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Bouquet of sausage - a creative gift
Bouquet of sausage - a creative gift

If you think that only women admire bouquets received as a gift, then you are mistaken. Men are also not far behind. The main thing is to know which compositions cause a storm of positive emotions in the latter. One of the options to please the representatives of the stronger sex is to make a bouquet of sausage for them.

sausage bouquet

Essential Products

We'll show you how to make an edible offering. To begin with, of course, you should stock up on the necessary components of a gift:

  • long wooden skewers or bamboo sticks;
  • twine;
  • wide tape;
  • with scissors or secateurs;
  • wrapping paper;
  • smoked cheese "Pigtail";
  • any kind of hard cheese;
  • smoked sausages;
  • semi-smoked and smoked sausage (let it be different varieties, forms);
  • bacon;
  • smoked meats;
  • baguette, French loaf or sesame buns;
  • fresh herbs (needed for decorationgift).

Steps of work on a bouquet of sausages for a man

Get the entire list of necessary products in the supermarket, focusing on the tastes of the birthday boy. When preparing a bouquet, you can get by with only sausage, adding pieces of grain bread and vegetables to it. Those products look great, the components of which are red peppers, tomatoes, sprigs of greens, different varieties of cheese. When calculating the money spent, it turns out that such a set took at least a thousand to one and a half thousand rubles.

bouquet of sausages for a man

Check that you have some wrapping paper available (multiple colors are ideal). Also, you can not do without twine, bright ribbons. After all, how the sausage composition will be packed directly affects the first impression. Make sure the skewers don't stick out from under the paper. To disguise them, use green sprigs.

Knowing that a man is not indifferent to alcohol, as an addition to a bouquet of sausage and cheese, you can buy a bottle of your favorite drink. Alcohol is located in the center of the composition, it should be framed by various options for snacks.

There are many ways to prepare this bouquet. The main thing is that each sausage and all pieces of food are strung on skewers. After adding baguette slices, fresh vegetables (this is done for decoration), the sticks are fixed. To do this, you need tape. After the packaging is completed, the composition is wrapped with twine.

bouquet of sausage and cheese


If you want your beloved man, husband or colleague to be even more surprised, work hard on decorating a sausage bouquet. Roses from ham, bacon will look great. They are made as follows: the strips are twisted in the form of a spiral onto a skewer, and a bud is formed. Thin slices of cheese are also suitable for making roses, bells, callas.

Don't be afraid to use any combination of products: let it be smoked meats, vegetables, green onions, bottles of alcoholic beverages and flowers. Do not be afraid of experiments, because, as in any gift, what matters is not its value, but your attentive attitude and desire to give joy to a loved one.

Helpful tips

Keep in mind that the resulting composition will weigh about one to two kilograms. It's hard enough. Yes, and it will look bulky. Therefore, be more attentive to fixing the products, do not spare either adhesive tape or twine, making a sausage bouquet with your own hands.

handmade sausage bouquet

If you can't find wooden sticks or skewers, use edible s alted sticks to secure the sausages. After tasting the main products, you can taste it. By the way, you can use a regular newspaper as a wrapper.

With self-confidence and a desire to please the birthday boy, you can make a sausage bouquet at home on your own. Let it be different from those that are found on sale, but it will also give a loved one a piece of your soul.

These gifts are becoming more and more popular, because, as a rule, there are not very many options for men's gifts. Especially if the budget is limited. For the same gift, a small amount of money is required. But thanks to creativity, a sausage bouquet will be remembered for a long time. And perhaps making such gifts will become one of your favorite hobbies and an additional source of income in the future.

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