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Alexandra Huseynova - a fresh look
Alexandra Huseynova - a fresh look

This young 25-year-old girl breaks out of the realities familiar to us, creating a completely different world. A world in which there are no prohibitions, no restrictions, because real beauty has no explanations, no rules, no monotony, and this is its true charm.


Alexandra Huseynova

Alexandra Huseynova learned to distinguish interesting people, angles and good composition of the shot thanks to her natural powers of observation and, of course, the versatility of the Russian capital. Every day she is inspired by people. It is they who give her the incentive to continue working. Yes, Alexandra Huseynova, in addition to this, is admired and inspired to achieve by books, magazines, cinema, and nature. But, as Sasha herself says, the features of beautiful and unusual people are of great interest to her.

The work of photographer Alexandra Huseynova

Playing with light and shadow, as well as choosing shocking and uninhibited outfits, makeup and bright decorations, the young photo artist manages to create something unique that catches the eye, fascinates, makes you spend hours looking at the characters of her works. Despite the progressive style of her work, Alexandra Huseynova prefers film cameras. According to herIn words, it is thanks to these “dinosaurs” that photos are especially saturated, juicy, bright and so sincere.

Custom approach

alexandra guseynova photographer

Her work includes a new generation vision, the aesthetics of the human body and sexuality. And although her photographs are sometimes quite frank, they cannot be called vulgar, the image of a model that has fallen into her caring hands is so competently created. Sasha is a person with a deep sense of beauty, who strives to achieve perfection in her work, so every detail and setting is important to her.

The world needs people like Alexandra Huseynova, because without beauty it is doomed to endless boredom.

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