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DIY paper crafts: ideas, templates, instructions
DIY paper crafts: ideas, templates, instructions

From early childhood, we are taught to make a variety of paper crafts with our own hands. In kindergarten, we clumsily made a bouquet of paper flowers for mom, in elementary school we glued a three-dimensional house.

Even with age, creating interesting paper crafts can be a good leisure activity or a wonderful gift for the holidays. Mothers will especially appreciate a handmade gift, no matter how old their children are. What can be made from paper, and how to surprise and please your loved ones, you will learn from this article.

DIY colored paper crafts for March 8

The main holiday of all women, on which homemade paper crafts are most often given, is, of course, March 8th. Why not make a paper bouquet for the women and girls of your family? All you need is:

  • PVA glue or glue stick.
  • Colored paper, you can use ordinary office color sheets for printing instead. They have a more pleasing, lighter hue.
  • Thick cardboard.
  • Scissors.
paper bouquet for March 8

You can decorate such a bouquet in two ways: in the form of a postcard with drop-down buds or in the form of a voluminous bouquet pasted on cardboard. In order to make voluminous crafts from colored paper (for March 8) with your own hands in the form of a picture, you need:

  1. Cut out a flower template from thick cardboard and transfer it to colored paper. Make 6-8 flowers of different colors and sizes.
  2. Cut out a vase from paper and stick it on a piece of cardboard. In order for the vase to be the same on both sides, it is better to bend it in half and cut out the shape.
  3. Now place the flowers on the sheet without gluing, create a beautiful arrangement.
  4. Affix the flowers to the paper with glue.
  5. Glue stamens inside all flowers. You can make them from finely cut paper or small paper strips.
  6. From green paper you need to cut the leaves. It looks beautiful when the greens are made of paper of different shades of green. It is also better to make leaves of different sizes.
  7. Now you need to glue the leaves between the flowers.
  8. The final touch would be nice to add a bee or a butterfly.

This craft will not leave indifferent any of the fair sex.

3D paper crafts

Products with volume look very impressive. Making them is very easy if you print out templates for paper crafts in advance. It remains only to glue them along the indicated lines and you can give or decorate your desktop. Here are two templates with funny characters that you needprint on a printer, cut along all lines, and then glue according to the diagram.

scheme for a voluminous toy - panther

In addition to such a charming pink panther, you can make the main favorite of all anime fans, namely the cheerful Pikachu.

scheme for a voluminous toy - pikachu

If it is not possible to print ready-made templates for paper crafts, you can go the other way and make voluminous work based on sheets of colored paper folded into a cylinder.

paper elephants

Paper crafts for preschool children

DIY paper crafts perfectly develop motor skills, a sense of taste, the ability to create a composition, as well as logic and thinking. What can be done so that it is not only very useful, but also interesting for kids? For example, you can make a hairstyle, which you can then change on your own. For this you need:

  1. Draw a head with a face on paper.
  2. Cut strips of paper. It looks interesting when the color of the paper does not match the real hair colors, and also when all the stripes are of a different shade.
  3. Now you can apply two methods: make accordions from strips and stick them in this form or twist the strips with scissors.
  4. All strips should be glued on the head as a voluminous hairstyle and, if desired, give the child the opportunity to cut them with scissors.
paper hairstyle

You can also create a huge number of applications, which, with a developed imagination, are limited onlythe amount of materials. You can cut out all the details for crafts separately and stick them on paper in the form of a house, a little man or, for example, a teddy bear. Or you can cut geometric shapes of different colors and experiment: let the child himself put anything out of them, and only then fix it on paper.

A great activity for the evening will be the creation of an easy paper craft - a weirdo who loves to read books. In order to make it, you will need:

  • Sheet of white paper.
  • Sheet of colored paper.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencils or markers.

Steps of work:

  1. Fold an A4 paper in half and cut.
  2. Bend one of the halves in half again and ask your child to draw the cover of their favorite book.
  3. Now divide the sheet of colored paper into two parts along the long side. Cut it up. You have made blanks for the torso, arms and legs.
  4. Divide one of the halves of the sheet into three more strips along the long part. These are two strips for legs and one for two arms.
  5. Take a thick strip of colored paper, which acts as the body of the Freak, and bend a small section on it - a strip about 5 centimeters in size - this will be the hair.
  6. Now glue one of the thin strips on the back of the torso - the arms of the Freak.
  7. Glue the legs on the bottom and bend each of them into an accordion to make them dangle funny.
  8. Now draw Freak's face and cut the paper on the folded part to create the bangs effect. You can stick a bow cut out of contrasting paper there.colors.
  9. Glue a book to your Freak's hands.
paper freak

You have made a charming and unique book lover who will remind the child that reading is good. This DIY paper craft can be hung on the wall or placed on your baby's desk.

Crafts from toilet paper rolls

Excellent material for easy paper crafts are toilet paper rolls. After the roll is over, do not rush to throw away the sleeve, it can turn out to be an interesting and funny little thing. Just need to add a few details. See what wonderful crafts are made when fantasy is involved in the creation.

crafts from bushings

You can also make a craft - an animal with ears. To do this, simply bend the sleeve on one side to get the corners sticking up. Then paint the sleeve in the color of the desired animal. Wait for the paint to dry and add the face.

toilet paper roll crafts

Wall panels and paintings

Quilling is an interesting paper craft technique. It is made from thin strips of paper that are wrapped in all sorts of bizarre shapes. Crafts made in this technique can decorate any interior. And if you wish, you can replace the paper with cut toilet paper rolls. They can be useful not only for creating children's crafts, but also for such a wall panel.

paper panel

Dollon paper hand

If you want to make voluminous paper crafts, you can try to build a doll for a home puppet theater. To do this, you will need paper bags, as well as colored paper, glue, scissors and felt-tip pens.


  1. Find a pre-made paper bag first, or glue it together yourself.
  2. Then cut out all the details of the future doll.
  3. Place the parts on the toy's face and secure with glue. The muzzle of the animal itself should be at the bottom of the package.

Now put the bag on your hand and put on a show for your household.

paper hand toy - giraffe

Here are a couple more DIY paper bag doll ideas. Based on them, you can create any character from a fairy tale or cartoon.

paper hand toys

What can be done with white paper

Even if you only have white paper for creativity, this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of doing something with your own hands. White paper crafts are a real scope for creativity: if desired, they can be painted with paints or felt-tip pens, or left as is.

White flowers look very gentle, which you can then decorate the room with or use them to decorate gifts. The flower shown in the photo consists of small cones. In order to make it, you need:

  1. Cut into circles of the same diameter. It is convenient to do this with an ordinary glass, circling its neck.
  2. Twist the cone frommug and secure with glue.
  3. Repeat this with all the circles.
  4. Cut out a large circle - the basis for the future flower.
  5. Stick the outer row of small cones.
  6. Moving towards the center, glue the petals in rows.
white paper flowers

Origami paper crafts

Origami is the folding of a sheet of paper into various shapes without the use of scissors and glue. To create such crafts, you don’t need anything at all except paper, which means they are ideal for situations where you don’t want to clean up the consequences of creativity for a long time or you just don’t have anything but a paper sheet at hand.

Here are a few simple schemes, according to which anyone can make simple DIY paper crafts.

origami scheme - dog

You can make such a charming dog in literally 5-10 minutes, and to keep yourself busy for another 10 minutes, you can create such a jumping frog.

origami scheme - frog

Paper crafts are a great way to entertain yourself, at the same time spend time with your child. They will help you remember your childhood. You can learn many techniques and ways to create interesting compositions to decorate your home or please a loved one.

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