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Brick weaving: step by step instructions and tips for implementation
Brick weaving: step by step instructions and tips for implementation

The technique of brick weaving with beads allows you to create original jewelry for decorating the interior and wearing underwear, pendants for key rings, accessories. This style is especially suitable for making complex elements, geometric shapes.

The finished product is neat, dense and has good resistance to mechanical damage. But even upon receiving it, the creation will not crumble and will not tear completely, that is, it will be easy to restore it.

Brick weaving for beginners

This technique originated among the tribes of North and South America, similar products were created on the African continent. Today, these are the favorite jewelry among the inhabitants of Europe and Russia, which are attributed to the ethnic style: elongated earrings, collar necklaces, patterned bracelets.

brick weaving

This weaving is successfully combined with other techniques, which is especially evident in the pictures of the works created by the craftswomen of Ecuador. They are very skillful and original, so many needlewomen, of course, would like to be able to do such things on their own.

Pros and cons

Like any other technique, brick weaving has its advantages and disadvantages. The positive aspects have already been mentioned at the beginning of the article. This is:

  • easy to create complex patterns and irregular shapes;
  • saving fishing line due to the minimum passage through one bead;
  • strength of finished jewelry.

The disadvantages are very few and rest on the increased consumption of temporary resources:

  • weaving process is more time consuming compared to mosaic technique;
  • not suitable for elastic;
  • takes quite a lot of time for beginners who are not used to such a sequence of actions.

About materials

Brick weaving literally does not tolerate low-quality Chinese beads - the result of its use will not please even an unbiased person. Therefore, it is recommended to buy Czech or Japanese products, even if it will be somewhat more expensive.

It is worth using it in a trial work, so as not to be disappointed in the result and not regret the wasted time. Don't skimp on line either.

brick weaving technique

Brick stitch

For the sample you will need:

  • beads of two colors (dark and light);
  • special needle;
  • thin fishing line (170 cm), for strength, you can take a fishing line;
  • sharp scissors.

Process step by step:

  1. String two beads, leaving a free piece of fishing line about 10 cm. It must be passed throughbeads a second time to secure.
  2. Dial on a bead, pass the running end of the fishing line (with a needle) through the hole of the adjacent element up and down - through the added one, so that the thread lies in two layers.
  3. Repeat the steps until the trial row reaches the desired length.
  4. To better understand brick weaving (the weaving scheme is presented just below), for the next step you need to take beads of a different color.
  5. Dial two beads again, pass the running end of the fishing line under the upper loop connecting each element of the first row.
  6. Pull the beads tighter, pull the thread up through the hole of the last strung.
  7. All subsequent rows are woven according to this principle. When the trial piece is ready, you will need to create another one in order to move on to the next stage.
brick weaving pattern

Panel connection

This action is performed in the same way as weaving a new row and is somewhat reminiscent of stitching together pieces of fabric. This stage takes very little time, since you do not have to collect beads, and it is much easier to get into the holes of the fixed elements. Upon completion of work, the running end of the fishing line will need to be fixed.

Brick weaving (the basic weaving scheme is given by us) turns out to be very dense and, if the thread tension is too strong, it may not bend. Therefore, to make bracelets and necklaces, you should use a strong elastic band or other elastic material.

brick weaving for beginners


Evenrecommendations for an experienced master will never be superfluous. For beginners, they are doubly required.

  • To narrow the edges of the fabric, only one bead is collected at the beginning of the row. If it is required to reduce the middle line, the beads are woven through two loops connecting the lower beads. Thus, it is, as it were, between them, and an indent from the beginning of the row is obtained.
  • To increase the edge of the canvas, two more beads are collected and one is added, catching on a protruding piece of fishing line. To lengthen the row inside the weave, several elements are sequentially added to one loop.
  • To secure the end of the fishing line, it is passed through the beads in any order, but the more intricate the better. The rest of the thread is cut off, the knots are not tied. This algorithm of actions is repeated even if the fiber ends during operation. A new fishing line is randomly passed through the beads, thus securing.

Brick weaving has a lot of fans, you can find a lot of video tutorials on it, telling how to create flowers and voluminous objects using this technique. Therefore, no one who wants to learn, of course, will not be deprived.

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