Knitted flowers - an original DIY decoration
Knitted flowers - an original DIY decoration

With the help of this master class you will learn how to make knitted flowers with your own hands. Let's knit a flower with three layers of petals. For its manufacture, woolen yarn and a 3.5 mm hook were used. In the end, the flower turned out to be about 8 cm in diameter. It was originally planned as a decorative element for a hat. But the flower itself can become a beautiful brooch, in general, flowers, knitted or sewn from a beautiful fabric, can decorate anything - a bag, a pillow, a hair band, etc.

knitted flowers

Knitted flowers: middle

To start, knit a chain of 4 air loops with yellow yarn and use a half-column to connect them into a ring. Then you need to knit a series of single crochets. There should be seven clearly visible bars that you will work with in the next step.

knitted flowers crochet patterns

We knit two single crochets into each of them - 14 in total. Fasten the thread. The middle of the flower is ready.

knitted flowers

Knitted flowers: the first layer of petals

first layer of petals Start knitting with orange yarn. Inserting the hook into the firstloop of the previous row, imperceptibly introduce a new thread. In two columns of the previous row we knit 4 columns with a crochet, not forgetting to carefully hide the yellow thread. Then half-column into the next loop - and the first petal is ready.

first petal of the first row

Repeat this in a circle until you get six orange petals. We should have one last stitch left, in which we will knit 4 double crochets, and then finish the circle by stretching the thread through the first loop of the row. We fix the thread.

first row of petals

Crochet flowers: second layer of petals

This layer consists of two steps: first we knit a chain of air loops, and then we create a petal from it. So, choose a new color (we have pink) and tie a knot on the hook, as shown in the picture.

second layer of petals

We need to attach a new thread to the back of the petals of the previous round, knitting it into two loops from the center column of each petal.

second row of petals

Use your crochet hook to draw up these two loops on the back of the first petal. The pink loop is to the right of them. We make a crochet, first we stretch the hook through the first two loops, then immediately through the third. Thus, the thread is secured and ready for a chain of four stitches.

air chain

Now get ready to fasten it again: pull two loops from the back wall of the next petal on the left, make a crochet,yarn over through two loops and then through the last loop on the hook.

second row of petals

Now our chain is attached to each end of the back of the previous two petals. Remember to keep the flower facing you and that you are working from right to left. Repeat this six more times until there are seven chains of air loops on our flower. The last time we stretch the hook into the first pink loop.

first petal of the second row

Now let's form a petal from each chain. To do this, insert a hook under the first loop of the chain and knit six double crochets into each air loop. We fix it with a half-column - the first petal is ready. You can bend the first layer of petals forward, so that it is easier to get to the chain of air loops. Repeat this with the second and subsequent petals. Here's what it looks like from the inside:

flower from the inside

And this is what happens when you knit all seven petals and fasten the thread.

second layer of petals

In principle, the work can be completed here. And you can knit another row of petals similarly to the previous one, but this time there will be seven air loops in the chain.

third row of petals

The flower can be finished with a contrasting color border.

flower border

So you have learned how to crochet crocheted flowers. The schemes of this and other colors are very simple, there are a lot of similar examples.

knitted flowers

Isn't it beautiful? And very easy!

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