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Game "Erudite". Game rules, detailed instructions
Game "Erudite". Game rules, detailed instructions

"Scrabble" is a board game that is very popular in intellectual circles. In the article, we will describe in detail what this entertainment is, which you can play with friends, describe all the rules and tell you who can become the winner of the Scrabble linguistic game. The rules of the game are simple.

To learn, you first need to buy a box with a set of letters and the main "board" lined with squares. You can even do it over the Internet.

What's included?

Small travel magnetic chips and boards are available, but you can also buy a simple set of a paper field and a set of plastic chips.

The magnetic kit consists of a plastic box, one part of which is a playing field, lined into squares of different colors. Most of them are black or white. But there are also prize squares of bright colors. There are two magnetic strips on which the 7 letters assigned to each player are placed.

erudite game rules of the game

Scattered in the box are small magnetic letters. On each chip, a large letter is drawn in the center, and next to it is a small number, which corresponds to the bonus points of the game "Scrabble" (according to the rules of the game).

The paper version has simple plastic chips and stands for them for each player. They are folded into a fabric bag.

Also included in the kit "Scrabble" are the rules of the game, instructions with all the values ​​of the color cells of the playing field.

The meaning of the markings on the playing field

The main cells of the field have the main colors - white or black, depending on the model of the game "Erudite". The rules of the game indicate that if the letter is on a simple cell, then its value is indicated on the chip with the letter.

Colored cells are considered premium. There are squares that only increase the prize pool of letters. So, the points of the chip located on the green cell are doubled. If it hits the yellow square, then the points are tripled. For them to be credited to one of the players, he must place a word on this cell before his opponent in the game "Scrabble".

polymath board game rules

The rules of the game say that bonus points can also increase for the whole word at once. This happens when letters fall on blue and red cells. If the words pass through the territory of the blue square, then all the values ​​of each letter are doubled. If the word turned out to be one of the letters on the red square, then all the points written on each letter are tripled. This is the bestresult.

If the letters of the same word hit both the premium cells for the letter and the cells for the word, then the bonus points are summed up.

There are sets of games with a field on which each cell has its meaning written in letters. These are mostly large desktop instances. Small travel kits come with detailed printed instructions with all the rules.

"Scrabble": board game rules

The set includes 128 letter tiles and 3 star-painted tiles. This is the best part, as it can easily replace absolutely any letter in the game at the request of its owner.

Start the game by turning all the tiles upside down so that players can't see their value. Then each player blindly picks up 7 chips for himself, from which he will need to make some kind of word.

erudite game rules instruction

If a player does not move first, he has the right to use one of the other player's letters, but only one. If you look at the sample of the game in the photo, you can see that other words were added to the word "turner" - "mercury" and "face", using the existing ones - "t" and "a" in the compilation of new words.

But there is one "but". You can’t continue the word, you can’t use two letters of the word in one either. Words should be placed perpendicular to each other. It should also be noted that the words must all be correct: nouns in the nominative singular.

Whogame winner?

By laying out the words from his seven chips, the player calculates the points received. To do this, add all the numbers written on each letter. If the player has placed a letter or word on a bonus cell, then the value is doubled or tripled accordingly. All points are recorded in a notebook opposite the player's name.

rules of the game erudite with friends

After the words of these seven letters are composed, and the player cannot think of anything else, the move is passed to the next player, and the player who has won back gets the required number of letters missing to the number seven. So in turn write the words of all the players. When there is no more free space on the field, the players begin the total scoring. Whoever has more points is the winner of the game "Erudite" with friends. The rules are easy to remember quickly.

Such an interesting game you can take with you on a train, trips to nature, play it in the evenings with family or friends.

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