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How to make a house out of paper tubes?
How to make a house out of paper tubes?

From the most ordinary materials that are available in every home, you can create a lot of original things. For example, do-it-yourself Christmas toys. The simplest option would be a house made of paper tubes. The ideas for its creation are completely diverse and sometimes arise during work, so bringing something original to the craft will not be a problem.

What you need

To create a decoration, you may have to visit the stationery department of any store to improve the original idea. In addition, something may still be missing. So, for crafts you will need:

  • several sheets of A4 paper;
  • pack of colorful cardboard;
  • glue stick;
  • scissors;
  • straight cocktail sticks.
paper tube house

Procurement of "building materials"

To make a house out of paper tubes with your own hands, you will need details. To create them, the existing sheets will need to be divided into several parts, drawing them with a pencil. The size of the elements is a matter of taste of the creator.

Then the blanks are cut and twisted. To simplify the process,you can use cocktail tubes by wrapping paper around them. This will give the desired shape in advance, and the details will only need to be glued. To avoid damage to the elements, twisting should begin from the sides, otherwise the material will wrinkle.

The number of such blanks depends on the scale of the idea, so it’s worth making them in the process of work, folding 10 pieces in advance to get used to the upcoming construction.

Do-it-yourself paper tube house

Like any building, a souvenir starts with a foundation. It should be made from thick cardboard, creating a semblance of a box with low sides. To prevent the material from conspicuous, the outer side is glued on the sides with shorter tubes.

country house made of paper tubes

Then they start laying out rows according to the same principle that was used in the construction of Russian huts. Because of this, some of the parts will have to be made more compact so that the elements fit tightly and there are no gaps between them. When there are five improvised logs on each side, you need to outline the location of windows and doors. To make the paper tube house look symmetrical, it is recommended that all holes be placed at the same height.

Windows and roof

To designate openings in the walls, you will have to use short parts, the dimensions of which are calculated independently. The cut points can be masked with “frames” made of colored cardboard at the end of the work. At this stage, the use of the material will allow you to show the "interior decoration". To do this, a square is cut out under the opening, an application is made on it andpasted into the window.

If a village house is made from paper tubes, then for further construction, the length of the parts is also adjusted independently so that the front and back walls form a triangle.

do-it-yourself paper tube house

The roof is cut out of cardboard. So that it does not collapse, it is worth building several support beams from the remnants and fixing the roof on them. In fact, its shape can be any, so experiments are only welcome, because the originality of the idea is the most important thing in hand-made.

It is also desirable to make the doors of the building from glued tubes and place them in the opening. If possible, such a frame is covered from above with self-adhesive wallpaper with a wood pattern.


After the craft (paper tube house) is essentially ready, you can proceed to decorating and detailing it. At will, the building is supplemented with various elements: a porch, shutters, a fence, etc. With imagination and additional materials, the possibilities are practically unlimited.

paper tube house craft

The stairs to the door, by the way, are made from the remaining tubes, covering them with various self-adhesive wallpapers. This gives the house a naturalistic and original entourage. If time allows, you can do the same with the details for laying the walls. Naturally, it is worth decorating them in advance. Actually, this material is used for absolutely any purpose.

If large-scale work is planned, all details, including the building, are fixed on a single surface.For example, cutting plywood or wood. In general, any item that is useless individually can become a decor element that will make the house made of paper tubes more vivid and original.

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