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Commemorative coins 2 rubles in Russia
Commemorative coins 2 rubles in Russia

The bulk of people, paying in stores and receiving money, do not even know about the we alth that passes through their hands, thinking that it is just a trifle.

The Mint in different years produced a certain amount of money in denominations from 10 kopecks to 10 rubles, and some batches were so small (there were cases of issuing only one coin) that their value is estimated at hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Varieties of commemorative coins

commemorative coins 2 rubles

Russian coins are divided by face value: from 10 kopecks to 25 rubles, as well as by the number of issued copies.

Money produced in large quantities, which are found in any financial transactions, have no differences and are stamped according to one template, but there are commemorative coins of 2 rubles and other denominations in circulation that differ from the usual templates. The main difference can be seen on the reverse side, where instead of the “eagle” there is a commemorative image of a city, person or event.

Coins made on the occasion of significant dates, events or people, mostly have obvious differences that can be easily noticed, but in some casesthe differences are not so obvious, and ordinary residents miss out on expensive commemorative coins of 2 rubles, giving fabulous sums into the wrong hands.

Why issue commemorative coins

list of commemorative coins 2 rubles

The bulk of the issued small denomination money does not have much value from a financial point of view, and all the significance lies only in reminding the inhabitants of the country that Russia is a truly great country that has achieved tremendous success, showing the whole world its power.

Since 1997, the Russian Mint has issued more than 500 items, among which coins are not with small changes in the form of engravings, but with large drawings in honor of memorable events.

Rare coins are interesting not so much for their value, but for the pattern depicted on them, which is made not just in the form of an inscription, but in the form of an image of the moment or person in whose honor the money was issued.

Commemorative coins 2 rubles 2000 issue

commemorative coins 2 rubles 2000

In 2000, Moscow and St. Petersburg mints issued 2 ruble denominations in the jubilee series, but each of them was engaged in stamping individual series ordered specifically for him.

The St. Petersburg Mint has released the following list: commemorative 2 ruble coins dedicated to Leningrad, Novorossiysk and Stalingrad. The Moscow court was charged with 2 rubles with views of Tula, Murmansk, Moscow and Smolensk.

The Year 2000 Solemn Money was made in honor of the Hero Cities, and the design was done in such a way that the coins were stampedevents and moments that made the city a hero.

For example, Stalingrad gained great importance due to the repulse of the Nazi army and thus rightfully earned the name of a hero city, and the mint minted 2 rubles depicting a battle against the background of destroyed buildings.

In total, 10 million pieces of 2-ruble commemorative coins were issued, and their release date is May 4th. But, of course, it is impossible to stamp so many copies in one day, and preparations began in advance.

2000 commemorative coin value

The cost of any coins of the anniversary edition depends on many factors, but the most important thing is the circulation of the issue. However, in this case, the price of 2 rubles in 2000 may be influenced not by the circulation, but by the condition of the coins. Those copies that are rarely found in circulation are not very interesting for collectors due to their wear. However, if someone has commemorative Russian 2 ruble coins in good condition, they can be sold at a price of 100 to 150 rubles.

In the event that 2 rubles have some defects, such as scratches, then it will be possible to sell it only to that numismatist who has been looking for this particular copy for a long time and cannot find it. Then it will be possible to sell the coin at a reduced cost - by about 3-5 times.

The only fact that can cheer up those who keep commemorative 2 ruble coins is time, which will increase the value of each copy by several times, and our grandchildren will be able to sell this money for a rather impressive amount in due time.

Jubilee coin 2 rubles 2012years

commemorative coin 2 rubles 2012

Another batch of commemorative money was issued in 2012, and the funds were directed to the production of military-themed coins.

Commemorative coins of 2 rubles of 2012 were issued in 16 different variants:

  1. Field Marshal Barclay de Tolly.
  2. General Wittgenstein.
  3. General Bagration.
  4. Staff Captain Durov.
  5. General Bennigsen.
  6. General Davydov.
  7. General Ermolov.
  8. General Dokhturov.
  9. General Kutaisov.
  10. General Platov.
  11. Partisan organizer Kozhina.
  12. General Miloradovich.
  13. General Raevsky.
  14. General Ostarman-Tolstoy.
  15. General Alexander 1.
  16. General Kutuzov.

Commemorative coins of this series on the reverse side have a distinct portrait of a general or other commander, as well as an inscription with his name to increase recognition.

Cost of 2012 commemorative coins

Low denomination money issued in 2012 does not have much value. Selling such a coin for a large reward will not work. However, if there is a great desire to sell a commemorative coin, then first you should make sure that it is in perfect condition.

A numismatist who agreed to buy such a copy will carefully consider it in order to acquire the perfect coin, and ordinary (worn) coins today continue to be in circulation and are already very worn out.

The cost of the ideal 2012 commemorative coin isabout 30, plus or minus 10 rubles, but this is only in the case of its original state, and if there are scuffs, then you need to wait for better times.

Gagarin's two-ruble coins

commemorative coin 2 rubles Gagarin

Any resident of the country is proud that Russia (at that time the USSR) overtook the United States in the space race and became the first country to send a man into outer space. In honor of the anniversary of this important event for the whole country and each individual resident, the mints were instructed to issue a new series of coins with the image of the hero, their circulation amounted to 20 million pieces.

Due to the large number of issued coins, each of them does not have a high value, however, the significance of this event proves the value that the anniversary coin of 2 Gagarin's 2 rubles represents not only for numismatists, but also for ordinary consumers.

The commemorative coin of the first cosmonaut looks like the usual 2 rubles, but if you turn it upside down (eagle), you can see that there is a stamped portrait of Gagarin against the background of a flying star, the date April 12, 61 and a large signature of the pilot himself.

The price category of these coins varies greatly due to the fact that the entire issued quantity was distributed between the St. Petersburg and Moscow mints. However, on some copies there is no manufacturer's signature at all, and their cost varies from 800 to 3 thousand rubles.

Precious metal commemorative coins

commemorative coins of Russia 2 rubles

Periodicallyvarious commemorative coins are issued, which are stamped in memory of events or people who influenced the course of events, but there are not just limited copies, but units issued from precious metals.

Naturally, the limited nature of such series makes numismatists start a real hunt, but the owners of these coins are in no hurry to tell everyone about their amazing find and carefully hide this information. However, coins made of precious metals (gold and silver) are valued at fabulous amounts.

There are quite a lot of gold and silver coins in limited editions, but the cost of 1 copy can be tens, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of rubles, which already speaks of their financial value and does not allow ordinary numismatists to enrich the collection with such a model. For example: a gold coin of 50 rubles in 2014, issued in honor of M. Yu. Lermontov, the value of which is about 25 thousand rubles, or 100 rubles, issued in honor of the victory over the Nazis in the Battle of Stalingrad, the value of which is 108 thousand rubles. However, it is worth remembering that there are only a few of them.

There are many other examples of small denominations of 5, 10, 50 rubles, but the price of this element can be more than a million. For example, a coin of 1000 rubles, issued in honor of the history of money circulation, costs 1,550,000 rubles.

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