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Wonderful do-it-yourself sock hares
Wonderful do-it-yourself sock hares

Handmade toys attract all little ones. Such gizmos are soft, gentle, cute and funny. Making them from the material available to any mother is very simple! If you invite children to work, you will get a wonderful joint activity. A fun toy - a do-it-yourself sock hare - you can give to friends or family.

Simple sock bunny without a pair

Very often socks lose their pair. This is quite a common situation, and one almost new sock appears in our chest of drawers, which for some reason is a pity to throw it away. It is from him that you can create a wonderful bunny with paws and ears.

bunny from socks

For work you need: sock, needle and thread. You will also need small buttons or beads - for the eyes, pink threads - for the mouth and nose, and a narrow ribbon. Any filler - synthetic winterizer, holofiber or cotton wool.

So, we make a hare from socks with our own hands:

  1. Turn the sock inside out and straighten the heel, laying it down.
  2. Carefully cut off the cuff and spreadher. This part is useful for sewing the tail and front legs.
  3. Fill the sock with filler, reaching the ankle. Tie the top tightly with string. Also tie a thread under the heel area - this is the hare's neck.
  4. The heel itself will play the role of a muzzle, we will arrange it later.
  5. In the lower, toe part on both sides, select two tucks for the legs and also tighten them with a thread.
  6. Above the topmost constriction, we have a long part of the sock. It must be cut along the entire length and stitched along the edges with a seam "over the edge". These are the long ears!
  7. Cut the cuffs into three parts, put a small lump of filler into each and tighten with a thread. Sew on the handles and ponytail in the right places.
  8. It remains to attach the beady eyes and embroider the nose.

Tie a ribbon around your neck and you're done! Playable.

Baby Bunny

Every baby loves baby dolls. After all, they are so tender and sweet that they can only evoke tenderness and love.

These hares are sewn from thick nylon.

hares from a sock

Prepare the following materials and tools for making:

  • White nylon sock.
  • Pink sock.
  • Threads of white and black colors.
  • A piece of felt fabric - white or light pink.
  • Hollofiber or cotton wool.
  • Needle, scissors.

Let's get started!

  1. Cut off the cuffs of the white sock. We put the filler in the remaining "pouch" and sew it on top.
  2. In the neck area we will draw with a white thread and tie it, hiding the endsinside the "body".
  3. In the same way we will make the lower paws.
  4. Embroider eyes with black thread - choose the color of your choice.
  5. Next, take a pink sock and remove the cuffs, as well as the lower part along with the heel.
  6. This is a sweater - let's put it on a bunny. From the bottom we will also cut off a piece - panties - put it on and sew it between the legs.
  7. Cut out the ears from a piece of felt and sew to the head.
  8. The rest of the capron will go to the handles and ponytail.
  9. We tie pink nylon bows on the ears and make a scarf.

Our cute baby doll is ready.

"Antistress" do-it-yourself sock hare: step by step instructions

Making a toy that soothes a child is not at all difficult. For this you will need:

  • Smooth thick sock.
  • Felt fabric.
  • Thread or elastic-vein.
  • Small pompom.
  • Beads - 2 black and 1 pink.
  • Glue crystal.
  • Stuffing - buckwheat or rice groats are ideal, one glass is enough.
  • Narrow satin ribbons.

Step 1. Pour the cereal into the sock and tie it with a thread on top. Tighten the neck area as well, but not too tight.

Step 2. Cut the free part of the sock lengthwise to the constriction thread. These are ears - sew them around the edge with any seam that is convenient for you.

Step 3. Glue the eyes and nose - beads on the muzzle.

Step 4. Attach a pom-pom tail and tie a beautiful bow - on the neck for a boy, on the ears - for a girl.

Fluffy Bunny

All thatyou will need to create this positive bunny - 2 long terry socks and a sewing needle with thread, synthetic winterizer, buttons, pink bead.

making a hare

In order to make a hare out of socks with your own hands, you need to cut the socks.

  1. We cut one along the foot lengthwise, not reaching the heel 2 cm - so we will prepare the ears for work.
  2. The same sock is cut on the other side in the same way as in the first case - the legs.
  3. From the second toe, the foot is cut off to the heel area and cut into two parts along. We received blanks for pens.
  4. Cut out, it remains to sew all the seams.
  5. On the first sock we sew up the ears - we make tight stitches so that the fabric does not "go" after stuffing.
  6. The legs also need to be sewn up, not forgetting to leave a hole for the padding polyester.
  7. Do the same with the handles - sew the side seams and fill with filler.
  8. Sew them in place and decorate the bunny's face with buttons and nose beads.

For babies, it is better to make embroidered eyes so that they do not accidentally tear off and swallow the buttons.

This is how do-it-yourself fluffy terry hares are made from socks. There are practically no difficulties, but they bring great joy.

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