How to sew a wrap skirt: model selection and sewing tips
How to sew a wrap skirt: model selection and sewing tips

Do you want to sew a wrap skirt but don't know how to do it? Complicated patterns lead you to a dead end? In this article, we will analyze some of the easiest options for sewing this product. The only thing you need is fabric and a little patience. Even a beginner can sew a wrap skirt, the main thing is to follow the instructions clearly.


Many do not really understand the design of the product. What does "scented" mean? In fact, everything is quite simple. In this type of skirt, one half of the skirt overlaps the other, as if closing it. For many girls, it is an indispensable part of the wardrobe. A wrap skirt is considered a basic item, especially if it is sewn in classic colors. Comfortable to wear, it can also easily emphasize your figure.

Model selection

After you understand the essence of the design of this product, you should start choosing the model you are interested in. You can sew a skirt with a smell in absolutely any way. The simplest models are: a pencil skirt and a sun skirt. But that doesn't mean they'll be worselook. It all depends on the selected fabrics, correct and accurate tailoring. Even the simplest product can be beaten with bows, a strap or buttons. Experienced craftswomen advise trying to sew a half-sun skirt as a first experiment. This is what we will do.

Required Materials

Before starting work, you should prepare the following items and tools:

  1. Purchase silk fabric. It will go well with this type of skirt.
  2. A measuring tape to take all the necessary measurements.
  3. Scissors, chalk or dried bar of soap, ruler.
  4. Two buttons, matched to the color of your fabric, measuring 1-1.5 centimeters.
  5. Ribbon or elastic in the same color as the buttons.

After preparing all the necessary materials, you can try to sew a wrap skirt for the first time.

Step by step instructions

If you strictly follow each item, the product will turn out neat and beautiful. The main thing is not to worry. If something starts to go a little wrong, you can always go back to the last step and redo something.

First, let's take measurements. We need to know the circumference of the hips. Nothing else needs to be measured. For example, if you measured 100 centimeters in your hips, then you still need to add 30 centimeters to this value. This is very important and should not be neglected. This value (your hip circumference + 30 centimeters) will be the width of the future skirt

Tape measure
  • Next, you need to figure out the length of the product. Better take 100-110centimeters. But the final decision on the issue of length is up to you, since everything here depends on personal preferences and the type of figure.
  • Now you need to cut out the resulting rectangle from the total fabric. Put it aside. Take the tissue that remained unused. From it we will cut out a rectangle. Its length will be equal to your waist circumference + adding 3 centimeters as a margin on each side. And the width of this rectangle will be 10 centimeters.
  • Lay out the main cut-out fabric in front of us. Take chalk or dried soap. From all 4 sides it is necessary to mark 2 centimeters. This will be the stock. Along the line, wrap all this stock from 4 sides inward. Take the iron and iron the seams.
  • The next task is to create the folds. We will measure 4-5 centimeters from the very edge and mark these areas with chalk. Then, with the help of a needle and thread, we fix the folds. After that, you will need to switch your attention to working with the belt.
The process of creating a skirt
  • We will strengthen this strip so that the belt lasts longer. For strengthening, you can use a regular lining or frisolin. This material must be attached to the belt by ironing. Next, we sew the belt to the front side of the skirt.
  • And the final part. In order for our skirt to somehow fasten, you need to sew two buttons to different sides of the product. Only on the side that you will wrap, the button should be attached to the very edge. And to the side on which the opposite will be superimposed, a buttonyou need to sew on the place where the smell will end.
Wrap skirt option

Done! It was very easy to sew a wrap skirt without a pattern. But despite this simplicity, the product turned out to be very attractive.

Summer option

Many people like those products that do not restrict movement. In the summer, I especially want to wear some spacious and cotton fabrics, especially light colors. We have already figured out how to sew a wrap skirt. It was not so difficult to do it with your own hands. And what if you try to sew another comfortable, but summer version of such a skirt? Let's get started.

  1. In the same way, we start the work with taking measurements. Here you need to measure the circumference of the hips, waist, and also know the desired length of the future product. If you're having trouble taking your measurements, try tying a string around your waist. Its length will be much easier to measure.
  2. As a material we will use chintz or cotton for a wrap skirt. The summer version of our product will differ in that it will be much longer than the previous one, and it will also be easier to pass air. For a hot period, this is the best option.
  3. The length of our skirt will be whatever you like. But in our version, its length will be equal to 150 centimeters. We will add 20 centimeters to this value as a fallback. The width will be equal to the measurement of your hips. But since our product comes with a smell, at least half must be added to the volume. If your hips are 110 centimeters, then you need to take a width of 160 centimeters.
  4. Folds around the perimeter of the fabric to make the skirt look airy and light. Sew them.
  5. In the same way as with the previous version, we make a belt. This time it is much longer than the width of your skirt. Since we will attach this belt later as ties.
  6. Before the final stage, the edges of the main panel should be processed. Next, he makes special loops for the belt on the front side. We do it so that the smell remains.
  7. Threading the belt. Put on a skirt, tie it, done.
Cotton wrap skirt

This version of the wrap skirt turned out to be so simple and airy. The summer version stands out for its simplicity, freshness and matching style.

Interesting ideas

As an original option, you can consider a plaid skirt. This coloring always remains fashionable, and is also distinguished by its attractiveness. Many needlewomen believe that it should also be a basic item in a women's wardrobe. Such a product can be sewn both long and short. The main task is the correct combination of square patterns, which not every beginner can do. Another bold option is a plaid skirt made from different color elements. This can be done by taking fabric with squares of several colors at once.

Checkered wrap skirt

Basic mistakes

Professionals identify a number of mistakes that almost all beginners in this business make. Here are the main ones:

  • Many people are wrong about the level of complexity of the wrap skirt. Sewfast - does not mean neglecting all possible tips and algorithms. You can't just take a piece of cloth and wrap it around.
  • Another problem comes with measurements. Many girls think that if you pull in your stomach while taking measurements, then the finished product will not fill them up. This is the error. The finished skirt will simply not fit you, and you will not be able to walk in it for a long time. It is better to choose the color or pattern that will favorably emphasize your figure.
  • Since the easiest option for making a wrap skirt is the sun, many beginners simply forget to make allowances when working with such a product. Without them, the product will not turn out harmonious and neat. A wrap skirt with ties will only be sewn correctly if you leave at least 3-4 centimeters of fabric on all sides.
Summer option

The number of mistakes is always replenished, and each person makes them in their specific places. But above, we have listed the most common misconceptions that many beginners face.

Sewing Tips

Experts often comment on the wrap skirt. Sewing it with your own hands is not so difficult, but at the same time, the number of mistakes made by beginners does not decrease. There are a number of tips that are best to take note of if you are going to make such a product.

  • In order not to spoil a good fabric, especially cotton, make a trial version of the skirt from unnecessary old material. So you can look at your mistakes and correct them when you sew alreadyfinal version.
  • When working with light cotton, thoroughly wash the surface to be sewn on. The same goes for the iron.
  • Do not make a belt without lining or reinforcement. Otherwise, the skirt will not hold well at waist level.

These were the basic tips that can help you when sewing your own wrap skirt.

Plaid skirt option


The cost of such a product will not be high. Cotton fabric can be purchased for 300-400 rubles per 1 meter of fabric. Chintz is sold for 100-150 rubles per 1 meter. Silk fabric is not cheap to buy. Its cost can be 1000-2000 rubles per 1 meter. But you can always find an alternative fabric - a substitute. Almost everyone has improvised materials at home. As a result, it was not so difficult to create a wrap skirt. Sewing it with your own hands turned out to be much easier than you could imagine.

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