back off at one end a few inches. Make more branches with leaves (9).
  • Twist an empty piece of wire and create leaves (10).
  • Make twigs and leaves all over the wire in the same way (11).
  • Leave the ends long and braid them together (12).
  • Make several of these branches, and then interlace them with each other (13).
  • Cut off the excess stem evenly and carefully.
  • Take some stand (for example, wooden) and glue your miracle tree to it.
  • Smooth the twigs and leaves to make the product lush and thick.

Following these simple steps, you can create not just a masterpiece of beads, but the whole composition.

White tree

To make this craft, you will need a thin white wire.

The following is an instruction for weaving a beaded product. Photos of such works can be found in any manual for needlewomen.

  • Cut the wire into pieces of different lengths.
  • Take one piece and put a large bead on its middle. Weave the edges together.
  • Put three small beads on the other piece and also weave the edges of the wire.
  • Make two types of blanks.
  • To make the craft beautiful, you need a lot of blanks.
  • Start weaving blanks with each other. Apply the wire not very tightly, but stepping back from the edge with the bead by about a centimeter. Make some branches in this way.
  • Then weave small branches together.
  • Big branches weave together into a tree. Use pliers to avoid injury.
  • Tie the ends into a knot.
  • beaded flowers

You can glue such a tree to a stand or place it in a pot or container, covering the “roots” with decorative pebbles. By creating several of these crafts, you can add a special zest to the interior of the room.


  • If you use multi-colored beads when weaving a tree, then you will get a New Year's craft.
  • Weave a flower, wrap the wire a couple of times, and bite off the excess. Glue a piece of fabric on top of the fishing line. Take a hairpin or brooch and remove the decor. Glue your beaded flower onto the blank. You will get a homemade brooch or hair clip.
  • A small flower can be glued tovarious jewelry, then you will have an original handmade jewelry. And if you make two identical crafts and fasten a special hook, you will get summer earrings.

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