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How to wrap a box with fabric: decoration options
How to wrap a box with fabric: decoration options

Today's publication will be useful to those people who like the space around them to be not only beautiful, but also organized. The topic of the article is "How to wrap a box with a cloth?". We will look at several options for creating comfortable and attractive drawers that can be used in almost any interior. Below, readers are offered several detailed master classes with photographs, thanks to which they will be able to put their ideas into practice.

Rope wrapped box

Boxes in the interior - functional decor

Do-it-yourself cloth-covered boxes have recently become very popular with designers. Despite the fact that these interior items are sold ready-made and quite suitable for use, it is still better to try and make them yourself. This has several advantages:

  • self-selection of the shape and size of the box;
  • opportunity to perfectly match fabric colors;
  • exclusive decorboxes.

Besides, having created such beauty on her own, the needlewoman can rightly be proud of her talents and skills.

Cardboard boxes covered with fabric will be appropriate everywhere, both in living rooms and in utility rooms. They will become a reliable storage for clothes, toys, various household trifles and things that could not find a place on the shelves of cabinets and racks. These boxes come in big or small, deep or low, with or without lids, with glued-in or cut-out handles.

The choice of the required model depends on its purpose. If the box will be used frequently, for example, as a container for toys or an organizer for linen, socks, it is better to do it without a lid. Well, when it will store some memorabilia that needs to be saved for the future, it is better to equip it with a tight-fitting lid.

Beautiful box covered with fabric

Choice of base

Before you figure out how to cover the box with fabric, you need to pick up the box itself. Not all of them are suitable for this. It should be sufficiently rigid and dense, made of good, high-quality cardboard. It is ideal for this purpose to use drawers from under shoes. Their walls are quite thin, but they are made from high-quality pressed cardboard, which does not deform even if it is accidentally crushed.

If there is no box of the right size at home, you can go to the nearest post office in search of it - they have containers of any caliber for sale. Shop boxes thatfood was stored, you can also take it, but first you need to make sure that they are clean and dry, and there are no oily stains on the cardboard. Even minimal contamination will lead to the fact that the craft will subsequently have an unpleasant odor, or even become covered with mold.

A round box covered with fabric looks even more impressive in the interior than a rectangular one. But buying such a base is much more difficult. You will probably have to make it yourself. In our article there is a small master class not only on how to wrap a box with fabric, but also how to make it from thick corrugated cardboard.

Round box decor

What is the best way to wrap boxes?

Most often, thin cotton fabric such as calico, chintz or satin is used for this. These materials are quite affordable, and their variety on store shelves is simply amazing. In addition, working with such a fabric is a pleasure. It is very pliable, well impregnated with glue and easily smoothed over the surface of the box. Thanks to this, the boxes are neat and not bulky. Often, craftsmen use more than one type of fabric to create such crafts. It is easiest to choose a suitable companion material among calico. Usually manufacturers make several types of fabric in one series, which are perfectly combined with each other.

You can also use more dense fabrics - upholstery, knitwear, terry, denim. If it is a material without texture, it is usually glued directly onto cardboard, but with patterned and fleecy fabrics thistechnology is not very convenient. How to wrap a box with a long pile fabric? Details need to be sewn together and pulled onto the base like a cover. This applies to both indoor and outdoor elements.

How to wrap a box with a fabric master class

A large rectangular box for things or toys

Now let's go directly to the question of how to wrap a box with a cloth with your own hands:

  1. Having chosen a box that is suitable in shape and size, you need to prepare two pieces of fabric - for the inside and outside. It may be the same material, but combined boxes look more beautiful. The size of the cuts is quite simple to calculate - their width is equal to the width of the bottom and two heights of the side, plus 2.5-5 cm for the hem of the cut; cut length - bottom length plus two side heights plus 2.5-5 cm.
  2. Next, you need to shape the corners of the fabric, cutting out square-shaped patches from them, in order to beautifully lay the sides of the upholstery on top of each other. To do this, the box is installed in the center, using a long ruler, you need to continue the line of the edge of the box, drawing it to the edge of the material. From this strip, lay another 1-1.5 cm for allowances, then cut out the squares (photo 2).
  3. Begin to fit the box from the inside by inserting the inner upholstery part into it. First you need to glue the bottom, then the long walls, applying their allowances to the adjacent edges of the box. Short walls are glued on top, with hem allowances. The upper sections of the fabric are folded outward and also adhere well to the cardboard.
  4. Outer sidedone in the same way as internal. To make the craft look neat, you should carefully iron the material to expel air bubbles from under it. It is convenient to do this with a small spatula or ruler.
  5. The final touch is the design of the edge of the box with the help of the edge. It can be made from the same fabric as the whole box, or from beautiful braid.

If the purpose of the work is to create a box with a lid, then its upper element is made similarly to the lower one.

How to wrap a box with a cloth with your own hands

Sweater box

As upholstery for the box, you can use not only fabric cuts, but also things. Old sweaters are ideal for this purpose. Knitwear nicely fits the box, besides it has a very interesting texture. It is only important to choose the right size clothes. If the sweater is smaller than the box, it will tightly fit it, and if it is larger, the fabric will wrinkle.

Before covering the box with a cloth, it must be prepared: cut off unnecessary details from the thing - the collar and sleeves.

How to wrap a box with a sweater

It is better to leave the bottom cut with an elastic band so that the knitwear does not unravel, and so it will look neater. The inside of the drawer can be left as it is, especially if the outer layer has wrapped around most of it. The edge is decorated with lace, braid or ribbon. In addition to the box, you can glue the outer handles by choosing a cord to match the braid. They will become not so much a functional part of the box as a decorative one;worth it, especially if something heavy will be stored in it.

How to make a round box

How to cover a round box with fabric?

The picture illustrates how to make a round cardboard box with a lid. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this, it takes no more than one hour. The technology of wrapping the box with fabric differs from the previous one, because there are no corners at the base. The secret of the beautiful formation of the bottom is that notches in the form of triangles must be made along the lower cut of the material. For the bottom of the box, cut out a round piece of fabric, which is glued on top of the allowances of the side wall piece.

The lid is fitted a little differently than the box itself. Its top will look more beautiful if you put a small amount of synthetic winterizer into it. With a square flap, you need to cover the top of the product, forming symmetrical folds on the sides and fixing them with glue. Then the entire structure is pasted over with a strip of fabric, along the length equal to the circumference of the cover, and along the width of its height, plus an allowance for bending the sections.

How to wrap fabric around a round box

Box decor: interesting ideas

Covering the box with fabric is half the battle. The final result depends on what fabric is used to cover it and how beautifully the box is decorated. The style of the product is determined by the interior in which it will be placed. There are several universal solutions, for example, burlap boxes. This coarse material goes well with delicate lace and dry flower

Another win-win option is antique-style boxes in a romantic style. Lace, delicate flowers, pearls - it always looks beautiful and appropriate. Also, for the decoration of the box, you can use not a fabric, but a jute rope. She needs to wrap the walls of the box, treating them with glue. A cover made of coarse fabric (terry cloth or homespun cloth) is inserted inside the box.

Box decor

Place in the interior

There are several ways to use textile lined boxes. With their help, you can organize the space in pantries, cabinets on the balcony. In this case, it is better to make all the boxes in the same style, covering them with the same fabric. The decor on them will be superfluous, but the plates for inscriptions will not interfere.

Box covered with burlap

"Room" boxes can be made whatever you like. If they are placed in the nursery, respectively, they are decorated with bright fabric and beautiful applications. You should not waste time on trifles - for toys and books you need large boxes that can be placed directly on the floor. Smaller drawers look great on open shelving. In general rooms, it is also better to install drawers on shelves, choosing their size so that they do not protrude beyond the shelves. Boxes that will be used only as decoration can be stacked one on top of the other, making them into original turrets. In this case, it is not necessary to achieve perfect symmetry of the boxes. They may differ in height and even upholstery.

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