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How to make a ring with your own hands
How to make a ring with your own hands

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Surely many at least once thought about how to make a ring with their own hands. Unique handmade jewelry can be made from different materials, from wood to metal, including precious. There are also a huge number of ideas for making your own ring - it can be either a classic ring or some unique ring, it all depends on the imagination and skill of the master. In today's article, we will talk about several ways to make a ring at home and from what. It will be interesting!

From what you can make a ring with your own hands

Before moving on to the very essence of today's article, I would like to devote a little time to the topic of the material, that is, what a ring can be made of. In general, there are no restrictions on the material for the ring. Decoration is most often made of metal, a little less often of wood. There are also craftsmenwho make rings with their own hands from the most ordinary newspaper. No, this is not a joke, but the very truth. Rings can also be made from a newspaper, but this process is not at all fast and takes several days, plus acrylic paint and varnish are needed for making.

What can you make a ring out of?

In our material we will talk about how rings are made from coins and wood. The methods associated with casting will not be discussed, since they are more complex, take a lot of time and require additional tools, including a torch to melt the metal, and, alas, not everyone has it. Actually, let's move on now to the consideration of manufacturing methods.

Coin ring

The first thing I would like to talk about is how to make a ring out of a coin with your own hands. There are 2 ways to make a ring from a coin, and we will look at both of them, but in turn.

coin ring

So what you need:

  • Coin, and absolutely any, the main thing is that then the finished ring fits on the finger.
  • Table spoon or small shoe hammer.
  • An anvil or just any solid, flat metal surface.
  • Drill with a drill of a suitable diameter for the size of a finger or a jigsaw.
  • Round file.
  • Fine sandpaper of three types (600, 800, 1000) or if you have a Dremel type engraving machine with sanding attachments at home, you can use it.
  • Goyim paste or any other polish, as well as a piece of soft cloth forfinal polishing.

Production process

Now directly about the workflow. It’s worth saying right away that everything will take a decent amount of time, so you need to be patient, otherwise nothing may work out. Additionally, a video will be posted at the end, which will show the entire manufacturing process.

The coin must be placed on the anvil, holding with two fingers. We begin to knock on it with a spoon, but not very hard. The coin itself must be constantly rotated so that it flattens evenly. As soon as the coin turns a full turn, it must be turned to the other side and continue to flatten. This procedure will have to be done more than once until the edges of the coin are flattened to the desired width. On average, this procedure takes one and a half to two hours. If you want the ring to be wide, then you still have to flatten the coin for some time.

making a coin ring

The next step after flattening is cutting out the middle. If you have a drill with a cutter at hand, then this will be a quick process, but if not, then a good old jigsaw will come to the rescue. It will only be necessary to punch a hole in the coin with something so that the jigsaw blade can be inserted. The middle is sawn or drilled almost completely. Do not leave excess metal, because in the future, when worn, it can cause discomfort.

Once all the excess is removed, you can start cleaning and deburring the metal. A round file will help with this. This process is also lengthy, so be patient.

The penultimate step on the way to the finish line is grinding with sandpaper or an engraver with nozzles. The first stage of grinding must be done with a grain of 600. At the second stage, a grain of 800 is already used, and at the very end, you can already use sandpaper with a grain of 1000. Processing must be carried out both outside and inside and from the sides. Also, if you wish, you can sand with 1400, 1800 and 2000 grit sandpaper after 1,000 grit to achieve the most mirror-like and smooth surface.

handmade coin ring

And now, the very last step is polishing. For polishing, you can use any paste that is available at home. The most common polish option is goy paste, a time-tested product. If there is no such paste at home, then you can buy any polish in a tube or jar in the store.

Apply a little paste on the ring, after which we begin to rub it well with a soft cloth, thereby polishing. Those who have an engraver at home can use a special polishing nozzle, which will greatly speed up the process. Polishing should be carried out until the entire ring has a perfect mirror surface. And here is the promised video on making the ring.

Coin ring (Method 2)

The next way to make a ring with your own hands at home is also dedicated to a coin ring. The production technology here is slightly different. Here's what you need to make:

  • coin;
  • hammer;
  • core;
  • drill;
  • crossbar or conical metal rod, Morse cone drill;
  • piece of PVC pipe;
  • caliper;
  • vices;
  • fine sandpaper;
  • polishing paste and cloth.
double sided coin ring

Making a ring

Making a coin ring using this method is quite difficult. In words, everything looks simple: you need to drill a hole of a small diameter, then turn the workpiece through a cone to the desired size and polish it at the end. In practice, everything turns out to be somewhat more complicated.

In order not to describe the whole process of making a ring with your own hands, a video will be attached below, in which everything is shown in great detail.

Wooden ring

Now it would be nice to talk about how to make a ring out of wood with your own hands. Any wood can be used as a material, even MDF and fiberboard will do. Also, to get a more interesting version of the workpiece, you can glue together several pieces of wood of different colors. In this case, the output ring will be multi-colored.

making a wooden ring with your own hands

The process of making a wooden ring

First you need to prepare a small piece of the workpiece from which the ring will be made. It is important not to forget about the thickness of the workpiece so that the ring does not turn out to be too thin. Next, you need to drill a hole equal to the size of your finger. It is desirable to drill with a special drill for wood and at the same timetry to keep a clear vertical line so that the hole does not move.

wood ring

The next step in making a ring with your own hands is marking the outer diameter. The outer diameter will allow you to determine the thickness of the ring and at the same time show how long you need to "remove" excess wood. To determine the outer diameter, it is best to use curly rulers or compasses.

After marking, remove all excess wood up to the outer diameter line. It is best to use a grinder for this, but if it is not at hand, then a grinder with grinding wheels of different grain sizes will fit perfectly for these purposes.

Once all the excess has been removed, the almost finished ring must be sanded on sandpaper, starting from 80 grit and ending with 400. In the end, it is desirable to perform a final sanding with 800 or 1000 sandpaper.

handmade wooden ring

Well, the last step, when everything is ready, is to lubricate the ring with oil and let it dry. This is necessary so that the wood does not deteriorate and lasts as long as possible. A video on how to make a wooden ring is also included.


That, in fact, is all about how to make a ring with your own hands from a coin or wood. There are no special difficulties in the manufacturing process, the main thing is not to rush anywhere, because haste does not bring anything good. Well, that's all, all the best!

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